Luis Gonzalez Still Wants To Play

Free agent outfielder Luis Gonzalez told Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse Saturday that he still wants to play, but hasn't recieved a phone call since spring training began.

"I don't know if it's the economy," Gonzalez told FanHouse. "I wasn't out there trying to get a $4 million contract. I just love to play. I want to play."

The 41-year-old hit .261 with 26 doubles, eight home runs and 46 RBI in 337 at-bats for the Marlins last season, but he understands that there's a new mindset among MLB general managers.  "This isn't the '80s or the early '90s any more," Gonzalez said, "when a lot of GMs would like to go for guys like myself.  GMs used to want to have those veteran guys around."  The Braves and Pirates showed mild interest this winter, but never extended a contract.

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