Delcarmen Wants To Stay In Boston

Hacks with Haggs has an interview with Manny Delcarmen who says he "wouldn't be too happy" if he were dealt. Said Delcarmen,

"To me, I think it’s always good when teams are asking about you and they want you. It made me feel really good when Theo (Epstein) and those guys turned it down right away. Because I feel like I’m a part of the team here and I’m used to being here. To start fresh somewhere (else), I wouldn’t be too happy about that. It’s cool to know that Boston wants to keep me here."

The hard throwing Delcarmen is out of options and continues to show promise, posting a 0.95 ERA through 18 games so far in '09. Just recently, Epstein shot down a rumor involving the Nationals swapping Nick Johnson for Delcarmen.

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