Braves Rumors: David O’Brien Discusses

CMSB Media had David O'Brien from the Atlanta Journal Constitution on their radio show yesterday.

O'Brien suggests despite overpaying for Derek Lowe, the deal has worked out favorably for the Braves. O'Brien finds the Braves not acquiring Jake Peavy to be a blessing in disguise and says if the Braves are going to make a move it won't be one that takes on a whole lot of salary.

A quote from the interview:

Does this team have the wherewithal to make another move?

"It's hard to say because they won't just come out and say, 'We have $7MM to spend.'  … They don't want to go past a certain amount and with attendance down, revenues down, I'd be surprised if they took on another big salary. I think they'd have to do more of trading prospects to get a guy, a younger player, who doesn't have a big salary or a guy who's going to be a free agent that doesn't have much left on his contract…"

O'Brien also discusses the John Smoltz fallout, and the worst walk-out music on the Braves ("These guys have no taste in music really."). Give it a listen.

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