Discussion: Mark Teahen

Earlier today, Peter Gammons tweeted this tidbit (his account is protected):

"Best name today Mark Teahen. SF, Bos, Cubs, WS, Mets…on."

Gammons squeezed as much as he could under the character count, but it's enough information to make it interesting. Teahen was the subject of discussion earlier this week, as the Royals were said to be open to dealing their "non-core players." Jon Paul Morosi at Fox Sports speculated Teahen could soon develop suitors.

Teahen, who will turn 28 in September, is making $3.575MM this year and won't become a free agent until after the 2011 season. He had a breakout year in 2006 when he posted an .874 OPS in 439 plate appearances, and while he hasn't approached those numbers since then, he has an .800 OPS in 280 plate appearances this year while manning outfield, second base, third base and first base for the Royals. That profile makes him a sort of poor man's Mark DeRosa, who has been on many teams' radars this summer.

If the Royals are indeed listening to offers for Teahen, on what team do you see him as the best fit? What could a player of his stature command? Share your thoughts.

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