Olney On Astros, Penny, Glavine

ESPN.com's Buster Olney heard from Ed Wade that the Astros aren't ready to start trading away their players at this point, and may decide not to deal at all. Here are the details from Olney's column:

  • Wade looks back to last season, when the Astros struggled initially before going on a surprise run to finish the season strong.
  • He hinted that the Astros are not in a position to add any salary.  
  • Other teams are in similar positions, which could limit the trades we see this summer.  
  • The Red Sox have been discussing Brad Penny with other teams, but they don't have to deal him. John Smoltz isn't back yet and even when he is the Red Sox could use a six-man rotation for a turn or two.
  • But if they get an offer from a team in need, such as the Mets, the Red Sox could deal Penny soon.  
  • There's "very little" interest in Tom Glavine, if any. If Glavine retires, he would end up in the same Hall of Fame class as Greg Maddux, and maybe even Pedro Martinez 

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