Roy Halladay’s Potential Suitors

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports that the Jays are open to offers for Roy Halladay. This doesn't mean the Jays will deal heir ace; it just means they'll consider moving him for the right group of players. Here is Rosenthal's "largely speculative" list of possible destinations for the Jays righty:

  • Yankees – Rosenthal says the Jays will not hesitate to dangle Halladay to the Yankees and Red Sox. Phil Hughes could head an offer.
  • Red Sox –  The Red Sox could start an offer with Clay Buchholz, but they may prefer to hold onto Buchholz or use him as a trade chip to try and lure Victor Martinez away from the Indians.  
  • Phillies – Rosenthal hears they've asked about Halladay repeatedly in recent years. The Phillies have an appealing group of prospects, but they could have trouble taking on the $7MM remaining on Doc's deal.  
  • White Sox – The White Sox were in on Jake Peavy, so they could make a play for Halladay. As Rosenthal says, Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda wouldn't be enough, but they also have Gordon Beckham.
  • Dodgers – They'd likely have to part with Chad Billingsley or Clayton Kershaw to obtain Halladay.  
  • Rangers – The Rangers have the prospects, but not the money.   
  • Cubs – Until Jim Hendry gets the go-ahead to add payroll the Cubs are an unlikely destination, especially because they don't have big-name prospects to tempt the Jays.  
  • Angels – Probably lack the premium pieces the Jays would seek.  
  • Brewers – Alcides Escobar would appeal to the Jays, who don't have an answer at short after Marco Scutaro becomes a free agent this year. But Escobar's untouchable, and probably wouldn't net Halladay on his own. 
  • Mets – Omar Minaya would have to empty the farm system to acquire Halladay.  
  • Braves – Rosenthal says they're a longshot, especially since they have pitching depth already.   
  • I see the Phillies and Brewers as the best fits, since they crave pitching, have young talent and play in another league. 

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