More Rios Reactions

The world's had a few hours to digest the Rios trade and a few have made their judgments. Let's check it out, with more likely on the way:

  • Mark Gonzales at the Chicago Tribune talked to Jermaine Dye, who called the move "a shock" and doesn't know what the future holds for him.
  • Ken Rosenthal at FOX Sports says the White Sox have managed their payroll well enough in order to take on a contract as big as Rios's.
  • Joe Cowley at the Chicago Sun-Times has an in-depth piece on the deal. Apparently Sox GM Kenny Williams had tried to acquire Rios before the deadline. Williams admits that the team went "out on a limb" for Rios money-wise, after claiming finances would be an issue for the Sox this season.
  • Drunk Jays Fans sees it as "the right move for whatever direction this club might be headed in." (Maybe not safe for work/children, but entertaining as usual.)

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