Odds & Ends: Mets, Cameron, Valentine

A few news items to think about while we get ready for Game Five of the NLCS….

  • MLB.com's Marty Noble agrees with a reader e-mail that a defensively-sound first baseman would do wonders for the Mets' infield defense and overall performance.
  • From that same piece, Noble thinks that Mike Cameron would be a good fit with the Mets due to his ability to cover the vast expanses of Citi Field's outfield.  Noble isn't as keen on Chone Figgins since he doesn't fit New York's needs.
  • MLB.com's Noah Coslov tweets that the Indians will interview Bobby Valentine on Thursday.
  • If Manny Acta isn't hired in Cleveland or Houston, The Globe & Mail's Jeff Blair thinks he could land in Toronto.
  • Canadian Business Online looks at the best and worst free agent signings from last year and examines which teams got the most value from their rosters in 2009.

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