Rays Pick Up Crawford’s Option, Decline Options On Zaun and Shouse

2:47pm: The team picked up Crawford's option, but declined Zaun's and Shouse's according to Smith. Zaun will received a $500K buyout, Shouse $200K.

11:35pm: The Rays have three player options they must make decisions about in the not too distant future, and Joe Smith of The St. Petersburg Times reports that those decisions may come as soon as today.

Carl Crawford's $10MM option appears likely to be picked up according to Smith, but he says "an even bigger question is whether Crawford and the Rays can come to an agreement on an extension during the offseason." The longest tenured Ray has already indicated that he's open to signing a long-term extension.

The two other club options of interest belong to Gregg Zaun and Brian Shouse. If Tampa picks up Zaun's $2MM option, he has the right to void it as per a clause in his contract, However, Zaun has already said that he hopes to return to the team in 2010, and $2MM isn't unreasonable for a veteran catcher that can give you a .340 OBP and a .400 SLG.

With the emergence of Randy Choate late last season, Shouse's $1.9MM option might be a little rich for Tampa. Buying him out for $200K seems likely.

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