Blue Jays Acquire Zach Jackson

The Indians have traded lefthander Zach Jackson to the Blue Jays for a player to be named later, according to a team press release. He's been assigned to their Triple-A affiliate in Las Vegas. 

Jackson, 26, has a 5.81 ERA in 105.1 big league innings, striking out just 5.4 batters per nine innings. His minor league track record isn't much better (4.83 ERA, 6.2 K/9), however he's always been stingy with walks. Toronto originally drafted Jackson in the first round back in 2004, but sent him to Milwaukee in the Lyle Overbay trade after the 2005 season. He joined the Indians in 2008 as part of the C.C. Sabathia deal.

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  1. AkronHammer 5 years ago

    ???? Never heard that guys name ever in my life…but looks good for the Blue Jays

  2. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

    Ah, Zach. The Indians hardly knew ya! A fresh start on a new team, new eyes looking at him, certainly won’t hurt.

  3. Now the Jays have a Zech and a Zack on their pitching staff. Yay?

  4. jayjay67 5 years ago

    Smart move. Draft a guy let him go to other teams for experience then when he is about to deal get him back.

    This guy has the potential to be a great number 2 in the rotation.

    • grownice 5 years ago

      judgeing by his numbers, a great number 2 is a huge stretch, more like a average lefty reliever if he even makes it to the bigs again. but i still like the move, can never have to much depth, and lefties as well.

      • jayjay67 5 years ago

        The optimal word is potential. Wether he fills that potential is another matter. When he was drafted it was within him to progress but with the dearth of talent the Jays had in the farm he struggled to shine. Sending him to another team via trade allowed him to learn. Now it is upto him to grow from there but he was drafted as a possible 1 or 2 starter and can now prove that if he is able.

        • TheBunk 5 years ago

          Stop, he’s 26 and a reliever.

          • TheBunk 5 years ago

            Woops, my bad, didn’t realize he was still being used as a starter. Regardless, I don’t think he’s going to amount to more than middle relief.

        • Jason_F 5 years ago

          “When he was drafted it was within him to progress but with the dearth of talent the Jays had in the farm he struggled to shine.”

          You said absolutely nothing with this sentence.

          And, with your understanding of the word potential, every player in the minors from rookie ball to AAA has the possibility of being a superstar.

        • You obviously haven’t been watching Zach Jackson actually pitch.

    • sbmke 5 years ago

      Jackson’s a number two alright.

      Nothing special.

    • You can say that for any failed draft pick.

  5. grownice 5 years ago

    can never have too much pitching depth, man AA is a beast, working on the chapman deal and getting some AAA depth as well, all while on his honeymoon, impressive.

    • Jason_F 5 years ago

      I’m sure his wife is less than impressed.

      • grownice 5 years ago

        nah i read that he told her that and she was kool with it lol

  6. You might want to look up the word dearth in the dictionary.

  7. Do you really mean dearth or did you mean wealth of talent? Dearth means lack of.

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