Dodgers Sign John Koronka, Timo Perez

The Dodgers signed pitcher John Koronka and outfielder Timo Perez to minor league deals, reports's Ken Gurnick.

Koronka, 29, made two starts for the Marlins last year and tossed another 128.6 mediocre innings for their Triple A club.  Perez spent the year in the Mexican League, hitting .323/.406/.476.

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  1. flumesalot 5 years ago

    …waiting for a huge Daryle Ward announcement next I guess.

  2. lug 5 years ago

    C’mooooooon TIMO!!!!

  3. whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

    So does that mean the Dodgers are going to the World Series…? 3 out of the 4 teams that kept him to under 200 at bats went, ie. Mets – 2000, White Sox – 2005, Cardinals – 2006. haha

  4. ivdown 5 years ago

    Keep those terrible players coming! Berroa, Perez, Koronka, Russ Ortiz, Nick Greene, the return of Ausmus, and all the rest!

    At least none of them except one of Berroa/Greene and Ausmus will have any real affect on the MLB team.

    • joeym2623 5 years ago

      They’re doing some job aren’t they Chicken Hawk!

      • ivdown 5 years ago

        Oooook? Is all you do go around and sh*t talk the Dodgers?

        • joeym2623 5 years ago

          I’m agreeing with your post not bashing the Dodgers. Believe me when the Dodgers add a quality impact player that will make the team better I will get excited. So far they have done nothing substantial to better the team for 2010….Chicken Hawk!

  5. trueblue82 5 years ago

    It’s not new that our minor league system is running on fumes. With our youthful core in the bigs right now and with us not offering arb to Wolf or Hudson therefore not getting draft picks for them, we are running out of prospects down in AA and AAA. I don’t even want to mention the mistake in letting Bell and Santana go in trades to reduce the amount of money we would have to pick up in aquiring players. It’s sad to see a once thriving minor league system reduced to what it is now.

    Most of these minor league deals are garbage. It’s like they’re trying to win the lotto. We’ll be ok next year but 2011, if no contract extension is offered to Kuroda or if he under performs this year and no one can step it up to become a starter out of our pitching prospects that got some call ups in the bigs last year, we may very likely go in to the 2011 season needing 3 starters. Highest attendece in sports history, crippled by the foolish, cheap owners, a divorce and no plans of investing in future talent through draft picks. Sigh

  6. Guest 5 years ago

    That makes no sense at all..

    How many players do Clubs need for the Minors? 100? So signing these guys for AAA, which is filled with mostly EX ML players translates to our system sucking?

  7. dire straits 5 years ago

    Posey and Bumgarner are the best prospects in the Giants system, and they’re already major league ready. What does that tell you about the Giants minor league system?

  8. ivdown 5 years ago

    That was the point of my last sentence. The thing is, though, that there have been so many of these types of signings, and only 2 or 3 that actually help or hurt the MLB club, so it sucks just kinda standing still while other clubs are making moves.

  9. ivdown 5 years ago

    I do not see why Bumgarner is being slotted as MLB ready, especially after he fatigued at the end of last season. Not only that, but I would be worried about his K rate dropping from 10.4 in 08 to 8.5 in A+ and then 5.8 in AA in 09. I’m not worried enough to think he’s not a stud, but I highly doubt he’s MLB ready.

  10. ivdown 5 years ago

    You know they are actually right, because every team has signings of crappy players that will never reach the bigs just to fill out their rosters. I’m just hoping Colletti doesn’t have it in his mind that more than maybe 1-3 of these guys will actually have an impact on the MLB roster.

  11. ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

    your’e the retard. your a giant fan talking crap about the dodgers on a dodger thread, just leave. And you say our farm system is thin, well of course it is look at how many young studs are up and contributing at the major league level on our team. I know you guys dont have as much as we do. next time just stay from the dodger threads son.

  12. dire straits 5 years ago

    Just like you know nothing about the Dodgers system, so why are you on a Dodger thread trolling around? You’re just one of those “tough behind a keyboard” kind of guys. Our 49th and 36th aren’t major-league ready, which means that they are still in our farm system. If the list didn’t include prospects who’ve already had their cup of coffee, the Giants would have zilch. And the Dodgers have solid players in their farm system as well, they just reside in the lower levels of the system. Look at how well our system develops their players. Guys like Kemp, Martin, Bills, Kershaw, and Broxton, who are key cogs in our 2010 roster, were developed from within our system. So, I’m not worried about trolls like you telling that our system is mediocre. I just smile and laugh at trolls of your type.

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