Nationals Interested In Orlando Cabrera

The Nationals have interest in free agent Orlando Cabrera, reports's Bill Ladson. They view him as a possible second baseman if they're unable to land the other Orlando, as in Orlando Hudson.

We really haven't heard too much about the 35-year-old Cabrera at all this offseason. He hit .281/.316/.389 last year for the A's and Twins, though his defense at short was among the worst in the game according to UZR. Considering the deals that players like Alex Gonzalez and Jerry Hairston Jr. have gotten this winter, Cabrera seems to be in line to pull down about $3MM in 2010.

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  1. epicphalanx 5 years ago

    This has gotta be Rizzo just trying to squeeze O-Hud, because I don’t think anyone would project Cabrera to have a better season than either Desmond or Guzman, the Nats who he would take playing time from.

    • CrustyJuggler 5 years ago

      How could you go from the contending Dodgers to the perennial last place Nats? I wouldn’t want to go there either if I was Hudson. Well unless they were offering like a 3-year deal.

      • HalfSt 5 years ago

        The Nationals have played for 4 seasons, and yes, they did finish last 3 times (once with a .500 record). That is not enough of a sample to proclaim them a perennial last place team.

        Why would he want to leave the Dodgers? Perhaps because they replaced him with a 2nd baseman from the Nats last summer.

  2. Jay212033 5 years ago

    The Nationals are building a very good team!

  3. rockiesmagicnumber 5 years ago

    Yes! Please keep him away from Colorado

  4. Nice sarcasm there, Jay

    • Guest 5 years ago

      The big club? It sucks still but they are trying to build that farm up.

      • You’re right but they better keep working at it. Keith Law ranked the farm system 27th best, and instead of signing guys like Pudge, Marquis, or O-Dog/Cabrera, they need to focus on trading away Willingham and Dunn for some prospects.

  5. jcrabtree7 5 years ago

    I’ve always like Cabrera. It’s strange how every year it seems like he struggles to find a team up until the last minute. I still can’t believe his defense fell off so sharply last year, but the guy can still hit. I don’t think he fits in with the Nat’s, but it would be interesting to see him come full circle after starting with the Expos.

  6. YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

    I wonder which has played a larger role in the decrease in pay that veteran stars have seen in the last 2 years? A bad economy or the dedication to new metrics like UZR and OBP? haha.

    Some where Orlando Cabrera is screaming “¿Por qué Bill James? ¿Por qué foresake mí?”

    • dire straits 5 years ago

      Online translators are hardly ever accurate.

  7. robbf 5 years ago

    Cabrera’s hummingbird ass can’t back up his alligator mouth! How much is a bad attitude and no defense with a light bat worth?

  8. coltholt 5 years ago

    If I am Walt Jocketty, I am first in line to pay Cabrera $3M to start at SS on opening day.

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