Noah Lowry Might Be Close To Picking A Team

6:43pm:'s Corey Brock says (via Twitter) that he's "nearly certain" the Padres aren't in on Lowry. They need a dependable starter, and with only $5MM or so left to spend, the Friars can't afford to miss on a player.

5:42pm: Free agent southpaw Noah Lowry may be close to picking his next team, tweets Henry Schulman of The San Francisco Chronicle. He says that it won't be the Giants, unsurprisingly.

Plenty of teams have expressed interest in the lefty, including the Padres, Reds, Dodgers, and several others. Lowry lasted pitched in the big leagues back in 2007 because of thoracic outlet syndrome.    

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  1. At the right price I’d love the Reds to make a move… fill the #5 slot.

  2. Guest 6 years ago

    I would have liked Noah on the Mets.

  3. MLBrainmaker 6 years ago

    Does anybody know anything about thoracic outlet syndrome? I mean are we talking about a rotator cuff issue or the dreaded torn labrum? This kid looked like he had potential before the injury….would be nice if he could get back to form…

    • Lincecum_Says_GSP 6 years ago

      I’m not a doctor but i do know from following Noah’s career it had to do with the blood vessels and nerves that pass down through his shoulder/armpit were compressed. That compression caused him to loose his ability to grip the ball and numbness/tinkling in his throwing arm. Its a super rare condition with no real fix other than therapy and i believe in noah’s case they removed part of one of his ribs to remove that compression.

      I remember late ’07 after having a stellar first half he started reporting tingling in his throwing arm which ended up sidelining him for the last month of the season. He had the surgery, was ready to come back in ’08 and in ST was throwing the ball no where near the strike zone which sidelined him for ’08. Tried a come back in ’09 and thats when the proverbial sh!t hit the fan with him and the Giants. he claimed mis-diagnosis with their doctors and apparently had another procedure done and is ready to come back.

      I will say one thing… if he’s back to his former self he’s a great pitcher (easily a #3 or #4 guy). He doesn’t really throw heat but has a NASTY change-up. He was still on the rise when he went down in ’07 and looked on the verge of putting it all together.

    • dodgers_suck 6 years ago

      i don’t know much about his injury. but i was a bat boy when he was in AAA. this guy if a great guy around the clubhouse and has probably one of the best change ups i have ever seen. its wicked nasty.

  4. Noah Lowry is amazing on MLB 2K9. I used him as a long reliever, and eventually one of my starters went down and he filled in. He pitched a perfect game in his first start.

    So, I think anyone who picks him up will be pleasantly surprised based on my fortune with him in a video game.

    • Guest 6 years ago

      I was so mad with how that game turned out.. 2k8 showed much potential.. then POW! right in your video game loving kisser, MLB 2k9 was a complete joke.

      Get a PS3 dude its worth the money.

      • I’m a PC gamer, and Sony will never put The Show on PC, so I’m stuck with the 2K series. Through mods, most of the stadiums are fixed, and player portraits, etc are fixed, so it’s not as bad.

        • Guest 6 years ago

          Oh alright, yeah its brutal for 360. I used to cruise Hollywood and play at random internet cafes.. It seems so much more fun when you are 65 miles from home. Weird.

      • losingfaithinmightymelvin 6 years ago

        Yea it is brutal on 360. I miss EA Sports MVP baseball. I was so pissed when they converted the franchise into college baseball. 2K9 sucked balls. I had it on the hardest setting and either struck the guy out or they hit a homerun, same thing when I was batting. They need to fix that shit. Oh alright, yea i’m still gunna buy 2K10 cuz I have no other choice.

        Anyways I used Lowry as a LR too in 2K9 and he was awesome. But I’ve been following him since his rookie season (fantasy baseball mag told me he was a sleeper so I drafted him, Gavin Flloyd). I always hoped he’s make it big, and it seemed like he was on track. I’d love to see the Crew pick him up if they can get him cheap. If anything it will give Parra some incentive to act like he wants to pitch in the Bigs.

        The other guy I’ve been following for a couple years is Brandon Morrow when he was with the M’s. Another guy that shows promise as a starter, but for some reason everyone is selling this guy low. Woulda loved if the Crew sent Hardy to Seattle for him and maybe a prospect instead of Gomez from MN.

  5. 55saveslives 6 years ago

    A minor league contract for Lowry is very low risk potential high reward…

  6. JaY_Patel 6 years ago

    Good Giant i wished he could be the Giants 5th Starter!!! I hate how our ownership screws people over alot!!! Noah Lowry we both have the same Bday 10/10 and hope u do good with any organization that signs u (dont be a Dodger)

    • Ferrariman 6 years ago

      Wish I thought I was the only patel who used mlbtr.. Weird

      Can’t see the dodgers signing lowry if he is asking for 5M a season.. Maybe with incentives

      • TommyL 6 years ago

        Pitching for LA would certainly add to the rivalry, and I’m all for that.

        Candy Maldonado

  7. Guest 6 years ago

    PADRES, his buddy is Corriea and his agent has already expressed interest in playing in the pitchers friendly confines of Petco park. NO other park can resurrect a career like Petco. And if the Padres do have interest, which is being reported than there is obviously mutual interest (given what his agent has already has said regarding playing in SD) not surprising and if “healthy” could anchor down a young pitching rotation in SD and be a possible come back player of the year, in Petco!

  8. crebmann2013 6 years ago

    Cardinals, please!

  9. dire straits 6 years ago

    “He jokes that it’s not the Giants.”

    Already a great Dodger.

  10. I’d say Padres if he’s more interested in getting his career back on track than anything else. Dodgers if he would rather have a shot at the playoffs. Reds if he wants to go back on the DL for awhile.

  11. Bye Bye Baby Bonanza 6 years ago

    Wow Corey Brock. There’s no way Lowry is asking $5M.

    All Lowry will be offered is a minor league deal with spring training invite. If that.

    • bstokes 6 years ago

      Reading Brock’s tweet, I think he means the Padres remaining $$$ is 5 million, not that Lowry is asking that much.

      Given the Padres stated needs (starter, catcher, infield) I guess they aren’t willing to even risk 1-2 million. I would still like Lowry signing for them.

      Anyway, just saying I think Cory is being misunderstood. I hope.

  12. dgrfns 6 years ago

    No chance he gets $5M. He’d be lucky to break $1.5M.

  13. swtnes34 6 years ago

    $5 mil for Lowery…someone’s pullin’ someone’s leg here. It’s not as if he’s been elite at any point and constantly hurt too! No way!

    • Ferrariman 6 years ago

      I smell a jim hendry-esque deal in the making

  14. 1.50 and 1.00 K/BB ratios in his last two seasons, average GB rate, mediocre FIP, bad xFIP, mid-80s fastball, hasn’t played since 2007… this guy should be struggling to get a minor league deal, not being pursued by multiple teams.

    • huh? have you seen this kid pitch? the kid deals. stat buffs please go away…

      • Jason_F 6 years ago

        What, three years ago? How much do you think he’ll get? I really can’t wait to hear your answer…

        And are you really telling stat buffs to leave this site? Wow…

      • R_y_a_n 6 years ago

        Yea, away with the evil stats! They be good for nothing devil talk!


  15. bobraines 6 years ago

    Lowery would be a perfect add to the dodger rotation. start at Albuquerque, build up some innings, and head to LA when one of the dodger pitchers gets hurt or gets lit up. Kind of like another Jeff Weaver.

    • i think i see him as a dodger, he seems like a nice fit for them and should deliver when healthy

      • Lincecum_Says_GSP 6 years ago

        kind of like a jason schmidt part II? I will say even if it is the Dodgers I’d like to see Lowry get a second chance and do well because he was a favorite of mine.

        • bobraines 6 years ago

          the big difference here is that everyone knows he’s been injured, and he won’t be getting millions to rehab for three years. When Lowery was with the Giants he was like Schmidt, though, always beating my Dodgers.

          • Lincecum_Says_GSP 6 years ago

            The only difference is the extent of the injury…. Colletti gave Schmidt that ridiculous contract knowing full well Schmidt had a slight tear in that shoulder. But i dont see Colletti making that same mistake twice… he’s not Brian Sabean which you should feel happy about.

  16. redsandyanksfan 6 years ago

    the reds should sign him he can be a pretty good starter he was before the injury got to him the only thing would be if he wants to pitch in the hitters park of Gabp the reds have promise in the future and could do pretty good this year if votto is here all year jay bruce is healthy and playing and bailey keeps it going like he did at the end of the season and just maybe harang could learn how to win games agian i hope we sign o cab or a Lf like dye?

  17. Guest 6 years ago

    “’s Corey Brock says (via Twitter) that he’s “nearly certain” the Padres aren’t in on Lowry. They need a dependable starter, and with only $5MM or so left to spend, the Friars can’t afford to miss on a player.”

    I totally get that the Padres need a “reliable pitcher” and they are said to having around 5 million to spend to get that. Knowing this, doesn’t that pretty much rule out just about any substantial upgrade that would not be a “risk”?

    They are said to want an “innings eater” to solidify the starting rotation, ok… well I could have seen D Davis fitting that category some what or Padilla, but how many “innings eater” type pitchers are out there still that would be “reliable” and again a substantial upgrade, not many! Garland, yes.. but he will most likely ask for more than 5 and more than 1 year, which Padres GM Jed Hoyer also talked about, being pretty adamant about not spending much in the FA market and NOT going in on “multiple year” deals. SO, who does that leave for the Padres Corey Brock? Weaver, not exactly an innings eater, Contreres, signed, so did Davis and Padilla, Garland, again probably out of the “5” million dollar range. Badard, I doubt it, Chan ho Park, maybe, again not exactly an “innings eater” that would be dependable to anchor the back end of the rotation that would be substantially better than the Padres younger cheaper options they already have. Washburn.. Ehh

    • Ferrariman 6 years ago

      Braden looper sounds good

      • Guest 6 years ago

        Yes, he would fit that category per se’ but they would be also “depending” on him to have a bounce back type year also. Looper is a good suggestion, however I am not sure he is exactly leaps and bounds ahead of the younger talent already in the Padres organization, but no doubt he could be a dependable “innings eater”. Also, not quite sure would he could be had for.

        Looper as has 8-9 years as a very effective closer/ bull pen guy VS. 2-3 quality years being an “innings eater”, not sure if he is ideal as a starter. Brandon had a career high in HR allowed but Petco could help that along with getting out of that division, “park wise”.

    • Padres have closer to $7-8 million left to spend if they were telling the truth about a $40+ million payroll.

      Take a look at my blog. I spell it out player by player. They are at or under $33,025,000.00.

  18. TommyL 6 years ago

    Dodgers should offer a $2M base with incentives to earn up to $7M based on starts/innings pitched. I wouldn’t guarantee more than that.

    • Guest 6 years ago

      Why would they do that when they could get him for MUCH CHEAPER!?

      • TommyL 6 years ago

        I think he’ll be offered more than $2M guaranteed. Dodgers in no position to put more than that at risk, thus they need to sweeten the pot with incentives. If he’s healthy/good enough to make 30-35 starts, then he’s worth $5-7M

        • Guest 6 years ago

          “If he’s healthy/good enough to make 30-35 starts, then he’s worth $5-7M”

          You do realize he has not pitched since 07, right!?

          NO TEAM will throw out an incentive based deal for anywhere near 5 million dollars let alone 7!

          • TommyL 6 years ago

            Yes I realize he hasn’t pitched since 07 — hence the low guarantee. He only gets the $5M+ if he earns it. It’s a long shot, but if he does, great.

          • bobraines 6 years ago

            I’m thinking a minor league contract and an invite to spring training. Something like $800K for making the majors roster, and then incentives for innings, starts, appearances in relief, and/or days on the majors roster. He’s not going to get a chance to make the bucks and go to the post season from any other team.

          • TommyL 6 years ago

            I don’t think $800K guaranteed will do it. But fabulous if it would.

    • markjsunz 6 years ago

      He should have a minor league contract and any time with the Big Leauge club he gets paid league minimum, plus they can throw in a few incentives. Let him earn a nice multi year deal in 2011. Remember at the end of the day it is a business.

  19. $750k – $1 million on a minor league deal with an invite to spring training.

    Throw in an additional $50k for each start from 25 on. If he makes 34 starts, then he makes $1.25-1.5 million.

    If he makes that many starts the market will take care of him in 2011.

    • TommyL 6 years ago

      This is like playing The Price Is Right. Will be interesting to see the actual retail price.

  20. Beersy 6 years ago

    Lowry would be great as a second lefty in the rotation, but I really would prefer the Padres get in on Wang. I origanally thought Lowry would be the choice, bur after reconsidering I would really go after Wang. My thought process is, if you are going to go after a reclamation project, you may as well go after a guy who succeeded in the most high pressure division in baseball. Wang in the NL West, fully back to health and pitching in Petco would be amazing.Even without anyone else, I like the Padres rotation. Young, Corriea, Latos, Richard and LeBlanc. I’d go into next year with that rotation and deal with the headaches when the arise.GO PADRES

  21. padre44 6 years ago

    I like Noah Lowry and wish him the best, but considering the Friars have Cory Luebke, Wade LeBlanc and Clayton Richard…..I’m not sure a left handed starting rehab project is in their best interest.

    I’m ready for baseball!

    Go Padres

    • yea im gettin kinda annoyed im ready for the season to start, actually ive been ready for the season to start ever since early december

  22. gunger69 6 years ago

    sounds like a dodgers-type of deal.

  23. rainyperez 6 years ago

    A great Giant he was fun to watch he would locate his fastball then throw that wicked changeup…I really wish him the best before he went down he won double digit game for us, and I was excited to see him pitch with Cain and Lincecum…but yeah things happen

    • rainyperez 6 years ago

      he was also the FIRST Noah ever in the history of Baseball

  24. dire straits 6 years ago

    And your grammar sucks. How ironic!

  25. Yes, yes I am.

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