Odds & Ends: Brewers, Molina, Zduriencik, White Sox

Friday Night Lights Links…

  • Brewers' GM Doug Melvin said that they're finished signing "impact" free agents according to a tweet from MLB.com's Adam McCalvy. He did not, however, rule out a trade with payroll implications.
  • Ed Price of AOL FanHouse says (via Twitter) that Bengie Molina passed up an extra $1MM in salary for 2010 from the Mets for a familiarity of San Francisco.
  • David Laurila of Baseball Prospectus sat down for a must read interview with Mariners' GM Jack Zduriencik. Best of all, it's not behind their subscriber wall.
  • An interesting quote by White Sox GM Kenny Williams at SoxFest today, courtesy of a tweet from Mark Gonzales of The Chicago Tribune: "There's always one more move to be made."

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  1. bigsoxfan 6 years ago

    I would love that one White Sox move to be signing Johnny Damon to a one year contract to bat second and be our full time DH.

  2. Mathew Viator 6 years ago

    Kenny has thomes contract

  3. Oh, Mike. That joke was almost as bad as a pun.

  4. tipster1 6 years ago

    Johnny Damon would be a great fit,but he already turned down 2 years 15 million from the Yankees.Big Sox Fan take it from the biggest Sox fan,There is no way the Sox are going to out bid the Yankees unfortunately

  5. disgustedcubfan 6 years ago

    Kenny Williams, Look at your 25 man roster! You’ve got more than “one more move” to make

  6. Ferrariman 6 years ago

    i dont get it, whats with all the hate from mets fans about luis castillo. Sure he dropped that ball vs the yankees but he was still a bright spot offensively for the mets with his .300 BA. the mets really bumped up their offense but you gotta have guys on base to do any good.

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