Players To Avoid Arbitration: Friday

Here's a round up of the players that have agreed to deals avoiding arbitration today…

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  1. Guest 6 years ago

    Any chance we can get a ‘master list’ of all the players who have avoided arbitration? And a list of who has yet to reach an agreement? By my count, there are 20 players who have yet to reach an agreement. And 2 of them have hearing dates set. But I may have missed a few.

    Thanks in advance, if anyone can put this together!

  2. vtadave 6 years ago

    Good idea going year-to-year with Saunders. 5.21 FIP, 29 HR allowed, and a 4.9 K/9. Solid guy to have around as 4 or 5, but arbiters would have appreciated the 33 wins the last two years.

  3. markjsunz 5 years ago

    Saunders ERA was high last year but he has a 48 and 22 career record. If he has another big season I am sure as a free agent he will get a nice payday. And yes winning 33 games over the last two years is impreesive.

    • bjsguess 5 years ago

      I like Saunders a lot. Solid guy. But with FA prices I think he will get too expensive real quick.

      I look at him like I do a Garland or Washburn (of a few years ago). He can reliably give you 180-200 innings with an ERA in the mid to high 4’s. There’s a place for him on a squad but the price is right around $5m.

      His record is a bi-product of playing on a team that has won 100 and 97 games respectively between 08 and 09. I do think he is the kind of pitcher who will generally outperform his FIP but he will be nothing better than a 3 and in most years a 4/5 type guy.

  4. FYI… The count is down to 19 with the addition of Wuertz. His is a 2/$2,625,000. Breaks down as follows: (’10) $2,200,000, (’11) $2,800,000. A $3.5 million club option for ’12 with a $250,000 buyout if his option isn’t exercised.

    Here’s the tracker for just players that exchanged figure:

    link to

    My master tracker for every potential salary arb player dating back to Nov.

    link to

  5. arock1234 5 years ago

    Pretty good dollar amount for the Rangers on Feldman. Paying a guy who won 17 games just over 2M? Thats not bad at all. Its worth the risk for him to repeat.

  6. BJSGuess, garland is nothing like washburn Garland is still 30 and i remember Washburn a couple yrs ago getting a 4 yr deal with an option for a 5th with a garuantee of 9.5 per. Sando and Washburn on the other hand r very similar and Saunders will get that similar deal in 2012 if he keeps it up.

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