Yankees Acquire Greg Golson

The Yankees have acquired outfielder Greg Golson from the Rangers, reports MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan. Texas will receive minor league infielder Mitch Hilligoss and cash considerations.

Texas designated Golson for assignment last week to make room on the 40-man roster for Khalil Greene. The 24-year-old righty hitter is a career .263/.308/.395 hitter with 140 stolen bases in the minors, though he hasn't had much success over A-ball. Hilligoss, 24, is a .275/.324/.352 career hitter and has yet to reach Double-A.

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  1. yanksrdashit 6 years ago

    Who is this? And is this our LF platoon?

  2. andrewyf 6 years ago

    Golson was a first-round pick all the way back in 2004 who never developed properly. Golson’s just going to be an outfielder in AAA.

  3. MNTwins2010 6 years ago

    Someone check to see if hell is frozen, I never thought I would live to see the day when the Yankees could say that they lay claim to THE Greg Golson.

  4. eastcoastghost 6 years ago

    cmon guys do a little research. former first rounder who played his first full season of AAA last year hitting .258 with less than stellar peripheral stats but steals 20+ at all levels played. seems to spell gardner but from the right side but with less experience which means unknown potential especially for the price. Looks to me the yankees are looking for competition in LF as all viable options seem to be athlettic, defensively inclined youthful players. I like this direction given the security at most other positions for atleast the 2010 season. If this kid can hit at a greater clip than gardner and show to be an adequate defensive player as gardner has show, he may sneak in there over the competition of gardner or jamie hoffman who probably at this point has the biggest upside offensively despite not having much PT on his resume’. In reality I think this just bolsters our bench with solid athletic youth and adds competition to LF further pushing gardner to either a higher output or exposure

    • yanksrdashit 6 years ago

      I don’t think he’ll be on the 40 man roster, probably just a guy to play in the minors. As you sad .258 in the minors, that doesn’t translate to major league playing time even if it comes with 20 steals.

      • Russell210 6 years ago

        From LoHud Yankees (former home of a traitor): “Golson will be added to the Yankees’ 40-man roster, which now stands at 39 players.”

    • eastcoastghost 6 years ago

      Yes I agree, his minor league numbers aren’t much to hang your hat on but I think the yankees are looking for the same role players that led us to #27 and I do believe that if Gardner is starting in either LF or CF wherever it may be, having a speedy guy to fill garnder’s 2009 role is not such a terrible idea but this is probably at best his 2010 role but then again the same could said about all current LF options if the yankees do put that proverbial 2mil into a true everyday LF

  5. studio179 6 years ago

    I thought the Yanks aquired Greg Olsen. I was going to say he won’t block much and has alligator arms at times.

  6. andyinsunnydaytona 6 years ago

    Trade him back to Philly for John Mayberry, Jr. again.

  7. Lol who is this guy? I hope this move is for minor league depth

  8. YanksFanSince78 6 years ago

    This can’t be THEE move can it? Gotta be minor league depth. Can we just go ahead and give Damon 1/$6 mil and call it a day?

  9. CasanovaWong 6 years ago

    Hilligoss had no future in the Yankees organization and Golson is just Scranton fodder.

  10. i would have liked him to get an opportunity to see it he can be a dh type bat or something its worth a try i see damon possibly going to the a’s now which would be nice for baseball to be honest instead of the same boring teams always getting players but yes id like for tampa to have at least tried to get nady or someone like that for rf unless they plan to start joyce in a platoon hoping for calero or park at least few years by 2012 i believe they will be really good the rays as will the blue jays

  11. bambino84 6 years ago

    At this point i have no idea what kinda message the yankees are trying to send. They let the MVP go to sign Nick Johnson (who has worse stats except for OBP) for the same amount of money Matsui sign with the angels . Now they are not signing Damon ( yeah the same guy who stole second and then went to third on a heads up play to clinch the win) and instead sign this joker. Two of the most critical post season players gone. Management must be still so drunk off number 27 that they dont need 28

    • toolman827 6 years ago

      they are gonna wait till no one is left nadys gone now they better jump on damon or just get reed johnson nady signed for 3 mill im sure the yankees could have coughed up that xtra mill darn cash get something done

    • Deanezag 6 years ago

      Matsui has serious issues with his knees. You can question NJ’s injuries, but none of them are chronic injuries. Matsui had his knee drained 3-4x just being DH this year.

      Damon (yeah that same guy who cant play defense and wont wake up and see what his market value is). And this “joker” was not signed, it was a trade, and he isnt suppose to replace damon either.
      2 critical players gone, too bad they are still the best team in the league. Not to mention they improved their pitching staff with Javy

    • thevauntedchris 6 years ago

      wow, you have no idea what’s going on, do you?

  12. genomcafee 5 years ago

    Greg Golson is a Prospect. Great athlete the fastest guy in the Rangers Organization. 100+ mph arm from the outfield. Has not figured out how to hit. If he does the Sky is the limit. If not then he is….. This is the type of thinking that signs a CJ Henry.. Playing basketball at Kansas. Greg Golson will be playing cornerback for The Texas Longhorns if does not figure out the bat. He has 4.29 speed in the 40. Either that or someone sticks him on the mound because he has a cannon for an arm.

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