Athletics Sign Brett Tomko, Jason Jennings

The Oakland Athletics have signed right-handers Brett Tomko and Jason Jennings to minor league contracts, according to Joe Stiglich of the Oakland Tribune (via Twitter).

Jane Lee of tweets that Jennings will report to the team's spring training camp, while Tomko will continue rehabbing an arm injury at Minor League camp. The San Francisco Chronicle's Susan Slusser adds, via Twitter, that the Twins made Tomko a similar offer, but that he felt more comfortable in Oakland. Slusser also tweets that Jennings was close to a deal with the Giants at one point, while Stiglich adds the Cardinals and Mets to the list of teams spoken to by Jennings in a separate tweet.

Tomko was extremely effective in six starts for the A's in 2009, winning four games with a 2.95 ERA. Jennings, meanwhile, acted as a setup man for the Rangers, posting a 4.13 ERA in 44 relief appearances.

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    Interesting. I’m not sure there is any room in the rotation but Tomko could help the bullpen.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

      Long relief, spot start guy? A 3.77 ERA and a very good WHIP over the last few years [1.099 last season] isn’t too bad at all, especially for a 37-year old. His HR/9 of 1.9 is a little high though.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        Well Vin Mazzaro and Gio Gonzalez go before Tomko in spot starting but I suppose a long reliever if he makes the big league club.

      • R_y_a_n 5 years ago

        I’d say 1.9 is more than a “little” high.

    • crosby04roy 5 years ago

      neither will make the team, more of an insurance going how the last 2 years have been with injurys. gives good depth though. as far as pitching goes, their roster is almost set besides two spots, which will go down to trevor cahill, vin mazzaro, gio gonzalez competing for the 5th spot, and the other 2 along with dustin kirby competing for the final bullpen spot

  2. bballrox4717 5 years ago

    I always wondered why Jennings fell apart as soon as he left Colorado.

  3. rayking 5 years ago

    Gio definitely deserves innings over these retreads, but having them around in case a starter or two go down is worthwhile. Someone is going to need to pick up Sheets’ starts whenever he gets hurt.

  4. rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

    I kinda figured someone would grab Jennings pretty soon. I expect he will make the team while Tomko gets healthy. Both are pretty good injury insurance and potential bull pen help.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Also AAA is really happy as well.

      • rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

        Sacramento, I believe it is, just got a boost in PCL standings, no matter if they make the team or not, haha. But as someone who lives in Colorado, ive watched many Jennings starts and the guy can definetely bring some solid pitching when healthy, especially if it is just for an inning of work. Good luck, Jason.

        Tomko is probably the 7th or 8th option for the A’s, but since he is not healthy, he will be enjoying the wonderful north central California sites, unless a couple injuries happen.

  5. Jman1213 5 years ago

    Tomko allowed five homers in 20 2/3 IP for the Yanks and then had the nerve to gripe about not getting a fair chance. The chances of him having an ERA under 3 again are about the same as Miguel Cabrera turning down a Triple Stacker.

    • TheFilibuster 5 years ago

      Replace triple stacker with a beer =p

      • Ricky Bones 5 years ago

        Replace beer w/ opportunity to beat his wife.

        • rockvssingleparents 5 years ago

          Damn, take that Miguel. He probably hates children too…

  6. zonisx 5 years ago

    These are depth signings, as neither of them have a shot at making the team realistically. That is why they were given minor league, non-40 man roster deals.

    The A’s Rotation already has 4 spots set (Sheets, Duchscherer, Anderson, Braden), and 3 people competing for the 5th spot who won’t be bumped for someone else (Gonzalez, Cahill, Mazzaro).

    As for the Bullpen, the A’s pen is one of the best in the majors, and its pretty much full right now, with a decision hanging in the future if they want to go with their usual 7 man pen or go with a 6 man pen and carry a deeper bench, since Jake Fox is out of options.

    But, these deals do give them depth for past the 7 top relievers, where Jennings and Tomko will be competing with guys like Henry Rodriguez.

    • Acortez 5 years ago

      The A’s top 2 starters didn’t pitch in 2009 and Duke is already having problems. At BEST one of Sheets or Duke make it through a year. Tomko is a no brainer, throw him in AAA, and see if he recovers, but I cringe if he is pitching for the A’s in June……..Jennings is interesting, I bet he makes the team out of spring training…..

  7. Robert Gaito 5 years ago

    True, these are depth signings. Duchscherer and Sheets are obviously coming off injury, but remember that Mazzaro and Braden missed time with injuries, and the bullpen, while probably the leagues best, is home to Devine, who like Duchscherer and Sheets, missed the entire year last year. Insurance in the pitching staff is never really a bad thing.

  8. Ricky Bones 5 years ago

    The Brett Tomko sweepstakes comes to an end.

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