Rosenthal’s Latest: Fielder, Wells, Harden

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has a new Full Count video up, with a few tidbits to check out:

  • A potentially otherworldly class of free agent first basemen after the 2011 season won't affect Scott Boras' handling of Prince Fielder. It's possible that Fielder could sign a long-term extension with the Brewers before then, but Rosenthal notes that Boras "rarely shows fear" when it comes to testing the open market.
  • Despite a hot start and a possible willingness to waive his no-trade clause, Vernon Wells and his massive contract are unlikely to be moved. It also seems doubtful that he'd exercise his opt-out clause following the 2011 campaign. Even if he'd prefer to play for a contender, seeing him walk away from the final $63MM of his deal would be a huge shock.
  • One scout thinks that Rich Harden, one of the prizes of the Rangers' offseason, looks awful, and would be very surprised if Harden had a strong year in Texas. The Rangers are, of course, more optimistic. They believe the Canadian right-hander will be fine if he throws strikes, given his ability to miss bats.