Olney’s Latest: Rockies, Lee, Diamondbacks, Royals

In today's blog post at ESPN, Buster Olney speculates about some possible trade targets for the Rockies now that Troy Tulowitzki is going to miss the next six to eight weeks with a fractured wrist. Among those mentioned: Dan Uggla, Craig Counsell, Julio Lugo, and Cesar Izturis. Uggla would obviously be the most expensive, but Colorado would boast a dynamic offensive middle infield once Tulo returns.

Here are the rest of Olney's rumors…

  • Sources tell Olney there is no clear signal from the Mariners indicating that they're ready to trade Cliff Lee, but presumably that will come soon. He compares a potential Lee trade to the CC Sabathia trade, meaning that the sooner he's dealt, the more Seattle will receive in return.
  • The Diamondbacks continue to gather intel about possible trades, but they are not close to making another deal at the moment.
  • The Royals have a pair of outfielders in Rick Ankiel and David DeJesus who could be fits for the Red Sox. J.D. Drew suffered a hamstring injury yesterday, and Boston was already without Jacoby Ellsbury and Jeremy Hermida, who are both on the disabled list. Mike Cameron is playing through an abdominal tear as well.

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  1. johnsilver 5 years ago

    Amazing that JD Drew was the “Rock” of the Sox OF 1st 2 and a half months injury wise, just hope he does not miss more than a few days with this hamstring, then maybe be forced to get someone in a pinch. Ankiel if KC is giving him away, but not for anything worthwhile prospect wise.

    If they think drew will only miss a handful of games, can go with Nava, Hall, McDonald, Cameron and Youk as the emergency guy. Hopefully Hermida will be back soon also and negate need to get another guy anyway.

  2. redsox4120 5 years ago

    If Drew is out for any extended period of time, we’ll need a bat as well as another outfielder. Drew’s a baby though, I don’t think he’ll be out for any substantial amount of time.

    • jwredsox 5 years ago

      Yeah you saw how he hopped off the field with an obvious injury. Such a wimp.

      • redsox4120 5 years ago

        He may have an actual injury but what I was trying to convey was that JD has a history of being a baby, meaning he could of been making it out to look worse then it actually is.

  3. for crying out loud rockies KELLY JOHNSON!!!!!

  4. bigpat 5 years ago

    Why would anyone want Ankiel at this point? Why did he receive a major league contract? Who really knows.

    • johnsilver 5 years ago

      Agreed on this. Boston at this point is just out of players to play the position period. Ellsbury has played 9 games total and out until the AS break more than likely, Cameron is a shell of himself and looks sick at the plate, plus not able to play in more than a couple games in a row WHEN available, Hermida is out with broken ribs, they just called up the top OF prospect (Ryan Kalish) to AAA, so too soon to give him an early promotion to the bigs, Reddick is not ready it seems to play in the bigs either and has not even had a full season of AAA play over 2009-10 seasons combined.. They just are pretty much out of emergency guys, with Nava and McDonald already called up and on the roster who could actually help the parent club.

      McDonald probably deserves a chance to stick around when the others get back anyway, since he has shown can play a decent defense at 3 positions, run and hit fair, so get someone who is a likewise fairly cheap (to Boston) type of guy prospect and salary guy who may be able to help short term and they can just release when 2 of the DL guys come back, Ankiel fits that mold if KC wants little to nothing for him, except someone to assume the remaining portion of the 2M he has left on his contract.

      Imagine they would want something in return for Dejesus and would rather have Hermida and McDonald, who has earned his way on the team over him at this point, plus is far cheaper salary wise.

  5. Fangaffes 5 years ago

    It’s astounding that the Red Sox top four outfielders and two members of the starting rotation are all injured, and yet they’re gaining on first place.

    I don’t see them trading for an outfielder, unless it’s someone who will be a starter beyond this year (unlikely). They could fill in with Reddick, if needed, now that he’s finally started to hit in AAA. Guys will start coming back fairly soon, so there’s no need to make a panic deal.

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