Blue Jays Rumors: Trades, Lee, Bautista

Alex Anthopoulos told Prime Time Sports that he has been on the phone with rival teams regularly as the Blue Jays continue exploring deals. The Blue Jays GM said on the FAN 590 that the team is willing to get creative between now and July 31st. Here are the details:

  • Trade talks are picking up and the Jays "have been pretty active with respect to phone calls." Rival clubs are "starting to get the itch and starting to gather information."
  • The Blue Jays are open to discussing any deal, though some players will naturally be harder to obtain than others. We heard earlier today that the Blue Jays are open to dealing Scott Downs, Jason Frasor and Kevin Gregg, but it sounds like other players could also be obtained for the right return.
  • Anthopoulos says he likes to get "as creative as [he] can," and is open to three or four-team deals.
  • Anthopoulos was in touch with Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik, since the Blue Jays were open to getting involved in possible Cliff Lee trades as a third or fourth team.
  • The Blue Jays like Jose Bautista for his power, strong throwing arm and clubhouse presence, but Anthopoulos chose not to comment on whether the team would consider locking the AL home run leader up.
  • Anthopoulos also noted that players are not immune to rumors. "They all look at," he said.

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