Marlins Confused About Deadline Direction

The Marlins are confused about their next step, according to one source of Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  The team's strong play of late puts them in a gray area – 6.5 games back in the wild card, but trailing six teams.  The Mets, Red Sox, Athletics, and Angels are in similar spots.  With the Dan Haren acquisition, the Angels wisely made a move that can help them now and in the future.

Rosenthal notes that the Marlins could trade Jorge Cantu without hurting their chances in 2010, if Logan Morrison's Triple A success carries over.  ESPN's Jayson Stark tweets that the Marlins aren't in sell mode, but they're still shopping Cantu to the Rangers, Rockies, and Giants.  Stark's colleague Gordon Edes talked to one big league source who believes a Cantu deal will get done with the Rangers, assuming the commissioner's office signs off on the financials. 

On the other hand, now might be the best time to cash in on Cody Ross if the Marlins wave the white flag.  The Fish could opt to trade Ross in the offseason before the December non-tender deadline, as they did with Jeremy Hermida last year.

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  1. Damn Tim,
    You are churning out posts like a sweatshop worker…

    I guess this is Christmas time at MLBtraderumors…keep up the good work man.

    • Thanks…but this is a vacation compared to the winter meetings.

      • gigantes2425 5 years ago

        do you think the way the giants are playing after this four game series the fish will for sure be sellers?

  2. VoteForPrado 5 years ago

    I can’t see the Marlins contending this year with how strong the NL East is. I see 3 teams that are obviously in a better position to make the playoffs. The Fish need to go ahead and trade away Cantu especially, given his FA status at the end of the season and Logan Morrison waiting to take over. It might not be a bad idea to trade Cody Ross either, but he’s controlled past this season so if they think they can contend next year I can see them holding on to him, unless they get an offer that can help them in the immediate future. But Ross most likely won’t bring in a prospect that useful.

    • Rabbethan 5 years ago

      I don’t see it either, though I feel they’re not in any worse of a position than the Mets are. I basically agree with everything else you said. We (the Marlins) need to use this time valuably. We should be using it to see if Logan is ready to play LF and hit in the big leagues, to see if Coghlan can play 3B full time. Those are very important questions for next year and we shouldn’t wait to be surprised during spring training.

  3. Hoping the Marlin’s would trade Cantu for a Ben Snyder and Davis Stoneburner type package to the Rangers…here’s hoping anyway.

    We desperately need an upgrade at 1B, against LHP at the very least. Wouldn’t mind seeing us going after Shelley Duncan since it is more feasible given our payroll restrictions.

    Regardles we need someone who mashes LHP. Anyone would be a roster upgrade over Arias. He is redundant with Blanco being the better utl. infielder.

    Since they are both out of options, maybe one of them could be moved in a deal.

  4. Jason Stark just said Marlins and Rangers aren;t very far along in negotiations for Cantu. He is probably right.

    We can’t afford him and Florida isn’t the type of organization to take on a traded players salary.

    Looking like Garko might be the solution as Daniel’s said yesterday they are looking internally to fill needs.

    The problem is Blanco and Arias are out of options, and are very unlikely to clear waivers if either is optioned to bring up Garko or Matt Brown.

    • I didn’t get that part…I hadn’t read that they were far along. Just that the Rangers were pushing hard or whatever. So he seemed to be refuting something that was never reported.

    • Now, Gordon Edes is saying that Texas and the Marlins will get a deal done, “as long as the commisioners office signs off on the financials.”

  5. theydizneyboy 5 years ago

    Marlins Confused About Marlins*

  6. Also Garko and Brown aren’t on the 40 man. Garko was DFA earlier this year. We would have to DFA someone else along with trying to sneak Blanco and Arias through waivers.

    Hamstrung by our 40 man, and hamstrung by our budget.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      Someone could be injured, no? There must be SOMEONE on the 25 man with a “sore” calf, a “rib cage injury” or “stiff elbow”-maybe a player can “volunteer” for the rest.

      Please understand, I am kidding. But at this point in the season, they must have someone a little banged up, right?

      • True, an Ollie Perez “injury”…

        I suspect that is why Harden went on the DL. They said it was a strained glute…I say it was the consistent 100 pitches in 3 13 innings.

        But you’d have to move a guy to the 60 day DL to clear a roster spot for the 40 man.

  7. camdoug1 5 years ago

    Cody ain’t goin anywhere, he’s slumping and the Marlins want too much for him. The Marlins are also probably signing Uggla long term. Florida also probably wants too much for Cantu anyway, they always get the maximum for anyone they trade. Don’t expect the Fish to sell.

  8. fishfan4life 5 years ago

    Cantu (Mr. April) blows….trade him already

  9. GasLampGuru 5 years ago

    They should just trade Uggla to the Padres and start selling piece by piece. Uggla would look awfully good hitting 4th behind Adrian Gonzalez.

  10. NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

    Even with this weekends series going a little wrong I still feel bad for the Marlins. So many talented players go through the organization only to be waved off into the sunset. The organization tries so hard to attract fans and they just fail miserably. I’m sure Mike Stanton and Josh Johnson will both be gone too at some point. When Hanley hits free agency he will be gone no doubt. They have no reason to be sellers.

    • Hanley is signed to a 6 year deal, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. JJ has a 4 year contract, so same with him. Mike Stanton is a rookie so he is under club control for a few years. The Marlins are an incredibly talented team and have showed what they can do over the last few days.

      Do they fail to attract fans? No, the stadium fails to attract fans. Dolphins Stadium is a football facility that is made to occupy football fans. The Marlins don’t make much money off of the concessions (they rent the stadium), so in order to make ANYTHING they have to jacked the prices up beyond what other ball clubs do. 100 degree weather, 80% humidity and rain = fans not interested.

  11. I’m an A’s fan and I’m thoroughly confused with why a supposedly contending team is throwing pure garbage on the field in the corner OF spots. A power hitting corner OF turns this team into a potential spoiler in the West. The Rangers are hitting their time in the year where the heat catches up with them and Oakland and the Angels have just about the same record. A power hitting RF would go a VERY long way in Oakland. Werth? Upton? Anyone other than Matt Carson & Gabe Gross? Bueller???? HELLO???

  12. ludafish 5 years ago

    I dont know…the team is showing some life and Edwin is showing some fire. i mean as a fan its still unlikely to turn the ship, since we SHOULD have swept the braves right now, but the bullpen is the thing. but they are in a good place to make a move and be a real winner for the rest of the season, but not the playoffs. i hate to say it, since i didnt think it would be so at the start of the season, but the braves are legit. they will win the division. Bobby cox is too much of a badass to let this lead in the division slip. his leadership makes anyone on that team a star. FOR YEARS i have watched nobodies on that team get the big hit at any moment. Bobby makes his players winners and i pray sometime in the future the marlins get a manager like him. i hope edwin continues to spit fire and establish himself.

  13. Make an effing move Colorado…other than down in the standings……………..Get a starting pitcher, bullpen help, and a right hand bat already!! And wins some dang games already.

    • jlbroxfan3 5 years ago

      I don’t care how but i say we acquire Billy Butler, evan Meek, Johnny Peralta, and Ricky Nolasco and we would be the favorite for the pennant, still working on how this is possible

  14. Not a fish fan, just wishing Morrison good luck from his Alma Mater, NHS.

  15. fishfan4life 5 years ago

    He played 2nd and 3rd in the minors I believe.

  16. Rabbethan 5 years ago

    Coghlan was a natural 3rd baseman in college before he was moved to second in 2007.

  17. Gaby is also a candidate. Chris is NOT a good third baseman, and neither is Gaby so it puts the team in quite a situation. The transition would be much easier for Gaby who was converted from a third baseman to a first baseman whereas Cogs was converted from third, to second to LF. It’s a much bigger change for Chris than it would be for Gaby.

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