Tigers Interested In Stephen Drew

SATURDAY, 11:22am: Nick Piecoro of The Arizona Republic heard from a Diamondbacks' source that there have been no discussions with the Tigers regarding Drew in the past week.

MONDAY, 1:12pm: The Tigers are looking for middle infield help and are interested in Stephen Drew, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. The Tigers could use a shortstop and Drew is one of the many Diamondbacks interim GM Jerry Dipoto will consider dealing before July 31st.

Drew, who won’t hit free agency until after 2012, makes $3.4MM this year. The 27-year-old is hitting .268/.336/.409 and appears to be an above-average defender. Drew has made just four errors this year and UZR/150 suggests he defends better than most shortstops.

However, Drew has missed time with a sore left knee, so the Tigers would likely need to be assured that the shortstop is healthy before making the D’Backs a compelling offer. Since Adam Everett's releaseRamon Santiago and Danny Worth have been playing short for the Tigers, who are tied for first place with the Twins.

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  1. EpiphanyinBaltimore 5 years ago

    Initially I liked hearing this, but Drew’s home/away splits are scary.

    He’s .287/.350/.481 at Home career and .253/.305/.402 away.

    So are his numbers in interleague play (.584 OPS in 239 at-bats).

    I wouldn’t give up that much.

    • jdub220 5 years ago

      Then you wouldn’t get him.
      A good glove, solid bat shortstop under control through 2012 is worth a good amount.
      Especially when the Tigers haven’t had a legit, long term shortstop for a long time.

    • i think the Tigers should go for Drew! i believe Andy Oliver is also being showcased for a potential deadline deal so he would probably be one of 2 or 3 prospects headed to Arizona for Drew.

      Jacob Turner, Casey Crosby and Wilkin Ramirez should be 3 minor leaguers that are untouchable, or ‘big name’ fetchers if the Tigers were to trade for a Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Prince Fielder, etc. i think adding Stephen Drew would solidify the middle infield and Santiago can play more second base since he is a defensive upgrade over Guillen. they could also use a reliever and a cheap veteran starter to add some depth (Kevin Millwood could return to his 2009 form with a change of scenery and wouldnt cost much to get)

      • Tigerfan93 5 years ago

        Brennan Boesch must also remain untouchable. Ramirez was untouchable about 2 years ago, but not so much anymore.

      • Tigerfan93 5 years ago

        Brennan Boesch must also remain untouchable. Ramirez was untouchable about 2 years ago, but not so much anymore.

        • gamaize 5 years ago

          Agree, Wilkin Ramirez is not untouchable. I doubt that he would qualify as a top prospect for any MLB team.

          • Tigerfan93 5 years ago

            Once Wilkin figures out his problems at the dish, he will be a valuable player, hopefully with Detroit. The kid is great on defense, and can absolutely fly. Once he gets the batting figured out, he will be a true 5-tool player.

        • obviously, Cabrera and Boesch are the Tigers 2 best offensive players. i did not mention Boesch because hes no longer a minor leaguer.

  2. dc21892 5 years ago

    He could be a nice long term shortstop for the Tigers.

  3. Kitfisto007 5 years ago

    Drew and Haren for SP Jacob Turner, 1B Ryan Streiby, P Cody Satterwhite, SS Daniel Fields and a PTBNL. Fair?

    • $1519287 5 years ago

      Satterwhite is injured right now with a torn labrum (season ender) and while Fields was drafted as a SS, he is playing CF in Lakeland (Detroits High A team)

    • tigers22 5 years ago

      I don’t like that at all. I would really like for us to get either Haren or Drew, but not both if the package would look like that.That right there just about guts a farm system that is already pretty weak. DD isn’t afraid to make a big splash in the summer, and if the Twins do end up getting Lee or another starting pitcher he’ll definitely make a counter-move… but I don’t think they’ll give up Turner. And I really hope they don’t… kid looks legit. In a couple years a rotation of JV, Scherzer, Porcello, Turner, and a FA starter would look awesome.I could see Andy Oliver, Casey Crosby, Wilkin Ramirez, Jeff Larish, and Robbie Weinhardt as potential trade chips at the deadline. Certainly wouldn’t unload all of them in a trade, but a few of them could be paired with lower level prospects to make a pretty decent package.

    • Captain19 5 years ago

      LOL..this is way ..way…to much for these 2 players..Haren is a average pitcher and who knows about Drew..Turner is gonna be a good pitcher in time ..remember John Smoltz..

      • BentoBox 5 years ago

        Since when was Haren an average pitcher ? He’s very very good.

      • jdub220 5 years ago

        Haren… an average pitcher?
        Lay off the acid, bro.

        • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

          Haren is so average that nearly every team in baseball would love to have him. There is nothing average about Danny Haren.

          • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

            Sorry jdub220, I meant to reply to Captain19

      • Smoltz for Alexander was a great trade for the Tigers in 1987.

        – It led directly to the Tigers winning their division and should’ve led to a World Series title after Doyle went 9- 0 with a 1.53 ERA.

        – Alexander also won 14 games for the Tigers the following year, throwing 5 complete games and made the All Star team.

        – Smoltz probably never would have made a difference with the Tigers, if he even made it through the organization without Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzone to guide him.

        – Smoltz was drafted by the Tigers in the 22nd round of the 1985 MLB June Amateur Draft. Smoltz was a minor league pitcher, and not a particularly great one at the time. Before the Tigers traded him in his second season in the minors, he had a record of 4- 10, an ERA of 5.68 and WHIP of 1.63 in 21 starts.

        – After being traded, Smoltz struggled in the Braves’ system the rest of that season, going 0- 1 with an ERA of 6.50 and a WHIP of 1.75.

        – The season after the trade, when the Tigers finished second with Alexander winning 13 games, Smoltz was in the minors, and going 2- 7 for the Braves, with a 5.48 ERA and 1.67 WHIP.

        – The window of opportunity was closing for the Tigers in ’87. They were right to go for it. The Tigers finished second with Alexander in 88, last the following season, and haven’t won a division title since, never winning more than 85 games in a season until 2006. Smoltz wasn’t going to make a difference on those lousy teams.

    • No. Turner is going nowhere. Just about anyone but Porcello, Boesch, or Turner from the farm or recent call ups could be made available. Oliver, Crosby, Kibler, and I’d add Galarraga to the list.

      Drew isn’t the ideal shortstop, but he’s a whole lot better than the choices Dombrowski has been making to fill that position since the 2006 season.

    • sportsnut969 5 years ago

      This package doen’t even touch these 2 guys, and yes Turner will be a good pitcher someday the key word is someday.

      PS I wouldn’t be shocked if the Tigers weren’t interested in Drew to move him back to 3rd. He shared 3rd in the futures game a few years ago and made a couple of fine diving stops.

      IMO one of your coveted major league ready pitcher would have to be part of that package with Turner and a couple 2 or 3 lower level guys to pry those 2 away from the D-Backs.

  4. jwsox 5 years ago

    yes now starts the tigers, sox and twins signing frenzy to try and make them selves better then the others…this should be an interesting trade deadline for this division…i bet all three teams are buyers…the twins need pitching, the sox need a big bat(hopefully lefty) and the tigers infield help. I hope each team gets a blockbuster. the twins get lee, the sox get dunn or fielder and the tigers get some one like drew or wigginton, just to make it more fun

  5. Threat_Level_RedSox 5 years ago

    Arizona could really increase his value if they could get some how show that he could play 2B or 3B with some consistancy, With Pedrioa, Utley and Polanco out the Sox and Phils probally would show some interest. It would be a smart trade for either team with the Strong possibility of Beltre and Rollins entering free agency.

    • jdub220 5 years ago

      Why? Shortstop is a more difficult position to field (and more valuable) than second or third.
      If you can play short, you can definitely play second and third.

      • Threat_Level_RedSox 5 years ago

        Not every guy is as versitile as micheal young, Remember when a-rod went to 3B. All i ment is he’s more marketable as a utility guy then just a SS, outside of the tiger’s who’s looking for a starting SS? cant think of anyone of hand. If arizona was really planning to trade him they would pick up the phone and call any team with a infield need.

        • jdub220 5 years ago

          But why move him away from shortstop?
          Drew is pretty good at it.

  6. What’s the point? Tigers are going to collapse in the 2nd half, like they do every season under Leyland.

    • verlander 5 years ago

      I wish I could “unlike” this.

      Collapsing in ’06 got them to the World Series. In ’07 they were one of the better teams until injuries caught up with them, they had no pitching in ’08 and in ’09, the Twins got hot at the right time while the Tigers played .500 baseball. Yeah, that’s all Leyland’s doing.

    • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

      What, like Leyland could wave some magic wand to make his players not feel fatigued in the second half?

    • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

      What, like Leyland could wave some magic wand to make his players not feel fatigued in the second half?

  7. Why would Arizona move Drew? In fact, out of anyone on the DBacks, he is the LAST person I would move besides Upton.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      I dont get it either, why move a young pretty good offensive and defensive shortstop, he is a key piece to build around with upton and reynolds.

  8. markjsunz 5 years ago

    Like his brother they both play as if they are going thru the motions and are disassociated with the team, and the game of Baseball.They are also mercanarys when the brother used his out clause to get out of the Dodgers after spewing about his good Christian values. There was no loyalty just finding a team to pay him a few million more on his contract. It worked out for the Dodgers, Andre Eitier is an excellent replacement.

    • jdub220 5 years ago

      Hate to brake it to you, but the Drews aren’t any different than most players. It’s just magnified by their agent. I don’t understand how someone could hate on another person because they took more money. It might be a game, but it’s also their career. Their job. Would you switch your job if your competitor offered you double the money? Of course you would. And if you say no, you’re either lying or foolishly loyal.

      And just because they don’t show much emotion doesn’t mean they’re disassociated with the team. It just means that they don’t want to parade themselves around like Manny Ramirez and Eric Byrnes looking for attention.

      • markjsunz 5 years ago

        Of course it is all about money. It always has been. A You see players getting into fights for not making an effort like what happened with upton this last week, and the guy the cubs are paying big money to. Drew had a 5 year contract with an out clause after two years. Drew took it and signed with Boston. The guy is as cold as a fish. so yes there are players who are disassociated. ever watch them play? They play with a sense of entitlement, like a center fielder from the rays gets into a fight with the first baseman, or the cubs star pitcher is getting into a dugout jam. These young players do not feel like chasing fly balls or running out ground balls or pop flys.this ERA of players do not want to play they just get by on talent.

        • jdub220 5 years ago

          I never said that there’s lack of hustle from many players around the league. There’s just no lack of hustle from Stephen Drew. He runs his ass off on everything. He’s third in the NL in triples over the last three years. The perception that he doesn’t try is completely unfounded. It pisses me off that he has that tag on him for no reason.

  9. qudjy1 5 years ago

    I would probably just keep Drew at this point. He isnt going to return much, and we dont have anyone outside of Abreu to replace him at SS.

  10. troyz 5 years ago

    jack wilson is probably what detroit will settle for, defensively hes better than drew and cheaper too…that way they can hopefully pick up a kevin millwood…

    • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

      You would actually want Millwood? Have you seen his ERA?

      • verlander 5 years ago

        Not to mention that, he’s also on the DL now.

      • verlander 5 years ago

        Not to mention that, he’s also on the DL now.

  11. bobbybaseball 5 years ago

    “Hate to brake it to you” – What do you have on your car, “breaks”? LOL

    • jdub220 5 years ago

      Congratulations. You’ve nitpicked on a three letter mix up. Feel good about yourself?

      • bobbybaseball 5 years ago

        Sorry about that jdub. No harm meant my friend.

  12. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

    Stephen Drew is a perfect fit here. The problem I see is that would leave the D’Backs shortstop vacant. It will not be easy (or maybe even possible) to pry him away.

  13. detroitdavid 5 years ago

    turner, porcello, & crosby are 3 pitchers staying in the organization. after trading jurjjens for renteria, i think DD is a litle scared too pull the trigger on any trade involving a young arm. galarraga is tradeable and so is bondo if a team is looking too unload salary at the end of the year.

  14. detroitdavid 5 years ago

    turner, porcello, & crosby are 3 pitchers staying in the organization. after trading jurjjens for renteria, i think DD is a litle scared too pull the trigger on any trade involving a young arm. galarraga is tradeable and so is bondo if a team is looking too unload salary at the end of the year.

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