Available Starting Pitchers

Let's put on our speculating hats and conjure up a list of starting pitchers who might be currently available.  Warning: most of these guys have ERAs around 5.00.

  • Kenshin Kawakami, Braves.  The Braves don't have much use for Kawakami, unless Derek Lowe is ailing.
  • Rodrigo Lopez, Diamondbacks.  He leads MLB with 32 home runs allowed, but at least he takes the ball every fifth day. 
  • Paul Maholm and Zach Duke, Pirates.  These lefties are probably not a part of the Pirates' long-term future, but they might find an improved market in the offseason. 
  • Kevin Millwood, Orioles.  He's had some good starts this month, but he's owed over $2.1MM this year.
  • Dave Bush, Brewers.  Only makes sense if you're looking for someone to chew up innings. 
  • Kyle Davies and Bruce Chen, Royals.  If the Royals intend to non-tender Davies after the season, they could trade him today. 
  • Jeremy Bonderman, Tigers.  He's currently dealing with rib cage inflammation, but could be an OK option for someone in September.  The Tigers would have to assume some of his remaining $2.2MM. 
  • Scott Kazmir, Angels.  With almost $16MM left on his contract through next year, Kazmir probably already cleared waivers.
  • Aaron Harang, Reds.  He'll be activated today to start against the Brewers.  The Reds probably need him.
  • Rich Harden, Rangers.  He's been booted to the bullpen and would have $2.4MM coming to him if traded. 
  • Carlos Zambrano, Cubs.  He's got over $39MM left on his contract through 2012 and surely cleared waivers, but an offseason deal is more likely. 
  • Scott Olsen and Jason Marquis, Nationals.  Olsen gets $75K in incentives for each of his next three starts, after which he will get $105K per.  Marquis has over $8.8MM left on his contract, which runs through next year.
  • Randy Wolf, Brewers.  If traded, Wolf will have at least $22.6MM coming to him through 2012.  He's another guy who presumably cleared waivers.

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  1. It is a sad (and accurate) commentary on my beloved Mets that Oliver Perez does not (correctly) make this list.

    • dickylarue 5 years ago

      The Mets probably pulled Oliver back after someone claimed him, lol.

    • thegrayrace 5 years ago

      Out of curiosity… did any Mets fans think they were getting a good deal when they signed him?

      I don’t pay much attention to the NL East, but that contract seemed like a disaster to me the day it was signed…

      • davidwright1234 5 years ago

        I’m a Met fan and every time he comes in I turn on something else (honestly this is seriously not a joke I really do). Just yesterday he gave up a home-run to Brian McCann which was like the first appearence he had in a month. The year before he had a winning record so I actually thought it was good, but the Mets made a mistake.

  2. attgig 5 years ago

    oliver perez!!! someone will want him! =P

  3. I’d love the Rox to take harden!

  4. Queef Law 5 years ago

    Tim, keep dreaming.. no chance the cubs trade zambrano.. what team would be stupid enough?????

    • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

      Many teams, if The Cubs were willing to eat enough of that contract. I predict he’ll be moved once in the offseason once The Cubs swallow a massive amount of salary.

      • Queef Law 5 years ago

        okay.. but if the cubs are paying 85% of his salary, why not just keep him?

    • icedrake523 5 years ago

      The Mets would take him if it got rid of Perez and Castillo (and possibly K-Rod, too).

      • Queef Law 5 years ago

        they mets would.. if they’re idiots. why would anyone want an aging whining clubhouse cancer that is carlos zambrano? I was surprised they traded bradley last year, but i’d be absolutely shocked if they traded zambrano.

        • Castillo demands trades and is isolating himself while Perez has been banished by his own team. Zambrano has anger issues, but at least he will bring some and passion on the Mets

    • The Mets any day over Perez or Castillo

  5. TwinsVet 5 years ago

    Surprising how many names (Millwood, Zambrano, Marquis, Kazmir) would have never been expected to show up on a list like this less than a year ago…

    • dickylarue 5 years ago

      Actually, Kazmir was traded after the July 31st non waiver trading deadline. He was traded to the Angels in August. He was either claimed by Anaheim or passed through waivers.

      • TwinsVet 5 years ago

        Right… I just meant it’s surprising they’ve all been relative “busts”, and are probably available.

  6. How about Kyle Lohse, I’m sure St. Louis would love to be rid of that albatross of a contract.

    • Queef Law 5 years ago

      absolutely would love to get rid of that contract.. but at this point in time he’s not contributing anything at all. if he weren’t under contract going into the off season he’d be offered not much more than a minor league contract.

  7. If the Yankees are not going to start Javier Vazquez, why didn’t they try to get him through waivers and trade him? Numerous NL teams would have jumped at the opportunity to have him. Is there something that I am missing here? Please advise.

    • dickylarue 5 years ago

      Vazquez has been sporting a 85mph fastball for about a month. He makes 13 million this year I think. No team is going to claim the remainder of that contract for a guy who can’t get hitters out.

      That said, he’s looked better coming out of the bullpen.

      • Do you think that the Phillies, who could use another quality starter down the stretch, would trade Jose Contreras, who could be more valuable to the Yankees out of the bullpen down the stretch, for Vazquez?

    • Piccamo 5 years ago

      I’m guessing because Phil Hughes probably won’t be able to start (if he can pitch at all) in the post season this year due to innings limits.

    • Injured Pettite, Hittable Burnett, A Hughes Innings limit, reliance on a rookie Nova

    • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

      What would be the purpose of doing that? They are contending now and until Nova came thru with his 2 recent starts they really didn’t have better options. Also, Vazquez may not be a lost cause all together. They don’t need a 2009 version of Vazquez. They simplu need a guy who can get them thru 6 or 7 IP and not allow more than 4 runs a game. Also, no team would be desperate enough to trade for Vazquez and take on much in terms of salary relief. Yanks don’t need salary relief they need pitching options. So if no one is going to give them anything at all in terms of a usefull player and no one is going to pick up the remaineder of his contract then what benefit do they have for moving him now?

      • Would the Angels trade Scott Kazmir, who is still going to be under contract for next year and is still owed $16MM, for Vazquez, who will be a free agent this offseason and is owed far less? While Kazmir has been no better or worse than Vazquez this year, I think that he could be better in Yankee Stadium than Vazquez.

        If Pettitte retires after this season, the Yankees could still go after Cliff Lee, whose price tag has hopefully taken a hit during his sub-par stint with the Rangers, and if Pettitte comes back, the Yankees could probably trade Kazmir to make room for Lee, although they would probably have to eat some of the money owed to him.

  8. YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

    That list of starters is pretty pathetic. There really isn’t anyone on the list that I would trust to perform any better than Mosely, Nova or Vazquez over the next month. At best, MAYBE Milwood could muster up enough veteran guile to compete despite not having great stuff w/ the hopes of auditioning for another contract and perhaps a WS ring. I doubt it though. I wouldn’t give them anything at all above a C level prospect.

  9. O971 5 years ago

    The majority of Kawakami’s peripherals say he’s the same pitcher as last year. He just got really unlucky. I think he’d be a good fit somewhere. Though the braves called him back today, so it seems like they might want him on their postseason roster for whatever reason.

  10. It_Is_What_It_Is_Ormaybenot 5 years ago

    What about Becket and Lackey now that the Sox are pretty much out of it? Have they cleared waivers? Large contracts but not bad pitchers for a team that might be in it?

    • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

      Red Sox are not completely out of it as they have several games left vs the Yanks. Regardless, even if they were out of it this year they certainly plan on contending next year and the year after that and so on. Sox, like the Yanks, don’t just think of competing this year. It’s doubtful that they could find a team willing to take on those contracts anyway. They both probably have good years left in them but they are both coming off of less than stellar years.

      • It_Is_What_It_Is_Ormaybenot 5 years ago

        I appreciate your efforts on the reply, but I know the Sox look to be competitive every year, I just don’t like the fact that their two best pitchers Lester and Clay make about 1/3 what one of these other two make, and NOW would be the best time to let one go… The Sox would be better served using that 16mil on a big bopper. I also hate seeing a kid blocked by a big $$ guy who has maxed out his potential at something lower than the kids potential (Doubront). I think the Sox signed Lackey because they were uncertain about signing Becket and if Clay would ever reach his potential. Now that both have happened they really don’t need him..

  11. myname_989 5 years ago

    I’d try out a few of those guys if I was the Phillies. Running Kyle Kendrick out there every fifth day has been painful at times, and they have no starting pitching depth. It would be interesting to see how some of those guys fared in the National League. I wouldn’t mind working out a deal for Scott Kazmir. Does anybody know what’s up with this guy? I mean, when he’s on, he’s got great stuff. Why such a big drop in his numbers? Is it the kind of problem a change in scenery can fix?

  12. YankeeBaseball 5 years ago

    I’d throw A.J. Burnett on waivers and if someone claims him (and his huge contract), let them have him !

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