Jermaine Dye Aiming To Return In 2011

With September fast approaching, Jermaine Dye has conceded that he won't be playing major league baseball this season. "This season is over for me," the 36-year-old told's Scott Merkin.

As Merkin writes, however, just because Dye didn't play in 2010 doesn't mean that the former White Sox has retired. Dye has stayed in playing shape and will likely try to catch on somewhere this winter.

Dye's inability to secure a contract this season was somewhat surprising. Although UZR rated his 2009 defense as the league's worst among qualified outfielders, the veteran still belted 27 homers and slugged .453 for the Sox. That offensive production could have helped a few clubs this year, but none were willing to meet Dye's reported asking price, either prior to or during the season.

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  1. Yankeeboy11 5 years ago

    I really can’t believe a team like Tampa hasn’t signed him or something. Im really surprised he hasn’t played this season at all.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      I think he will be an interesting target on the market in the winter. No one really knows or doesn’t know what they are going to get, therefore, Jermaine might be a valuable signing or migt not. I could see him having a comeback type season in 2011 as a DH after signing for something like $3.5MM with a team in a non-pressure situation like the A’s. Maybe he coule be a fit with the O’s as a mentor to some of the younger fellas like Adam Jones and Felix Pie.

      • sacu 5 years ago

        I would really hate to see my A’s even consider this guy.

        • He can’t do worse than some of the scrubs the A’s have hitting for them this year.

          • sacu 5 years ago

            I never said Dye was better or worse than any “scrub” on the A’s. I simply said that I would hate to see the A’s consider him. Besides, how much better is he than any “scrub” on the A’s? I’ll answer that for you; not much better, as he’s sitting at home lowering his stock while those scrubby A’s are getting paid.

      • Nobody would offer him $3 mil this season (which was what he was asking for), so why would anyone offer him $3.5 after having missed an entire season? Dye should either officially retire and get out of the media, or, if he wants a job, he should suck it up and take his $1mil veteran’s paycheck. Because that’s all he’ll get unless some team gets desperate (which didn’t even help him this year so I wouldn’t count on it again next year either).

        Edit: Well, except the Cubs, but I guess Dye is at least smart enough to recognize a sinking ship when he sees one.

        • sacu 5 years ago

          “but I guess Dye is at least smart enough to recognize a sinking ship when he sees one.”

          Um, I doubt that. He’s the epitome of a sinking ship, yet he’s the only one that doesn’t realize that. Otherwise, why would he have turned down the money that was offered to him?

  2. quintjs 5 years ago

    The fact is he is a massive liability of defense and doesn’t provide enough offense to be a full time DH.

    But as every article written on Dye this year has pointed out a few teams have been interested, but not at his price. He wants far too much money.

    Look at Thome, took a big pay cut, got a job. Dye wouldn’t, and didn’t.

    And Dye will probably be looking for a major league deal in the offseason, and he won’t get that either.

    • I don’t understand why the Yankees didn’t try and get him when Nick Johnson went down.

      • Nick Johnson is a left-handed first baseman with a good glove who is an on-base specialist. He was slotted to be the usual DH against right-handed pitchers and some lefties.Jermaine Dye is a right-handed hitting corner outfielder with a below-average glove who is a slugging specialist.How exactly is Dye an obvious replacement for Johnson?

        • its replacing a DH with a DH…so being a shitty corner outfielder or an amazing 1b means absolutely nothing. that being said…your not getting dye cause he compares well with johnson, your getting dye cause he’s better than any other options at DH

          • Yeah, this is pretty much what I was gonna say.

          • The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

            no not really, nick johnson brings more to the table than dye could

  3. start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

    Is he wiling to accept that minor league contract that I’m willing to bet at least 15 teams offered him this year?

  4. ZeroZeroZero 5 years ago

    According to Orlando Hudson, Jermaine Dye didnt play this year because of racism.

  5. nhsox 5 years ago

    This clown will probably be out in the free agent market this year looking for at least five times what he’s realistically worth.

  6. quintjs 5 years ago

    Focus more on the money side of my comments, Dye was wanting millions, Neither Blalock nor Thome signed for 3-4million that Dye was rumored to want, AND Hawpe won’t cost the Rays millions.

  7. Read Dye’s quote in the third paragraph. Contradicting at all Jermaine?

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