Manny Plans To Play In 2011

Agent Scott Boras confirmed to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports that Manny Ramirez is interested in playing next year. Manny will hit free agency after the season, but it doesn’t sound like he’s ready to retire.

“Manny wants to play,” Boras said.

Ramirez, who is about to begin a rehab assignment for the Dodgers, could be traded if and when he clears waivers. The Dodgers could not place Manny on waivers when he was injured, but Morosi reports that the team could place him on waivers before they activate him from the disabled list, as long as he is healthy.

Manny's $20MM salary would likely prevent any teams from claiming him, but some clubs would likely have interest if he clears waivers and proves his health. In 220 plate appearances, Ramirez has a .317/.409/.516 line this year, so the Dodgers could draw interest if they're willing to pick up salary. The Cubs acquired prospects for Derrek Lee, who cleared waivers, but they had to pick up salary to do so.

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  1. Definetly picked up for 1 year deal to DH for a team with power needs next year. White Sox could definetly get him.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      I agree. I think if his demands are normal, tons of teams could be in on him.

      • Yeah, that’s the only problem, that the price probably will be steep for him considering his age and health. I wouldn’t be suprised if some small market team signs him and deals him on the deadline.

        • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago


          So ill just say, Oakland A’s – 1 yr/ $9MM

          • airohpue13 5 years ago

            Pretty good guess. Then we will be talking about who he will be trade to next year when the A’s are out of contention.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            IF the A’s are out of contention.

            But yeah, Billy Beane loves those pieces.

          • Always if for the A’s. They probably are the best run team in MLB and always hangs around .500 (or like in the early 00’s, win the West). Great prospects, great young pitching rotation and bullpen, the once-a-year or so big aquastion just to deal to get prospects (Matt Holliday, How Ben Sheets was supose to end up). The only real problem is a true bona-fide clean up hitter that could rake. And Manny fits that quota. And also the big aquastion that they could end up dealing quota

          • That would be a great fit for them, cause they have the least amount of home runs in the majors (71) as of yesterday, even less than my powerless Mariners (74). Just hope this isn’t like Ben Sheets all over again. I think the Rays might be able to with Pena’s contract coming off the book this year (10.125 mill).

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            I don’t think its necessary to wish that upon a pitcher, but I will say that the A’s, with their awesome rotation, they could obviously use some offense. Chris Carter is one answer and Ryan Sweeney (when healthy) is a tremendous young player with a high ceiling and to put manny in the middle of that lineup will definetly get Rajai and Coco around home plate.

            What I will say though, it might not he totally smart to sign Manny because of the great clubhouse vibe that the A’s already have and you don’t want anything to mess that up.

          • oops, i mean the Ben Sheets situation for The A’s Managment, like they sign Manny to 1 year deal with all intent just to trade him on July 31st, but get hurt around the dealine and loses most all of his value and becomes somewhat of a waste.Yeah it definietly would be risky to mess that up, but it might be better than him with Ozzie Gullien. (lets just say that would be one interesting combanation)

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            Oh gotcha.

            Yeah, never mess with team chemistry right?

          • Yeah you should mess around with it, but sometimes things work out well. Conserding Seattle brought in the biggest clubhouse distraction in baseball [really don’t need to tell you who, you should know it’s Casey Kotchman :)] and he, off field wise, has done very fine, just his performance is terrible. sometimes it would be worth it, others not. I think the A’s and Rays (hey im a poet) would fit pretty well, but the White sox, not really. (I list these three teams most because IMO, these 3 have the biggest hole to fill at DH and have some money to spend next year)

  2. alxn 5 years ago

    Funny how the White Sox were so adamant in the off-season about using the DH spot to rest starters, yet they’ve spent the entire season looking for legit full-time DH.

  3. LowcountryJoe 5 years ago

    Manny wants to play? Of course! But when Manny doesn’t want to play, well, that’s just Manny being Manny. Good luck in trying to get the fading star you represent a contract that he’ll actually “want to ‘play'” for, Scott B.

  4. Redbirds16 5 years ago

    Could the Cards pick him up? With the current losing streak, the offense in a slumber, and the team’s ability to apparently rally around people with big mouths… Manny might just fit. Can Holliday play Right?

    • Are you Serious about this? 99.99999999999999% he goes to the AL to DH. he is not gonna want to field anymore.

  5. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    I honestly think his Health is fine, he just doesn’t want to play sometimes. What a bum, when he hit over .400 that last stretch for the dodgers he was amazing… Now it seems like he just wants to play whenever he feels like it, he stole the dodgers money for this season and they should seriously despise him for that and put his arse on waivers with the quickness.

    • kimofromkauai 5 years ago

      I must admit my mistake about Manny – I thought he would be motivated to have a good year for his next AL DH contract. Surprise, surprise. He is the worst outfielder I have ever seen and worse yet, he wouldn’t even try to hustle in the field or “running” down to first base. I am afraid his “injuries” are due to poor conditioning (lack of steroids?), being lazy, or imaginary.

      Good luck to his agent this winter. I’d guess $5M guaranteed with a boat load of incentives for an AL team that is delusional.

  6. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    I hope it’s Manny Rameriz name we see on the free agent list all 2011 season like we get to see with Jermaine Dye’s this year.

  7. jeffmaz 5 years ago

    Padres are fine.
    They can pass on all these bums.

  8. Go to St. Louis.

  9. Manny is not going anywhere in the NL, don’t be stupid. He will go to the AL.

  10. Gibbys_Limp 5 years ago

    He’s going back to Cleveland.

    • Probably not, since they did the smart thing and lock up Travis Hafner for a long term contract (runs through 2012, 13 is club option) :)

  11. Rich_in_NJ 5 years ago

    What Boras needs to say if Manny wants to play in 2011 is:

    ““Manny is willing to take a significant paycut.”

  12. manny to the rays for navarro nd aybar?

  13. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    Manny is not going to the Sox-Red or White. He’s not returning to Cleveland either and The yankees are certainly out. They’re leaving the DH spot open for an aging Posada, A-Rod and Jeter rotation. Besides his hair-do doesn’t exactly conform to the NY dress code. The Red Sox are not giving him any chance of returning, after the way he made his exit from Boston. The White Sox could not take the chance with him as long as Ozzie is the manager. Can you just imagine what Ozzie would do when Manny pulls one of his off the wall stunts either on the field or on the basepaths. Or decides in mid season that he’s bored and starts loafing? Cleveland won’t pay him big money and are not going anywhere soon and Manny wants to play for a winner. Oakland sounds nice, but there is too much foul territory in the Oakland Colosium, which hurts a guy like Manny who fouls off pitches and works the count. The A’s won’t meet Manny’s asking price either. Tampa sounds like a good place for him. Maddon is used to working with crazies like, Garza, Shields and Upton. he runs a loose ballclub, so he’ll make a great hitter like Manny feel welcomed.They’re going to have money coming off the books, so they may spend money on a proven winner.In addition, Manny can teach the young Rays how to become winners. Say what you will about Manny,but he knows how to win, and when motivated, he’s a beast.

    • I think the A’s could met at a price. they signed Ben Sheets for 10 mil. and traded for Matt Holliday in 2 straight off seasons. If they don’t get him, they will get some big name player.

      IMO, it’s doubtfull that the White Sox avoid him just because of Ozzie. Heck, to GM Williams, it’s probably a reason TO get him.

      I agree, too. I feel the Rays are the best fit, overall. got some money coming off this year (Pena, Crawford, Garza) and need a DH. heck, it might as well help their marketing for them, but the state just could give a rip less about baseball, so that’s doubtfull, but strange things happen in baseball.

    • Manny might teach young Rays players to slack around like it’s nothing

    • Since when is Shields a “crazy”?

  14. I wonder if Manny realizes that he has to play an perform to get a new contract.

  15. Old22 5 years ago

    I think Rent-A-Ram might be a good late addition to the Rays this year. If the Dodgers could get anything for him at this point, it would be a plus for them. If he is not moved, they get nothing anyway. If Colletti can, he should.

    As far as 2011, good luck. I think he will need to take a 75% pay cut base salary that is heavy on the incentives otherwise he will just retire.

  16. Doesn’t he want to go back to the Indians. I thought that’s what I heard him say awhile ago. He said him and Jim Thome talked. They both want to go back.

  17. “Manny wants to play,” Boras said.

    Then why doesn’t he, Scott?

  18. I would take a DH/C platoon of Montero and Posada over a washed up Manny in 2011.

  19. PS – as a non-Yankees fan, I have a question stemming from curiousity. Are any of you yankee fans tired of not seeing Gardner hitting #1 or #2? With his speed and OBP ability, it seems kind of a waste to have him in the 9 hole. I get that he kind of acts like a 2nd lead off man, once you get through the line up, but still, he has lost a ton of AB’s through the course of the year. I would have thought the line up would look something like: 1) B.G.; 2) D.J.; 3) Tex; 4) A.R.; 5) R.C.; 6+7)Swish/Posada; 8) DH; 9) Granderson (who has the speed to function as that 2nd lead off man).

  20. His “washed up” slash line is pretty good. Better than anything the Yanks have been playing at DH. A better reason might be to leave a spot to rest the aging folk.

  21. He will be a year older next year along with his contract demands. His OBP and AVG are nice but with just 8 HR so far and high contract demands, I would prefer a Montero/Posada platoon as I already stated. The 8-10 mill can be spend for a greater cause.

    Does anyone else think that he would be a great match for Tampa?

  22. Gardner hit at those spots already, and he hasn’t impressed anyone. Well, could be because he was in a slump, but he’s hit lead off the last few games and he might be back on track. Since Jeter hasn’t had a good month since April, would be better to move him down to #2.

  23. They definetly could but I think it would be better if Detroit tried to get Carl Crawford and drop Damon, they should try to get younger and bulid up some good young talent.

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