Odds & Ends: Webb, White Sox, Accardo

Links for waiver trade deadline day, as the Reds prepare for Chapmania

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  1. TheodoreRoosevelt 5 years ago

    That Accardo is a charmer…

  2. bigpat 5 years ago

    Accardo has gotten a bum deal for a while now, I’ve always been high on him but the Jays have a deep bullpen and they’d probably rather him get consistent work in the minors than nothing at all. He will get to play soon whether it’s in Toronto or another team.

    Also, if Brandon Webb is really asking for that much money, he may as well retire because no one in their right mind will pay him that. Especially after all the rehab guys who didn’t have any success this season.

  3. bucco_nation 5 years ago

    Maybe one of the reasons the Bucs grabbed Snyder was to lure Webb over here next year?

  4. ryetoons 5 years ago

    Poor Oliver Perez, he gets paid millions to throw a baseball and he’s being treated unfair.

  5. baseballz 5 years ago

    Accardo says he doesn’t have the same zip on the fastball, but when he was on in 07 it was worth 10.9 and now the pitch has a negative value. Thats some huge regression and in the last two years he hasn’t been able to increase any of his pitches to the same extent that his fastball was when he was sucessful. Accardo was a very good pitcher and now he’s basically a junkballer AAAA guy. That said I hope the Jays trade him and get value for him, but the numbers don’t back up any of his claims that he’s ready again for the mlb but rather point more strongly to him never being ready again.

    • patrick_mccaw 5 years ago

      I think there’s a slight sample size issue with this argument. The massive drop in his pitch value is based on a total of less than 80 fastballs thrown for the Jays this year. By that rationale over the last two years his splitter has become lethal. Unless you know a site that gives run values to pitch types from the Minors. In which case please share.

  6. HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

    Are we supposed to feel bad for Accardo?!

  7. EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

    I can see what Accardo is getting at, but seriously when you come to the Majors if you can’t produce you’re going to be sent down, simple as that. The Jays needed an arm who could get outs, he didn’t do it. There are only so many spots on the roster.

    • patrick_mccaw 5 years ago

      True, and lately they’ve been filled by the likes of Tallet and Purcey. Accardo has pitched less than 45 innings at the MLB level the last three years combined! While putting up solid numbers in AAA, and following two and a half very promissing years in the Show.Given the likelyhood that at least one of Downs, Frasor and Gregg will be gone, as well as his enemy The Manager, 2011 has got to be the year he gets another shot. (I mean those racks of ’07 Accardo jerseys in the Jays Shop won’t sell them selves…)

      • EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

        Yeah, you’re right about that ’11 is his chance to shine, I hope he does great next year too. I liked watching him in ’07, and I’ve been rooting for him to get back to that level of production for the past couple years.

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