Mets Offered Takahashi One-Year Deal

Most of the news regarding the Mets and southpaw Hisanori Takahashi has been about extending their deadline to work out a new deal, but now David Waldstein of The New York Times brings some actual contract news. The team offered Takahashi a one-year deal heavy with incentives, but the lefty wants two or three years guaranteed. That offer was made before Sandy Alderson took over as GM, however.

The 35-year-old Takahashi did everything the Mets asked of him in 2010 and then some, working as both a starter and reliever, and even filling in as closer when Francisco Rodriguez was on the disqualified list. In 122 innings, Takahashi put up a 3.61 ERA with 8.4 K/9 and 3.2 BB/9. Before that he spent nine years with the Yomiuri Giants.

We heard the two sides were discussing a new contract last week, and they have since agreed to push the deadline to get a new deal done back to November 5th. If no deal is reached by then, the Mets would not be able to re-sign Takahashi to a major league contract until after May 15th because of an obscure rule (Rule 8(i)(2), to be exact). 

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  1. myname_989 5 years ago

    Unless it’s for good money, I don’t think he’ll sign that. He can easily get a multiple year deal on the open market, especially with GM’s like Ruben Amaro lurking.

  2. cweradio 5 years ago

    With him being a possible flash in the pan .. why not compromise .. sign a 1 year deal with a mutual option for a second .. this was the first year he pitched in the MLB .. look at most of the other Asian pitchers, isn’t their first year in the league close to stellar .. wait till footage and a stronger word get around the league and see if he’s as good a as advertised .. In the past, the Mets have doled out some horrible contracts, maybe under Mr. Alderson this will stop. A Mets fan like myself can only hope

    • EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

      I think one year and a mutual option is a pretty good idea. Although, I agree with myname_989 that he could probably get two years easy if his salary isn’t too much.

      I look forward to what Alderson will do with the Mets. One can only hope that he turns things around, and I really think he will.

  3. PookieGonzales 5 years ago

    LOW BALL!!!

    • TapDancingTeddy 5 years ago

      Takahashi looked pretty good out of the pen. If the Mets can’t work out something with him, he’s sure to get a lot of offers on the open market. The Yanks might be interested, too. They need a second lefty, and one who isn’t a LOOG would be really good.

      • PookieGonzales 5 years ago

        I think he’d be a good fit for both NYYs and the redsox…… They both need a lefty out of the pen.

  4. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    He beat the Yankees twice this year. Just like Cliff Lee, Mets better hurry up and sign him before the Yankees do. 2 years for $7MM

  5. MetsEventually 5 years ago


  6. mrbrklyn 5 years ago

    a 3.61 ERA for a 35 year old reliever isn’t worth a 3 year deal. Let him walk

    • No but a 2.04 ERA for a Lefty reliever who can close and start in a pinch is.
      Lock him up 2/8 with a Team Option for 3rd year.

      • mrbrklyn 5 years ago

        I don’t know which pitcher that refers to but it isn’t our Japanese
        import. Are you cherry picking his stats? He’s a 35 year old
        reliever…not worth even blinking an eye about.

        • Look at his splits….He’s not a good starter…he was a very good reliever…
          3rd time through the lineup was where he allowed the most damage as a starter…

          • mrbrklyn 5 years ago

            Yeah that is cherry picking stats and has now value. He’s 35 yeqars
            old. A one year deal is the tops and if he walks, who cares. the team
            is not going to be make or break based on his performance.


          • …..2.04 as a reliever ….5.00+++ as a starter…….hes not gonna start next year (and shouldn’t have this year) so why not look at his stats in his most likely role for them. Its not cherry picking stats when it comes to comparing starting and relieving its vastly different.
            It was quite apparent he steadily lost effectiveness the more times batters saw him. he was worth $6.7 mill last year and showed he can close as well. Let Feliciano walk hope you get the supp. pick and have Tak2 take his salary.

  7. mrbrklyn 5 years ago

    a 3.61 ERA for a 35 year old reliever isn’t worth a 3 year deal. Let him walk

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