Nationals Outright Two, Olsen Elects Free Agency

The Nationals have outrighted left-handers Scott Olsen and Jesse English off the 40-man roster, tweets's Bill Ladson. Olsen elected to become a free agent, and as Ladson says in a second tweet, English will become a minor league free agent this afternoon.

Olsen, 27 in January, has thrown just 143.2 innings over the last two years (5.76 ERA). He had shoulder surgery in 2009, and spent a total of 84 days on the disabled list in 2010 with soreness and inflammation in the same shoulder. Olsen has also had numerous run-ins with teammates and the law off-the-field throughout his career.

English, 26, made seven relief appearances with Washington this year, his first taste of the big leagues. He allowed ten hits in seven innings, but just three runs. He has worked both as a starter and reliever during his minor league career.

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  1. RepOak 5 years ago

    There are rumors of Crawford going to angels or mets? Good outfield with hunter or Jason bay. But preferably angels since Crawford is now living in arizona

    • good thing this article has nothing to do with wat u just stated……… anyways Olsen is a head case. English did pretty good for his first major league experience. He got some clutch outs.

      • Natinals 5 years ago

        Haha yeah I was thinking the same thing. I remember earlier in the year before a game, Olsen told MASN sports his slider was “flat out unhittable.” He didn’t last three innings in that game. I dont like that guy

  2. I could see the White Sox taking a stab at Olsen, we need another lefty out of the pen. Maybe he won’t get as injured if his innings are down.

    • He wont sign unless he gets a chance to be a starter. When the nats put him in the pen, he got pissed and complained the whole time then “supposively” went down with the shoulder injury.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      I can see him with the White Sox too. They have been able to take on, and sometimes tame, “problem” children. Most recent players would include Bobby Jenks and A.J. Piersynski.

      I actually could see Ozzie getting in his face and promising to beat the ever loving crap out of him if he didn’t shape up.

  3. DON’T TAZE ME BRO!!!!

    Somebody had to say it.

    • melonis_rex 5 years ago

      I don’t get it.

      • Olsen got tazed once in a drunken run in with the cops. He’s a knucklehead. I gotta think smart teams will stay away from him, he doesn’t have the talent to be anything but trouble. He may be a candidate for a Dave Duncan reclamation project but I can’t see St. Louis taking him on unless he’ll come cheap and they get desperate to fill the 5th starters spot.

      • Check out Olsen’s wiki page. I knew he was a dbag but I didn’t realize how much he has gotten into it with his own teammates. That says a lot about him, his own teammates don’t respect him because of his attitude.

  4. i love that attitude. as much as you can say about him being a headcase….he is a gamer

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