Cubs, Marshall Agree To Two-Year Deal

The Cubs announced that they have agreed to a two-year deal with Sean Marshall. They also avoided arbitration with Tom Gorzelanny, who's still technically a Cub despite reports that a trade to Washington is imminent.

Marshall will earn $4.7MM over the course of the next two seasons, according to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. Marshall will earn $1.6MM in 2011 and $3.1MM in 2012.

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  1. Does this just take care of two arb years?

  2. drodd 5 years ago

    Garza signed also: link to

  3. Neil Tatro 5 years ago

    yes, takes care of the last 2 years the cubs have him under control

  4. stewie75 5 years ago

    Love Marshall, really glad he saw as much success as he did last year. I know he’d love to start, but he’s so good as a swingman, and the Cubs will always take care of their good players, usually to a fault, with the exception of Mark DeRosa. Good deal for both sides, and again, really happy for a good soldier.

    • DeRosa was a swell guy, but don’t the Cubs actually deserve some credit for turning him into Archer, Gaub, and Stevens, rather than hanging onto him at top dollar while he turned back into a pumpkin? He’s been paid $11.5MM to produce a combined 0.3 WAR since leaving the Cubs. Sentimentality aside, that’s called dodging a bullet.

      • BD 5 years ago

        Thank you! That’s what I’ve been saying since the day they dealt DeRo. I know you can’t ignore the prospects (and it depends on how Archer turns out with Tampa), but they have almost turned DeRosa into Garza in that time span. I’ll take that compared to how the Cubs generally hang on to older, overpaid players and wait for their prospecs to become busts.

  5. Wrek305 5 years ago

    Finally a good signing.. best signing the Cubs made since Ted Lilly. Maybe Marlon Byrd too.. but Lilly did great for the Cubs Byrd did good in his first year.. the thing about him is the fans will never turn on him because he give 110% every time out. Sean Marshall should be the 8th inning set up man to Wood.

    • Jntg4 5 years ago

      Wood isn’t closing. Marmol is.

      • Wrek305 5 years ago

        i know wood is not the closer. I was just saying it would be a smart choice to make Wood the closer that’s all.. not every day Mariano teaches other the “cutter” …. wood has it at his disposal..

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