Reds Notes: Hermida, Nix, Renteria

The Reds officially added Jeremy Hermida today, and now John Fay of The Cincinnati Enquirer brings us some more rumors from the Queen City…

  • The Hermida signing does not mean the team is done looking for a lefty hitting outfielder to platoon with Jonny Gomes. "We’re still looking at other guys," said GM Walt Jocketty. "But we’re going to give him a good opportunity. Hopefully, we can bring in some other guys to compete. Competition is a good thing."
  • "Possibly," replied Jocketty when asked about the possibility of bringing Laynce Nix back. "We haven’t talked about it lately. We've been concentrating on other guys." The Mariners offered Nix a contract last month.
  • Jocketty confirmed that there is nothing new with Edgar Renteria. The club spoke to the shortstop's representatives recently, though he is talking with the Giants again.

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  1. Nothing wrong with this signing, Bu I feel better to hear that they still looking at other OF, Because he couldn;t do it with the A’s, Why should we believe that he is going to be our saviour, I would have to believe that Jonny Gomes is working on his hitting problems, because lets be honest, Gomes and Rolen were terrible in the second half last year, and We may not be so lucky to thinks that the Cardinals will have another season like last year, both St Louis and the Brewers got better, and we did not, lets make some improvement guys

  2. Smrtbusnisman04 4 years ago

    I have been waiting for Hermida to breakout into an everyday player ever since his debut. I like this platoon signing by the Reds!

  3. wblacketer21 4 years ago

    Hermida is a low risk chance just like Nix was a few years ago. Hope there really looking at fred lewis to split time with Jonny. Lewis would be the perfect guy and a nice change up for the lineup splitting time with Jonny. Their the total opposite player so why not try it out when Jonny needs a rest. Hermida wont be the left handed platoon guy. He’ll be the left handed bat off the bench. Interested to see what he does in the spring. Still think they should bring Nix back on another low risk contract so the two can battle for the bench spot.

  4. wblacketer21 4 years ago

    Hermida is a low risk chance just like Nix was a few years ago. There basically the same player. I really hope there serious about bringing Fred Lewis in. I think hes the perfect guy to split time with Jonny. Hes a nice changeup to the lineup if he was in. Hes the total opposite to Jonny, he brings speed and defense. Hermida will not be that left handed platoon guy, he was brought in to be the left handed bat off the bench. Nix should still be brought in so the two can fight it out for that bench spot. Please dont bring Renteria in, if their thinking that way not bring back OC. There close to the same [player but OC knows the team and has a great attitude.

  5. off topic, but can one of the stat guys tell me how bad/good/avg Michael young was when he was a SS?

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