West Notes: Thome, McCourt, Hairston, Angels

The Situation and The Bachelor might soon be joined by The Freak and The Panda in the reality TV world.  MLB Productions and Showtime plan to air an all-access reality series about the Giants next summer, though Matt Cain says the deal hasn't been completely finalized yet.

As we ponder the concept of learning way more than we ever wanted to know about Aubrey Huff's rally thong, here are some other items from the western divisions…

  • The Rangers offered Jim Thome a more lucrative contract than his $3MM deal with Minnesota, but Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports.com reports Thome preferred the Twins due to their closer proximity to his family's home in Chicago.  Thome called his choice "difficult" and praised the Texas organization.
  • Fox has advanced Frank McCourt money from the Dodgers' current TV contract so the club can cover operating expenses, reports Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times.  Shaikin speaks to former Athletics executive Andy Dolich, who says such a move is "a bit odd," particularly during the offseason.  Another Shaikin source, USC Sports Business Institute Director Bill Carter, says the payment doesn't help the existing perception that McCourt doesn't have the finances to run the club.
  • Shaikin also reports that a Los Angeles judge has finalized his earlier ruling, throwing out a martial property agreement between Frank and Jamie McCourt that would have made Frank the Dodgers' sole owner.  Jamie McCourt is arguing that this ruling gives her co-ownership of the team, while Frank McCourt and his legal team are expected to pursue a new trial.
  • The Padres "have essentially moved on from" Jerry Hairston Jr., says MLB.com's Corey Brock as part of a San Diego-related reader mailbag.  The Yankees and Dodgers were connected to Hairston earlier this winter, but the Nationals have shown the most recent interest.
  • The Angels are still looking for a leadoff man, but Mark Saxon of ESPNLosAngeles.com notes that the Halos only need such a player for the short-term, given top prospect Mike Trout's ability to play at the top of the order.
  • ESPNDallas.com's Richard Durrett catches up with right-hander Eric Hurley, who is healthy and looking to make the Texas roster in the spring.  Hurley, the Rangers' first-round pick in the 2004 draft, was ranked by Baseball America as the 68th best prospect in baseball before the 2007 season, but hasn't pitched outside of the Arizona Fall League over the last two years due to injuries.

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  1. start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

    I never really thought Thome to the Rangers made sense. With Beltre they have Moreland and Young to rotate between first, third, and DH, with Young doing the majority of the rotating. Adding another DH in the mix would be, well walking a thin line with inevitable injuries.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      I kind of agree, but in a different way. Say it was 4 mil, do you spend it on a bat where you can get production otherwise even if that means adding 2-3 wins? Or do you save it and spend mid-season or late in the off-season when prices drop?

  2. No one on the giants is really that interesting, besides Brian Wilson of course.

    Besides, we’ll never see Lincecum because he’ll always be doing his “glachoma medicinal treatments”

    • 55saveslives 5 years ago

      This coming from an A’s fan?? HAHAHAHAHAHA Lot’s of “interesting” in Oakland!!

      • RepOak 5 years ago

        Why are you always bad mouthing the A’s? Your posts are always saying something negative about them. The giants are milking the hell out of their WS win! Who freaking cares about them besides your 40,000 fans. Who is seriously going to watch a crummy reality show about them?! You have one trophy, big freaking deal. Giants won’t get any respect until they actually start having multiple playoff appearances..

        • krazykrab55 5 years ago

          Are you kidding RepOak, you do the exact same thing with the Giants, like right now! Every Giants update on MLBTR, you have some sarcastic or negative comment on the Giants. Give me a break!

          • RepOak 5 years ago

            Haha your right, but that’s because I trully hate the giants! Actually since 1989. Don’t take it personal buddy. There are a lot more bay area people out there that don’t like the A’s than there is people that don’t like the giants…be part of AN? You’ll like it. I have transformed a lot of people over the years

          • baybombers 5 years ago

            how can you hate a team you see 6 games out of 162?

          • iheartyourfart 5 years ago

            they cram a lot of annoying into those 6 games

          • iheartyourfart 5 years ago

            they cram a lot of annoying into those 6 games

          • krazykrab55 5 years ago

            No offense taken, I just found it hilarious when you were reprimanding the Giants fan when you do the same thing haha. I’ve always been a Giants fan, born and raised in SF. I don’t hate the A’s, but I can’t say I like them either. I’m indifferent honestly but I do try to keep up with the makeup of their team. It’s great to have a choice of teams in the Bay Area.

        • How ironic considering you always bad mouth the Giants. I even remember you saying the Giants don’t have a top 10 pitching staff which is pretty moronic.

          BTW it must suck knowing the A’s can’t even draw 40,000 fans in that dump stadium.

    • vonhayesdays 5 years ago

      brian wilson is wak ! more just for men extra black beard dye, a faux hawk and a nick name he ripped off , yeah he’s cool

  3. Gumby65 5 years ago

    McCourt taking up-front payments from Fox? How can the devil from the present do a deal with the devil from the past… for the future?

  4. I expect to see multiple sightings of the Machine.

    • vonhayesdays 5 years ago

      are we talking about albert, because its in poor taste to rip another persons nickname , for example the redsox nations, and the raider nation and anybody else who says the in front of the college name thats not ohio state

      • Of course we’re talking about Albert. The Giant’s are going to trade Cain and Belt for him, then sign him to a 8/256 contract.


        • vonhayesdays 5 years ago

          eight year 256 million deal just might work, if you throw in wilson and bumgarner ,im sure you could get it done

        • vonhayesdays 5 years ago

          wholy schinickel fritz your a minataur

  5. krazykrab55 5 years ago

    Glad to see the Giants getting national attention. Showtime could have easily decided to make the show about the Yankees or Red Sox but they recognize the interesting group of players the Giants have. Most have very different backgrounds and personalities yet they have great clubhouse chemistry.

    • vonhayesdays 5 years ago

      yeah glad to see , but the giant s really arent that interesting , a fat guy, a stoner and matt cain has the personality of a rhino , and wilson stole his nick name , the team as a whole was a good story, but by themselves their just not that special

  6. krazykrab55 5 years ago

    MLB needs to do something and make McCourt sell, this is getting ridiculous. The NL West is best when both the Giants and Dodgers are competitive.

    • vonhayesdays 5 years ago

      agreed nl west needs the dodgers , after all somebody needs to smack the giants fans back to reality , because all of their new fans are going to need a new hat to buy when they suck again

  7. vonhayesdays 5 years ago

    thome praised the rangers all the way to the end of his middle finger , yes yes thank you but……

  8. vonhayesdays 5 years ago

    one more , the freak will wonder what kinda purple kush , then the panda will request chocolate almond fudge garter belt , and then they will repeat as nl west champs because nobody else cares in your division

  9. Reality shows are fake!

  10. Smrtbusnisman04 5 years ago

    I hate to think of it, but I think the Angels will try to acquire Andrew Mcutchen for their vacant CF..

  11. woadude 5 years ago

    When I first read the top of this story I thought Lincecum and Sandoval were going to appear on Jersey shore and I would of lost all respect for them and the San Francisco Giants.

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