Giants To Hire Lou Piniella

Lou Piniella is joining the San Francisco front office as a consultant, according to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle. Piniella, who retired from managing in August to be closer to his family, will likely evaluate and scout players and advise on player movement from Florida, Shea writes.

Giants GM Brian Sabean knows Piniella from the 1980s, when both were in the Yankees organization. Sabean interviewed Piniella for the Giants’ managerial opening after the 2006 season, before Piniella withdrew his name from consideration.

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  1. Eric 4 years ago

    I’ve always wanted Piniella to return to the Seattle Mariners in some way. He has a great baseball mind, and the Giants are fortunate to have him come aboard.

    • m4r1n3r 4 years ago

      Lou couldn’t stay away from baseball. Bummer it’s not with the M’s.

  2. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Piniella to work for the Rays because of his mother? or did he just want to get the hell away from the Cubs as soon as possible?

    • He is doing his work from Florida. Consultants really don’t do much, everyone in Chicago expected this to happen soon (just with Yanks and not Giants)

    • Infield Fly 4 years ago

      I don’t know about his mother, but it’s well documented that Lou gravitates to a winning team. So what the Cubs have been doing…well…I guess that was just “antigravity” for Lou.

      • jackhammerslam 4 years ago

        Because the Devil Rays were a winning team before/when he was there? Okay.

      • jackhammerslam 4 years ago

        Because the Devil Rays were a winning team before/when he was there? Okay.

  3. Kyle 4 years ago

    As a giants fan I love it. More eyes the better

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      Even if those eyes are on the decline? In all seriousness, I love this for the Giants. A guy who knows baseball inside and out.

  4. Rick Garcia 4 years ago

    Best signing this offseason for the Giants?

  5. Wow… Really shocked he didn’t go to the Yankees. Good job for Lou though, still feels like part of an organization without having to leave his mother (or do a ton of work, either).

  6. safari_punch 4 years ago

    I’ll never forgive him for when he flipped out on Ben Grieve. NEVER.

  7. 55saveslives 4 years ago

    Great hire! Lou knows baseball. This is a perfect position for him.

  8. marlinsdoit 4 years ago

    Best move the Giants have made this season…

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      Burrels 1M contract is pretty good, too. Tough competition for best Giants move this offseason.

  9. as long as he doesn’t replace Lou Seal

  10. It’s nice to see the Cubs and Chicago media didn’t kill him completely. Being a …cub fan it sucks the life right out of you lmao

  11. Chris Montgomery 4 years ago

    I can totally understand why he didn’t want to go to the Yanks. He didn’t want to have to deal with cashman being a tool and all the unwanted attention that comes with joining the Yankees.

  12. Thisisgettingridiculous 4 years ago

    for the record didn’t Lou get traded to Tampa against his will?

  13. jfretless 4 years ago

    I heard, since he retired, he had a actual base installed in his living room floor. So, when he gets upset while watching baseball, he can pull up the base and throw it at the TV.

  14. Thisisgettingridiculous 4 years ago

    That would be funnier if he hadn’t been a complete bench tumor in Chicago.

  15. vonhayesdays 4 years ago

    it would be awesome to see pinella and bochy both run onto the field and completely lambaste the umpire , spitting and hat turning

  16. gmenfan 4 years ago

    The real test will be to see if its actually possible for a consultant to get tossed out of a club’s front office. if anyone can do it, its Lou.

  17. RepOak 4 years ago

    Backup for sandoval at 3rd, fits right in next to tejada

    • blackandorangepride 4 years ago

      someones still bitter because Piniella’s Reds swept the A’s in the World Series

      • RepOak 4 years ago

        Haha funny. Are you still bitter the A’s swept your giants in the WS?

        • giants956 4 years ago

          bro, news flash the giants just won the world series, we dont care about 1989. A’s fans need to realize that the giants are just better in every way

          • RepOak 4 years ago

            And we don’t care about 1990. I didn’t bring it up now did I? You obviously don’t know about baseball if you think Giants are better in “every” way. Which doesn’t surprise me since a lot of the giant “fans” suddenly appeared in October like you did.

          • giants956 4 years ago

            oh really? now if the A’s were good were smart than they wouldnt give up there players who are good semi young talent and trade them for more propects, almost every time they get a good player they trade them for propect, and yeah i know alot of people became bandwagon fans, which annoys me but i have been a fan for a long time. btw how are the A’s better than the Giants

        • blackandorangepride 4 years ago

          nah I know my team actually had talent unlike your juiced A’s. You can say all you want about Bonds but even he had the natural ability to play unlike Canseco and McGwire. You can laugh all you want my team won the WS and has an all-time winning record, the A’s haven’t made the World Series since they lost 20 years ago and you have a losing record.

          • RepOak 4 years ago

            So the 89 WS was a fluke? That’s what your making it sound like? Your saying canseco and McGuire won the series? Stewart, welch, hendu, Ricky, lansford, steinbach had nothing to do with it right? Oh and I forgot eckersley. Maybe you heard of him? Dude, seriously juiced or not juiced it doesn’t excuse teams for losing. Giants didn’t win every single game Bonds played. I believe bonds, canseco, McGuire and every other player that was juiced shouldn’t go into the HOF. It’s not fair for the other players that played fair.

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