Michael Young Rumors: Thursday

Albert Pujols was the center of attention yesterday, but we still managed to learn lots about Michael Young's future. Rangers GM Jon Daniels says he's not going to establish a deadline for a possible deal and remains open to potential trades. Nothing's going on with the Angels or Rockies, though the Rangers are still evaluating possible deals for the infielder. Here's the latest on Young:

  • Brewers GM Doug Melvin told Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that that he hasn't talked to the Rangers about Young "at all." Melvin, who traded for Young when he was running the Rangers, says he's an admirer of Young's character and ability, but cautioned that "there doesn't seem to be a fit this year for us."

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  1. Milmurph 4 years ago

    Cubs will give up Soriano, Smardja or Silva, and baker for Young.

    • no team wants soriano

      • Tyler 4 years ago

        Dont lie. Soriano is a definite upgrade over Juan Pierre and Carlos Quentin that you guys have going on in the South Side…haha

        • jwsox 4 years ago

          actually looking at the numbers carlos and soriano are very very very close to the same player slash lines carlos = .243/.342/.479 with 26 hrs 87 RBI 2 stolen bases .356 wOBA

          soriano slash .258/.322/.496 24 hrs 79 rbis 5 stolen bases.353wOBA this could be why UZR is a flawed stat because everyone who watched him and knows anything about baseball knows soriano is a DH playing in the outfield becuase he actually posted a positive UZR

          juan pierre slash .275/.341./.316 1 hr 46 RBI 68 stolen wOBA .312

          so in other words besides D soriano is very very similar to carlos, average is super close carlos’ on base is better but sorianos slugging is better…and Juan is has a better average than both better on base, yes his slugging is down but he was not rbought in to hit home runs…his UZR is by far better than both and then some and he is much much better on the base paths so good by that argument

        • SSHM 4 years ago

          The only difference is about 12 million a year

    • 02waster 4 years ago

      still trying to pitch that? rangers will never take soriano back, he’s a douche

  2. Shane Strawbridge 4 years ago

    Seems like the Tigers may be looking for some infield help with Cabrera’s recent problems.

    • jwsox 4 years ago

      i wonder how big his suspension is going to be a DUI after the guy supposedly quit drinking? But then again he is a professional athlete so nothing will happen to him

  3. A.N.T. 4 years ago

    Michael Young, Tommy Hunter, Chris Davis, a nice pitching prospect, and another prospect for Justin Verlander.

  4. GMwannabe 4 years ago

    Anthony, that is the most ridiculous proposal I have ever read on this site..

  5. jaydubdub 4 years ago

    Nice… so the “lots” that we learned yesterday and today is that there’s really no news.

    Good job.

  6. Tyler 4 years ago

    Bring Young to Chicago. He is definitely an upgrade at 2nd over the platoon of Blake DeWitt and Jeff Baker. I would like them to give Darwin a chance but they need to bring someone in who can teach him a few things

  7. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    I’m so over this (non) story.

  8. Guest 4 years ago

    Like my morning coffee, I have to have my daily Michael Young update!

  9. WrigleyTerror37 4 years ago

    Boo Whoo You read this yesterday. wah wah. Come on people hes just trying to make some noise. With Pujos talks dead and nothing but minnor leage deals happening. Its nice to have a post were people can make trade proposals for there team to get one of the big name players in the game today.

  10. Sam_Lee 4 years ago

    Melvin doesn’t “see a fit” because he’s a believer in Yuniesky Betancourt. Some team is going to swap out a SS mid-year and it won’t be cheap.

  11. WrigleyTerror37 4 years ago

    Now Texas said They want a replacement, pitching, and a youg player who is undercontrol and almost ready for the big leages.
    Lets Explore the Cubs:
    Replacement:Sore-Knee-Ano (I know they had him hin the past and recently learned that he wasno what the wanted when they had him)
    SorianoWould be happy to get of the field and just DH and he wound not complain about that. Texas would be giving him a favor.
    Pitching: Now theres Samarja who is out of option. but could be a #5 starter. or Silva… dout it. or one or 2 of Mato(sp), Coleman, berg, Caridad, ect we have alot of ppl in AAA that could help. Then it just what they want Texas fans help me out what do you expect for a return for young/ what does your orginization need?

  12. Prince Fielder for Michael Young would be a good swap. Prince could be the DH in Texas, with Napoli at first. Young could start at 1B or 3B.

    • Prince for Young is still lopsided. Even though Prince for the Brewers may be as good as gone, I think the Rangers would have to throw something else in to sweeten that deal. Brewers take on ridiculous salary for a player of Young’s talent. They’d be better off waiting until FA’s next year. Braun, Fielder, Weeks, and all the new established pitchers are absolutely untouchable.

  13. Trade Young to SF for Zito even up on the $$$$$

  14. Anyone think the Rangers would be willing to take Milton Bradley (plus a good prospect or two) from the Ms? I know it sounds ridiculous at first, but the salary numbers are close for this year, and the Mariners might be willing to take on the next two years for a leader and a guy who would instantly be their second best hitter, and Game Board did have his best year of his career in a contract year in Texas. Plus, if he completely bombs, the Rangers still have Napoli to DH…

  15. charmingdevil 4 years ago

    I love this site, and I know they’re just posting what’s out there on the net, but what’s with all the rumors about the teams that aren’t interested in MY? I wish ESPN and the others would just report rumors about teams that ARE interested and/or having discussions with MY?

    BTW – This just in from various news sources: Roy Oswalt didn’t retire today, but says someday he might. Albert Pujols hasn’t signed a new contract in the past hour. Miggy hasn’t had any scotch since he was arrested, but sources say he might want to. The Giants aren’t interested in Michael Young.

  16. gcheezpuff 4 years ago

    Byrd, silva and baker for m young, Chris Davis & cash for 2012 & 2013. Maybe the cubs throw in a low level prospect.

  17. jwsox 4 years ago

    i was going to say thats the norm of trade proposals here nothing too extreme now the when the whole colby rasmus thing was going on some sox fans were saying carlos quentin and jordan danks or jared mitchel for colby

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