Central Notes: Royals, Indians, Cubs, Brewers

It's been a busy Friday for baseball's Central divisions, which have already featured prominently in a pair of trades and a pair of retirements. But the day's not over yet….

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  1. PhnxCrew 4 years ago

    such interesting notes. The most interesting thing in the NL central this season could be how bad the bottom of the rotation is for the division winner. Will it be injured cards (lohse and mcclellan), brewers (mitre and rogers), reds (whoever dusty doesn’t demolish) or the naturally bad 4/5 starters of the cubs? I don’t know how national media can constantly defend the cardinals not seriously being screwed though with their only dependable pitcher out for 1 +1/2 years.

  2. SlyderZ 4 years ago

    Carlos Silva… a major enigma. Some team will pick him up (NYY?) thinking his demeanor will change.It won’t.

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