Twins Willing To Trade Kevin Slowey For Relief

Now that they have decided on Scott Baker as their No. 5 starter, the Twins are willing to trade Kevin Slowey for a late-inning reliever, according to Jon Paul Morosi and Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

However, the Twins don’t have many promising trade possibilities, since two of the teams looking for a starter, the Brewers and Mariners, don’t have relievers to spare. The Cardinals, Dodgers, Blue Jays and White Sox seem inclined to replace injured starters with pitchers already in their respective organizations, according to FOX Sports. 

Meanwhile, Pirates and Diamondbacks officials say they aren’t actively looking to trade for starting pitchers. As Morosi and Rosenthal point out, the Twins are able to consider moving a quality starter like Slowey because they have promising minor league starter Kyle Gibson.

Slowey didn't seem like a fit for the Blue Jays earlier in the spring, partly because Toronto already had a number of legitimate rotation options. Now that Brandon Morrow will start the season on the DL, the Jays could use the starting depth, but injuries to their relievers limit the likelihood that they can part with a late-inning arm.

Here's a list of other potentially available starters.

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  1. Tammy Rainey 4 years ago

    Dotel and/or Villianueva and/or a fringe guy like Bobby Ray to Twins (not all 3) > Slowey to the M’s and ??? to Toronto…

    Can’t say I’m aware enough of the Mariners’ system to know what would be appropriate…

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago


    • Dave_Gershman 4 years ago

      So Slowey is supposed to go to the Mariners for nothing, then the Jays trade a non-eligible player and someone who can’t strike a guy out for Kevin Slowey. Hmm.

      • daveineg 4 years ago

        You are aware Villanueva struck out 11.4 batters per 9 innings last year aren’t you?

        • Dave_Gershman 4 years ago

          I was talking about Ray.

        • Villanueva is a decent pitcher when he is on his game. Villa’s command can be turned on and off like a lamp switch. You never know which Carlos Villanueva you will get.

      • grownice 4 years ago


        • Dave_Gershman 4 years ago

          What are you saying? I was saying Robert Ray doesn’t strike guys out. And he lacks stuff and doesn’t strike that many guys out. And I’m right. Unless you call a 7 K/9 with a lousy fastball and no second pitch good

          • You realize that Slowey has an even lower K/9 right? It’s not like the Twins are trading away some fireballer for Robert Ray.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            advantage bosh

          • Louie Schuth 4 years ago

            And Slowey is a starter not a reliever. Starter>reliever. Advantage Spandemonium.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            Robbie Ray is a starter as well. good job.

    • BravesRed 4 years ago

      I think I figured it out. Pick two from a list of Dotel, Villanueva, and a fringe guy like Bobby Ray to the Twins, Slowey to the Mariners, and the Jays get players back from the Mariners. In other words, it’s a three team trade.

  2. Kolukonu 4 years ago

    Slowey + mid-level prospect for Joba + low-level prospect.

    • Jon McLaughlin 4 years ago

      Not a chance.

    • What makes you Yankee fans so delusional that you always overvalue your players? Why would the Twins have to send back a higher prospect and a better pitcher for a worse pitcher and a worse prospect? I mean you Yankee fans are hilarious, you guys throw out some of the most retarded trade proposals on earth.

  3. drcgull 4 years ago

    Slowey for Joba-Who says no?

    • $1529282 4 years ago

      Well let’s see, the Twins could get 60 useful innings out of Joba and the Yankees could get 160+ useful innings out of Slowey.

      Or, the Twins could just keep Slowey and use him in the bullpen until one of the starters tanks (Blackburn) or gets hurt (Baker). Seems logical to keep Slowey, which means Smith will probably jump on a straight up trade for a reliever.

      Comes down to Gardenhire not being a big fan of Slowey. So, he’s gone. Yet again, someone with some personality beyond “I’m a robot” is looked at as a clubhouse problem. I guess as long as Gardy has his Oklahoma buddy and team ace Nick Blackburn around, he’s content. After all, it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun with your buddies in the dugout, excessive amounts of grit, and battling your tail off… right Ron?

  4. $1639604 4 years ago

    Kawakami for free. Best overpayed reliever in baseball!

  5. Anyone have some thoughts on who might need some left-handed pop? I’m thinking maybe the Twins could package Slowey and Kubel together. This would allow the Twins to get more at-bats for Jim Thome and maybe keep Ben Revere on the 25-man.

    • Jon McLaughlin 4 years ago

      I like this idea short term, but next year, when Thome has retired we don’t have the left handed pop. I think Kubel has to stick around.

  6. Kevin Slowey for Matt Guerrier.

  7. disgruntledreader 4 years ago

    Given the slop at the back end of the Padres’ rotation and the stunning lack of depth when a starter has an injury, not to mention their ongoing ability to conjure relievers out of thin air on a regular basis, I’d think they might kick the tires on this one.

    • Rashomon 4 years ago

      Paging Luke Gregerson and Cole Figueroa. Your airport shuttle is waiting.

      • Amish_willy 4 years ago

        Cole Figueroa was one of the four players sent to TB for Bartlett. Padres wouldn’t give up Gregerson for Slowey. As it is, either Leblanc or Luebke is blocked for the 5th spot. They’d give up Evan Scribner and Cedric Hunter for him, but that’s the kind of move that Twins fans wouldn’t be too thrilled about. A Leblanc/Slowey swap could work, but Leblanc isn’t a reliever even if he does offer 5-6m savings for the Twins over the next two years compared to Slowey.

        • disgruntledreader 4 years ago

          Leblanc isn’t blocked. He’s simply not good enough to claim the job for himself…

  8. Heath Bell 4 years ago


    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      “Twins willing to trade Kevin Slowey for relief [pitching]”

      Your reply to that is a short stop?

      • PostMoBills 4 years ago

        It wouldn’t be the worst response. The Twins currently have 2 all-star closers in the bullpen and two question marks starting at middle infield.

        • JacksTigers 4 years ago

          Why’d the Twins just trade him 2 months ago if they just planned on re-aquiring him? It doesn’t make sense.

          • PostMoBills 4 years ago

            The Twins haven’t done much this off-season that does make sense. To answer your question, the most likely reason (obviously unconfirmed by the FO) was to save money for signing Pavano/Thome. They clearly won’t get Hardy back, but the Twins could use infield depth much more than bullpen arms. If Mauer, Valencia, Nishioka, or Casilla get hurt or struggle, the Twins are in serious trouble.

          • TwinsVet 4 years ago

            Not many teams have MLB-caliber depth behind their starters. Serious trouble if Valencia/Nishi/Casilla/Mauer go down? Sure, but most every team has the same problem if they lose a starting player.

            Yanks are in serious trouble if ARod/Cano/Jeter/Posada go down… etc etc etc.

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

        Hardy has been in Baltimore for 3+ months and already wants out.

        • JacksTigers 4 years ago

          Link please. I have never heard that.

          • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

            May repeat from a moderator checking it..

            It’s called sarcasm. Google is your website.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            I just googled it and nothing came up.

          • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

            Oh my… this genuinely gave me a laugh for all the wrong reasons..

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago


          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            avatar is so appropriate

          • Joke?

    • I hate you JJ Hardy, I couldn’t have been more happy when we traded you. It was actually surprising we got something in return for you considering your horrawful.

  9. j6takish 4 years ago

    Classic Bill Smith move.

    • I actually think it’d be more “classic Bill Smith” if they moved Liriano instead.

  10. AisoRed 4 years ago

    The Brewers do have some depth at reliever…

    • TwinsVet 4 years ago

      I asked earlier this week if you guys had the AA relief depth Smith would want.

      I think people thought I was joking…

  11. rico7961 4 years ago

    I think Slowey could thrive in a “M Guerrier type role”. So why the Twins want to trade him is puzzling to me. The insurance he gives the Twins is worth keeping him, unless they can really get a stud reliever for him. I think all these rumors have more to do with Slowey’s relationship with management than anything else, in which case he will be traded for whatever they can get. Which means they will give him away for next to nothing just to get rid of him. (See JJ Hardy trade).

    • TwinsVet 4 years ago

      Young, cheap pitchers are hard to find. He may have much more value on the trade block.

      If Smith is going to get 1-year of a reliever, I say keep Slowey. But if you can get a couple years of a decent-priced player for him, you shop him.

    • PennMariner 4 years ago

      No. He’s young, cheap, has brilliant command, and is relatively healhy. He has too much going for him as a starting pitcher to adjust to a “M. Guerrier type role.”

      • rico7961 4 years ago

        I agree with everything you say but the Twins for some reason want Slowey in the bullpen. IMO it won’t take long and he will be back starting anyway, but in the meantime you might as well let him try handling a role like Guerrier’s. He is probably the best one of Baker, Blackburn and himself to try a role like that.

    • twins33 4 years ago

      I’ve always heard that a starter going to the bullpen improves each stat by 17% (ERA-maybe more for this one, K’s…etc.) on average. So unless the Twins can get a guy who’s going to produce much better than what Slowey should produce it’s not worth it. Plus, Slowey is a spot starter. He has trouble going a full 6 innings, but he can still try and at times he does succeed.

      I think Slowey still has a lot of value because the talent is there, the results haven’t been though. I’d rather see Slowey in the bullpen with better stats than to trade him for a reliever. Relievers are just too easy to find and Slowey could become a great one since he does better when only facing a lineup once or twice.

      I agree with you though, dumb trades have been done before and they’ll be done again.

  12. Heath Bell 4 years ago


  13. user43211 4 years ago

    Put Liriano in the pen. Start Pavano, Blackburn, Duensing, Baker, and Slowey. Use Liriano, Capps, and Nathan for the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings. Problem solved.

  14. Loe or Hawkins for Slowey, make it happen doug!

    • AisoRed 4 years ago

      Not giving up Loe

    • twins33 4 years ago

      Why would the Twins want Hawkins? He’s had one, mmmmmaybe two good years since he left the Twins seven years ago. He’s crap and ancient.

    • dbreer23 4 years ago

      How about Braddock?

      • PhnxCrew 4 years ago

        braddock doesn’t work for either side. Huge injury history but huge upside. Brewers shouldn’t give him, twins shouldn’t want him.

  15. FreeBald 4 years ago

    Don’t really want to part with KRod but if the Twins want the contract they can have the pitcher.

  16. Michael 4 years ago

    Wonder if they would consider Motte or Boggs for him

    • Redbirds16 4 years ago

      Except that he’d just be slotted in long relief for the Cards now that KMac has got the 5th starter spot.

      And if you’re thinking they’d have Slowey start and just push KMac back to the bullpen, that’s really going to mess with his head for sure.

      If KMac hadn’t been so lights out last spring and this spring when auditioning for the starters spot, I’d agree and think a trade would have merit, but right now, no dice.

  17. Michael 4 years ago

    Wonder if Boggs or Motte would get him

  18. mozelpuffski 4 years ago

    bluejays can use some more low level high ceiling prospects. say frasor – maybe as well mccoy (underrated)? to twins – seattle obtains slowey – we get prospect maybe Triunfel or Beaven?

  19. mozelpuffski 4 years ago

    april 1st is almost here!!!

  20. Mario Saavedra 4 years ago

    Do the twins really need late inning relief? I thought they had 2 closers, and they released Pat Neshek, so they shouldn’t be desperate.

    • twins33 4 years ago

      No, they don’t:
      Slowey (at the moment)

      then these five guys fighting for three spots: Hughes, Perkins, Manship, Hoey and Diamond.

      And from everything I read, it sounds like Hughes is a lock. I feel like Perkins may be a lock as well. He’s pitching well and he’s out of options. I’m not a Perkins fan at all, but I think he’s earned it so far. That would put three lefties in the pen, but I don’t really care. If the Twins are smart, they’ll take the three best players regardless of which arm they throw with. And the Twins seem to like Manship..but I feel like Hughes and Perkins make it, not totally sure about the third guy.

      • Nathan

        That would be the bullpen I’d create. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Twins looked to continue to try and trade the Braves something so they could keep Diamond in AAA and have his spot filled by Perkins.

        I would also say Hughes is a lock. He has looked tremendous this Spring….granted I know it’s just Spring, his pitches have been nasty so I’d say he’s got a spot.

  21. jmag043 4 years ago

    Slowey for Gamel and Hawkins.

    • PhnxCrew 4 years ago

      Gamel is the brewers first basemen of the future. They wouldn’t trade him for a few starts of an average starter.

  22. johnsilver 4 years ago

    If the Yankees wanted a Joe Blanton type they would go out and get the real thing from the Phillies and not have to give up anywhere near Joba Chamberlain for him. Why can’t Twins fans just get over that for innings eater Slowey who does not even seem to be good enough to make the Twins rotation?? geezz

    • wintwins 4 years ago

      give up anything near Joba? I dont think you could give up anything less

  23. rbeezy 4 years ago

    Twins rotation and bullpen is not looking good. Chitown and Tigs are looking a lot better with about the same or more firepower on offense. May be nice to see a central winner past the first round this year.

    • twins33 4 years ago

      I’m pretty sure the Tigers and White Sox have looked good on paper for most of the last 10 years. They both have a problem doing well when it counts (as do the Twins, but that’s the playoffs..not regular season). Of course, also minus the WS title for the Sox and the WS run for the Tigers, but they’ve both been chokers too.

  24. Tell you what I’m gonna do for you. I’ll let you have Fernando Rodney (proven closer!!!1!) And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ll even throw in Scotty Kazmir for freeeee!! He was an all-star you know. Now that’s a deal!

  25. MSUcorner 4 years ago

    Throw in Cano and Banuelos … then maybe.

  26. SixAces 4 years ago

    While you’re at it, you can also have Betances+Brackman+Sanchez+Romine.

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