East Notes: Collins, Epstein, Phillies

Yankees GM Brian Cashman's remarks regarding his feigned pursuit of Carl Crawford are creating some buzz today, unsurprisingly. Here are some other items of note out of the east …

  • The Mets will decide whether they'll exercise manager Terry Collins' 2013 option within the next 10 days, a source tells Andy Martino of the New York Daily News. The club will also have to decide on whether to bring back all of Collins' coaches, whose contracts are expiring, except for hitting coach Dave Hudgens.
  • Red Sox GM Theo Epstein told ESPNBoston.com that there's no "disconnect" between him and manager Terry Francona. The latter's job security has been a hot topic on talk radio shows and the like this week, what with the Red Sox owning just a two-game lead over the Rays in both the AL East and the AL Wild Card entering Friday's action. Boston, of course, appeared to be a lock for the postseason only a month ago.
  • The Phillies will lead the Major Leagues in attendance in 2011, writes Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com. With the second highest payroll in the big leagues at $175MM, the great turnout will certainly help pay some of the bills. The Phils sold out their 204th consecutive home game on Thursday, a stretch that dates back to 2009, according to Salisbury.

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  1. hscphillyboy 4 years ago

    Congrats to those AWESOME Phans @ CBP……..NICE GOING !!

  2. I wonder what the overall attendance # of phillies fans attending games would be if it included the amount of times that there’s more phillies fans than nationals/pirates/marlins/mets fans in their own home stadiums.

    • Infield Fly 4 years ago

      You might well ask the same about the attendance numbers on Sawks & Yanks fans, who have done the same in their divisions (and beyond) for a lot longer than Phills fans have. They’re like a full-scale invasion force!

  3. MB923 4 years ago

    Didn’t Cashman say this way before hte season started? Saying he doesn’t need Crawford for $140 millino or so when he has Brett Gardner, while of course not as good, but for a lot less money.

    • MB923 4 years ago

      LOL forgive me for posting this here, I didn’t see the previous post about this. I just got on.

  4. hawkny1 4 years ago

    The fact that Francona’s job security as manager of the Red Sox is being discussed publically tells me that the “peter principle” will be applied to Tito this winter for health reasons and he will be “promoted” to a front office job before Christmas. This will occur regardless of whether the Red Sox make it into the playoffs or not. 

  5. Infield Fly 4 years ago

    Oh man, I second that…and if the Mets insist on keeping Big Pelf Oaf, well…a change of pitching coach should be a great litmus test – to see if someone else can spark a lasting improvement in his performance.

    OK…I admit it. That was just my diplomatic way of saying “to prove that there is no helping Mike Pelfrey!” :p

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