Quick Hits: Reyes, Darvish, Montero, Yankees

Some links as we look forward to Game 6 of the NLCS tonight..

  • The only way Jose Reyes will sign in the exclusivity period is if the Mets blow him away with an offer, and that isn't happening, writes Steve Popper of the Bergen Record.
  • With his team's spot in the playoffs already locked up, Yu Darvish will skip his start on October 18th, according to the Kyodo News Agency (Japanese link).  Orioles player development director John Stockstill traveled to Japan to watch Darvish pitch in this game. (Translation provided by Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker)
  • The Yankees will look for in-house fixes this winter, writes Joel Sherman of the New York Post.  Sherman wonders aloud if the club might deal Jesus Montero for a starter and further open the DH slot, but a team official said that it wouldn't make sense to throw more dollars and add risk to the offense.  Sherman added that he doesn't sense that the club has a strong affinity for free agent left-hander C.J. Wilson.
  • Some of the Red Sox coaches have been granted permission to explore other opportunities while awaiting their fate, multiple sources tell Rob Bradford of WEEI.com.

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  1. aa 4 years ago

    And folks wonder why so many of us O’s fan’s are calling for the organization to get rid of the Stockstills.  How about checking him out when he’s actually guaranteed to play?

    • You might think Stockstill is an idiot and you’re right he is! However, he is using Peter Angelos’s nickel to flyout there which is expensive as is the Saki and Kobe Beef which is bought again by Angelos’s nickel. So he’s not as stupid or inept as you think! At least he eats and drinks well when travelling!

      The bottom line is, if the rest of the Oriole front office isn’t fired once John comes back from Japan, they never will be fired. I am willing to bet that the Gal that answer’s the phones for the office could do a better job than any of the Stockstill boys, Jorda (now a Sillies) and so on and so forth! Addition through subtraction can’t come fast enough for the Orioles!

      I hear job #1 should be Player Development in Birdland, not in my eyes. Ending the Reign of Stupidity should be Job #1, then player development!

    • Maybe a more PC response is necessary in order to be posted. I see the thought police is active here! If the Angelos doesn’t get rid of the remaining members of the front office because of this, then there’s a problem! The only good thing is Stockstill gets to eat (kobe beef) and drink (saki) again all on Angelos’s nickel. What makes this even more funny, Angelos treats nickels like man-hole covers, so he’s splurging and getting zippo because Darvish in on Roman Holiday!

  2. Matt Moore 4 years ago

    Haha lmao! Fail on that 1st bullet point.

  3. johncas 4 years ago

    ^ That’s hilarious!

  4. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    I just really hope Cherington doesn’t sign Reyes as a knee jerk reaction to this offseason so far.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      or wilson. or any other big free agent. the current team is a contender. tweaking through trades and minor signings is the way to go

      • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

        Exactly. I’m tired of reading all the articles about how much trouble the Sox are in. On paper it’s still a great team. All the Sox need are a few small tweaks with the pitching staff and next year they’ll be fine.

        Also it wouldn’t hurt if Pedroia does an impression of the incredible hulk.

        • Guest 4 years ago

          Perhaps the on field team will be a -possible- contender next year, but the front office damage is extremely serious. The Red Sox system is tapped out and Cherington is no Epstein. A lot of the Red Sox coaches and staff will be leaving. It is going to take them a long time to fully rebound as an organization from these blows. If the Red Sox were a civilization, historians would probably agree that 2011 was the end of their Golden Age.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago


          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            atleast you’re being rational

          • NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

            I know your not implying this but an end of a “Golden Age” doesn’t have to mean that their future is futile and/or hopeless.

          • drjayphd 4 years ago

            Precisely. The Golden Age ending doesn’t mean the Diamond-Encrusted, Solid Platinum Holy Crap How Did They Afford This Age isn’t starting.

            (And to answer your question, they can afford it because they’re the Red Sox. I’m pretty sure the direct line to their front office is 1-900-I-MAKE-BANK.)

        • slider32 4 years ago

          On paper the Sox were supposed to win 100 plus games this year, on paper means nothing when you have no charater!

    • Infield Fly 4 years ago

      Yup…the Sawks can fill up their DL just fine without Reyes’ help :-/

  5. The more I read about the money Reyes wants the more I want the two picks for letting him go.

    • Matt Moore 4 years ago

      You should have to give the team that signs him 2 picks.

    • LongTimeFan1 4 years ago

      And how do these people know what Reyes wants or would accept. He’s been saying all along he wants to stay with the Mets. Don’t confuse fact with opinion and the need for the media to drum up readership by creating controversy and scaring people. 

      And I never trust Popper since he flat out lied saying early in the season that Santana rehab was shut for the season. Total fabrication and no retraction.

      • Every player about to reach free agency says he would love to stay with the team they were just on, Mike Hampton said he wanted to stay with the Mets but we all know how that turned out. Heck even players who played for the As said they want to stay with the As while they were an A. that’s as big a lie as possible.

    • lovebaseball74 4 years ago

      well honestly the mets totally blew it they should of traded him at the deadline..honestly the mets had no chance this season or next

      • I don’t disagree… Alderson was in a tough spot.

        His most value was right at the All-Star break, but he was hurt right after killing a bit of his value AT the deadline.

        I think they just hope to be able to re-sign him because he continues to say he wants to play for the Mets. I for one don’t agree with keeping him at 100m+.

      • xhausted_grad 4 years ago

        and be remembered for being the gm that traded away the best shortstop in mets history?  was never happenin’.

        • 0bsessions 4 years ago

          I heard some Mets fans proclaiming Beltran was “OMG best Mets CF evar,” but that didn’t stop Alderson from trading him and he had substantially less overall value than Reyes.

          Alderson should’ve effectively gutted the team of anyone with less than two or three years of team control on them that he could possibly move. They’re not as far away as some teams, but they’re a few years away from competing in that division.

          • xhausted_grad 4 years ago

            beltran is 34 years old.  reyes is 28 years old, and could easily be part of the solution.  i do see your point, and steve phillips said he would have gutted the team as well to avoid any questions about what direction the organization was heading towards.

          • 0bsessions 4 years ago

            One would honestly have to reserve full judgment until Reyes signs somewhere. if the Mets put in an honest effort to retain him, I can see why they didn’t trade him. If Alderson lets him walk without really putting in much obvious effort, it’s going to be a really questionable decision. The Mets probably could’ve cleaned up in prospects for him, I doubt they’ll get as much in comp picks if he signs elsewhere.

          • Slopeboy 4 years ago

            What you say makes sense in a perfect world and more so in a smaller one-team town like Boston. Going into the 2011 season, the Mets were down almost half a million in tickets sales from the previous year. The final figures are not in, but it’s safe to say that attendance was not up this year. Were Alderson to ‘effectively gut the team …’, as you suggest, he’d have 5,000 a game on a good night night, if that. While the Mets are not in the AL, they do compete with the Yanks for the almighty baseball dollar.

            There’s really no complete rebuild in NY, there are a million things to do and places to see during the summer in NY. Watching a lousy baseball team and waiting for it to improve, all the while spending top prices are not on very many people’s lists. Prospects and draft picks are never a guarantee to success either. For Alderson to do what you suggested, comes close to risking suicide. He has a rough road to travel, he has to rebuild, contend and compete for the buck, otherwise he won’t succeed in NY.

  6. slider32 4 years ago

    The Sox and Yanks are always interested in upgrading their pitching, don’t be fooled by the comments of Sherman, their just trying to keep the price down.

    • MikhelB 4 years ago

      But to be fair, there are not a lot of options regarding free agents right now that could help the Yankees as Colón/García did in 2011:
      CJ Wilson? (it is almost a given that he’ll remain with the Rangers)
      Oswalt? i doubt he leaves Philly

      Right now their best bet is to go with their talent (Betances/Bañuelos), and either look for a trade for a mid-level talent, maybe pursue Wandy though if i were the Astros’ GM i wouldn’t trade him knowing that the team is moving to the AL West where it would face the A’s and the M’s and the ‘Stros won’t be the weaker team in the division (with the possibility of increasing their win total by 15-20 games next year with those rivals alone).

      • slider32 4 years ago

        I don’t think Oswalt and Wilson will remain with their teams, but I do think the Yanks will get another pitcher like Edwin Jackson.

  7. Blue387 4 years ago

    I hope the Mets keep Reyes because I cannot see Ruben Tejada at shortstop as a good replacement. I don’t think he’s going to get any better than he is now and that’s not so great. He’s got a .696 OPS in 96 games and I don’t see how he will improve.

  8. The Mets should try to re-sign him, but it will be alright if they don’t.

    • They aren’t going to win with him anyways, so they should save the money and lose without him just the same.

  9. wish i shared your optimism…

  10. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    Wish Stockstill’s ticket to Japan was one way. 

    • The thing of it is Rabbitov, Stockstill visited Japan in 2010 to look at Darvish and some other players. Why did he feel the need to go over there again? Can’t he get tapes of games when he pitched, I mean after seeing him pitch last year what’s the point of seeing him again live this year? Plus, the fact he isn’t pitching on the 18th particular, stop looking silly? It’s not the players fault!makes this whole situation more ridiculous. When will the Orioles, management in

      • Rabbitov 4 years ago

        I have nothing against him visiting Darvish.  Tapes are amazing, but if I’m a scout I want to see the player close up especially if I am going to invest something like tens of millions (50? 100?) to get him.

        My problem is with the Stockstill’s who have done a worst job with player development than anyone in recent memory. In my opinion Joe Jordan gave the Stockstill’s a ton to work with here and they screwed it up.  The pipeline coming from international areas is fairly barren too (arguably not all their fault, arguably).  They should be the first to go. 

        • I didn’t like the job Jordan did though, not even a little bit.
          Stockstill went to Japan last year and did all the due dilligence that he should done back then. Why he had to go again is beyond me? Plus, the fact we have enough problems judging players here in the states. Angelos better smarten up with this front office of his, 15 years of sillines is maddening !

          • Rabbitov 4 years ago

            I agree with some of what you said. Jordan drafted a lot of high upside players and messed up royally on Hobgood.  I have chronicled my opinion on him in the past but he did as good as job as he could have, and even better at times. 

            Stockstill should go back to Japan 1000 times if we are serious about signing Darvish and he will be keeping his job (which I guess he will).  You have to understand this isn’t like fantasy baseball, we can’t just sign who we want.  We have to form bonds of communication with the player, we have to see him up close, see how he behaves outside of pitching, we want to know everything about him if we are going to sign him.

            My gut is we are not going to sign him regardless. 

  11. lovebaseball74 4 years ago

    well honestly the mets totally blew it they should of traded him at the deadline..honestly the mets had no chance this season or next…they should trade wright santana bay pelf and get prospects or players that are ready…and if fine with tejada at short…we have other problems then worrying about whos playing short

    • As a Rangers fan, there could be a spot for Santana in Texas if he were offered.

      • lovebaseball74 4 years ago

        i would do it rangers have alot of young arms i would even take back micheal young and pitcher…trade wright somewhere and play young at third base

        • Don’t get greedy, if you get an option to drop the huge Risk santana is with his huuuuge contract while getting a powerarm prospect you go for it.

          Also why trade Wright to them for Michael Young, that’s the opposite of rebuilding. You can trade Wright to the D’Backs or the Rockies who seem to both have interest.

          • If they trade anyone, it should be to get younger (ie: Wheeler for Beltran).

            Trading a 29 year old Wright for anyone 25 or older is just spinning your wheels.

            Nevermind the fact that they’ll never get value for him due to his back and the Citi effect. Let him come back and play well next year and trade him at the deadline if they really want to get rid of him.

          • lovebaseball74 4 years ago

            i wasnt saying trading wright to rangers for young that makes no sense..i agree we need to get younger but i was saying trade santana to the rangers for an arm or two..but i wouldnt mind if the rangers though in young as part of the deal only if wright is trade somewhere else… but honestly the mets do need to trade wright love the mets but no need to keep him there not gonna be competive for a few more years

  12. notsureifsrs 4 years ago


  13. vtadave 4 years ago

    I disagree with this point:

    “Your team is the laughing stock of professional baseball right now, ”


    F. McCourt

  14. EarlyMorningBoxscore 4 years ago

    You’re giving way too much credit to the coaching staff. You do realize that if there was a WAR for coaches Bogar and Young would be in the negative right? 

  15. EdinsonPickle 4 years ago

    How ridiculous. The Sox aren’t in the best shape ever right now, but they have an amazing core that any team would give their right arm for: A-Gon, Pedroia, Lester, Beckett, Ellsbury, and Bucholz (provided he’s healthy next year). Purple is right, a few tweeks and the Sox are going to be running close again with the top of the pack next season. Not to mention, after a historic collapse, they will be out there with something to prove. I’m not saying that they’ll win the division or even the WC, but to say they aren’t contenders or to go as far as to say that they’re “the laughing stock of professional baseball” is absolutely asinine.

  16. Slopeboy 4 years ago

    This may sound like blasphemy coming from a Yankees fan, and as much as I’d like for you to be correct, you’re going to extremes here. As I told many of the gloating Boston fans last winter, when they proclaimed themselves champs- the game in played on the field not on paper. What the Red Sox had was an on field meltdown by the players. The BS and so-called revelations is crap that was feed to the press from ownership, nothing more.

    The players are less affected than the fans are, simply because their main concern is playing and the ones that are not FA’s know they’re coming back to the team. Boston still has a wicked team that will compete in the AL East, with plenty of money and with a still viable minor league system that will allow them to do so. The FO still has quality people and will bring in more quality people to replace those that leave. You may not care for the Red Sox, but they’re no dummies. And they’re not going to fall apart, failure is part of their legacy, they know how to recover and compete.

    You’re trumpeting the Boston demise way too soon!

  17. Guest 4 years ago

    Epic. Awesome. Thanks. 

    Let’s go Brewers!! 

    A Yankee fan 

  18. beisbolista 4 years ago

    I got a good laugh out of this. Touche.

  19. crashcameron 4 years ago

    I disagree with this point:”Your team is the laughing stock of professional baseball, “Sincerely,the law firm of Goat, Bartman and Hendry

  20. MikhelB 4 years ago

    Ooooww time to throw under the bus the bosox coaches because they might be leaving!!! hoooow lovely!!

    You bosux fanboys are so predictable.

  21. MikhelB 4 years ago

    LOL down the WC they went this year because that’s all what they won LOL

  22. drjayphd 4 years ago

    …by one game. Due to a historic collapse. They had to fall apart like no team has ever done before to miss the playoffs by the slimmest of margins. Without that, you have no talking point. Laugh all you want about them missing the playoffs, but all they have to do is not completely soil themselves in unprecedented fashion and they’re back atop baseball. Hell, all they could have needed is a replacement-level medical staff and they’d still playing deep into October.

  23. Hey, easy there!

  24. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    Dude, go look at any message board over the last two years, people have been throwing Bogar under the bus for ages, the guy is awful. He is constantly sending guys into outs at the plate.

    Varitek rounding second on a single to left? Gogogogogooooo!

    But then, I’m trying to make a point to someone who uses the “bosux” thing. Maybe I should try to find a more productive use of my time, like stapling my own hands.

  25. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    Yeah, but there’s no mentality on the free agent market this offseason and every team interested in competing next year is going to be getting in touch with non-contenders shopping their mentality and with our farm system we can’t hope to make a trade for one.


  26. NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

    Probably happen soon though!!!!!

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