Morosi On Lincecum, Cameron, Renteria, Carroll

The Giants need to bolster their offense, so Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports suggests trading Tim Lincecum for multiple players is a viable option. Trading the two-time Cy Young Award winner might allow San Francisco to free up the payroll required to pursue a top free agent position player such as Prince Fielder or Jose Reyes. Here are some more notes from Morosi…

  • Mike Cameron, Tim Wakefield, Edgar Renteria and Craig Counsell intend to play in 2012.
  • Jon Garland might throw for teams this offseason if there’s demand, according to Morosi. The right-hander missed most of the season recovering from shoulder surgery and the Dodgers declined their 2012 option on the 32-year-old. Garland intends to continue as a starter.
  • Some teams view Jamey Carroll as an everyday second baseman. I’m not surprised to hear that since Carroll has repeatedly proven his ability to get on base and many teams will be in the market for second basemen.
  • Former Orioles right-hander Daniel Cabrera is pitching in the Dominican Winter League after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Agent Mike Powers told Morosi that Cabrera intends to return to MLB as a starter. The 6'7" right-hander hasn't appeared in a Major League game since 2009.
  • For more thoughts on Lincecum and the Giants, check out the piece Dave Cameron wrote yesterday at FanGraphs.

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2 Comments on "Morosi On Lincecum, Cameron, Renteria, Carroll"

3 years 9 months ago

Yeah we know about his power. In lefty happy Yankees stadium with Cano, Tex and ARoid around him. I wouldnt depend on him doing the same in San Fran. I’d actually bet against it.

3 years 9 months ago

You do know of his 41 HR last year, 18 of them would have been out in every single MLB stadium. Only 1 player on the Giants had more than 18 all of last season (Sandoval had 23). Of course he probably would not hit 41 HR, but he still would hit a at least 25 HR. By the way, Tex batted about .240 this year, and A-Rod missed almost half the year. No he would not repeat what he did, but he’d still be one of hte Giants best hitters and he would have easily been the Giants best hitter last year. If you’re saying Granderson would not help the Giants, that’s ridiculous.