Pirates Sign Jeff Clement

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  • The Pirates announced that they have signed first baseman Jeff Clement to a minor league contract. Clement, 28, posted a .201/.237/.368 line for the 2010 Pirates, but didn't appear in the Major Leagues in 2011. The former third overall pick spent this past season in Pittsburgh's minor league system, where he posted a .733 OPS in 106 plate appearances.
  • The Giants have signed right-hander Eric Hacker to a minor league deal, according to the player's agency, Sosnick Cobbe Sports (Twitter link). Hacker spent 2011 in the Twins organization, starting 25 games with Triple-A Rochester and making two relief appearances with Minnesota.
  • The Nationals announced nine minor league signings today.

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  1. frejus98119 4 years ago

    Frustrating to see the players the Mariners passed on to select Clement: Braun, Zimmerman, Tulowitsk, Ellsbury…

    • vinniemiller 4 years ago

      Frustrating to see your spelling of Tulowitzki

    • DickHarden 4 years ago

      That was the Bavasi era for you.

    • Seems like every guy in that draft became an All-Star. That was a gold mine. The Mariners came away with fools gold…

    • FamousGrouse 4 years ago

      Clement hit well in college and the minors and everyone thought he was going to be a great pro. He had knee surgery and was never the same. 

    • Henduck 4 years ago

      Chins up M’s fans.  At least they were able to flip Clement for Jack Wilson and Ian Snell… so not a total loss.  

      Offhand I don’t know who the Buccos took over Braun, Zimmerman, et al.  But I’m sure it was equally frustrating, if not more. Best not to dwell on it.  

      • Todd Smith 4 years ago

        They took Andrew McCutchen that year with the #11 pick.

        The year that really stung was 2002, taking Bryan Bullington #1 overall over guys like BJ Upton, Prince Fielder, and Zack Greinke.

        …or 2006, taking Brad Lincoln over Clayton Kershaw and Tim Lincecum.

        • Henduck 4 years ago

          To piggy-back off a thread from the other day… “who knows”, maybe Lincoln will outpitch both Kershaw and Lincecum this year!  

      • They picked McCutchen at #11.  Tulo, Zimmerman, Braun were off the board by then.

        • John Gregory 4 years ago

          And a couple of the other good players that came afterward in that round, Ellsbury and Garza, were also passed over by about 10 other teams, so it would be second guessing in any case.

        • Henduck 4 years ago

          Thanks for the update guys.  I guess I’m just conditioned to think any Littlefield era draft pick was frustrating.  I guess Cutch was an acceptable pick. 

  2. Red_Line_9 4 years ago

    Someone has to fill out the AAA roster.

  3. mgsports 4 years ago

    Nick Evans can also play OF and Clement can also Catch.

  4. Ron Loreski 4 years ago

    God I hope not

  5. Jeff Clement over Casey McGehee.Ya right.

  6. formerdraftpick 4 years ago

    I don’t think it is a bad idea.  He can hit for power.  Everyone applauded the signings of Fields and Atkins last year and the Pirates ended up with nothing.  People complained about the Garrett Jones signing the year before and said that we were destined for AAA.    He tore it up on all levels and people loved him the first year he came up.  Let’s see what happens with Jeff after coming back from the injury.  I’m assuming they use him at DH in AAA and just a little concerned at the glut they are causing at 1B in AAA (unless they plan to use Evans at 3B).    

    However, I didn’t like the comments Clement made regarding the Pirates using him at first 1b last year. Paraphrasing, he basically said that he didn’t practice the position all winter because of the levels of snow where he lived.  If it meant my job, I would practice by any means necessary.  They do have winter ball.  I think he has talent, let’s see a little more initiative.  

    As for Clement over McGehee, if Clement plays better, let him have at it. I don’t want to see another Aki Iwamura, Matt Diaz or Pedro Alvarez situation, where the manager played a guy because they were ‘supposed’ to be stars and didn’t perform.      

  7. Red_Line_9 4 years ago

    The thing with Alvarez is that the Pirates would likely want something in return for him right now…and if he doesn’t pan out he won’t be worth anything in trade value.

    I watched him live from behind the plate over an entire series in August and he looked clueless.  I’m not even talking about overmatched.  It almost seemed psychological.  He was missing pitches by entire location.  His swing had SO many holes in it.  He would swing at a pitch like it was going to jam him and the ball would be in the dirt outside.  Looked alot like a confidence issue.

  8. give the pirates some credit with Alvarez.  he truly WAS the concensus #1 talent in that draft, and most were very happy that the Rays took beckham first overall instead.

  9. i dont recall anyone cheering the Atkins signing, but i’ll take your word for it

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