Rangers Sign Brad Hawpe

4:51pm: Hawpe would earn $1MM plus bonuses if he makes the Opening Day roster, Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram tweets.

3:51pm: The Rangers announced that they signed Brad Hawpe to a minor league deal that includes an invitation to Major League Spring Training. The Beverly Hills Sports Council represents Hawpe, who spent the 2011 season with the Padres.

Hawpe posted a .231/.301/.344 line in 216 plate appearances with the Padres in 2011, playing first base and right field. The 32-year-old underwent Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow last June, but the Rangers expect him to be able to handle first base by Spring Training. He owns a .284/.380/.493 line in 2,678 career plate appearances against right-handed pitching.

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  1. Oh how the mighty have fallen, I suppose.

  2. So, no Prince? Just kidding.

  3. Brandon Smith 4 years ago

    They misspelled “Prince Fielder”

  4. VivaJackMurphy 4 years ago

    Saying Hawpe “spent” 2011 with the Padres is just about the kindest way to describe his season as a Friar. 

    • Brandon Smith 4 years ago

      It was reported that Yu Darvish bought some property in Dallas recently. Some priests were selling flowers from the corner of the yard, not knowing it had been sold..  The priests didn’t understand him very well, unfortunately, so Yu had to get the police involved to have them removed from his property.  As they were being escorted off of the property, one of the cops looked at the other said said, “Well, I guess it’s true.  Only Yu can prevent florist friars.”

  5. mtex 4 years ago

    Fort Worth native, Brad Hawpe.

  6. Wow. When I see this I think of Triple Hawpes Brewed.

  7. I like the move. Always liked Hawpe. Used to be a force.

  8. He is will be a good upgrade for the bench.  Probably means no Prince now. Darn!!!

    • PhishTank 4 years ago

      I hardly think that Brad Hawpe is their chosen alternative to Prince Fielder. It’s a minor league contract and he probably belongs at #4 on the 1B depth chart (Moreland, Young, Napoli, then Hawpe). Probably #6 in the OF. 

      • I dont see why they didnt just trade for ianetta before the angels did. that way they could have kept moreland in the OF, and put napoli at 1B and theyd still have a decent hitting catcher who has a strong arm in Ianetta

        • Rangersfan32 4 years ago

          Trade Moreland’s bat for Ianetta’s? No thank you.

          • Moreland would be playing in the OF according to his post. Perhaps you could try reading the post before trying to sound smart. The end result in these cases usually turn out quite the opposite for you I’m afraid.

          • Rangersfan32 4 years ago

            Where’s he gonna play? Hamilton is being moved to LF, Cruz is in RF, Gentry/Borbon will play CF of Texas wants to wait until June or so to call Martin up permanently. And before you say it, no Moreland cannot play CF and no Texas is not going to risk Hamilton getting injured in CF. So basically the only way trading for Ianetta makes sense is if you want to trade Moreland’s bat with Ianetta’s and make Moreland the 5th OF on the 25 man roster, which is just a ridiculous move to even think about. So again, no thank you.

          • IMmessingWITHyou 4 years ago

            nice rant… but still where does it say trade morland… admit your wrong and move on.. anyways how bout them angels!!!

      • Thizzie 4 years ago

        Or the first 1B option since Moreland’s best year is .250 with 15 and Hawpe is 2 yrs removed from the All-Star team and before he got hurt he averaged .280 with 25 bombs so… and he could start in LF if Hambone can handle CF or come in for Josh or Nelly after they go on the DL.  FYI-Young will never play 1B again.  Martin will be in the minors, Hawpe is better than Murph, so I think your slighting what Hawpe will bring to this club.

  9. foxtown 4 years ago

    Where is “Triple Hawpes Brewed” on this one??

  10. Chioakcisco 4 years ago

    Where is TripleHawpesBrewed when you need him?

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