Beeston Talks Fielder, Rogers, Rays, AL East

Blue Jays president Paul Beeston recently discussed the Blue Jays’ path to contention with Stephen Brunt of Here are some highlights from their conversation, which touched on many off-field topics:

  • Beeston says Rogers Communications, the telecommunications company which owns the team, intends to invest in the Blue Jays. “As much as they were maligned for not giving money for Yu Darvish or not giving money for Prince Fielder, the fact of the matter is: where we've needed a lot of money in the farm system and scouting, they've never held back,” Beeston said.
  • Fans can count on Rogers reinvesting money into the team, even if they don't fill the Rogers Centre every night, Beeston said. “That's the difference between us and the Tampa Bay Rays,” Beeston continued. “They're looking to bring their salaries down. We're looking to take our salaries up, because we know we have the resources to do it.”
  • Beeston intends to be more open with fans at times, though he and GM Alex Anthopoulos agree that leaking information to the public via the media is a competitive disadvantage.
  • The AL East features its share of contenders, but Beeston says he prefers the division to all others because it’s so competitive.

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