Padres, Cameron Maybin “Very Close” To Extension

10:43am: It's a five-year contract worth $23-25MM with a $7-8MM option for a sixth year, reports Hayes (Twitter links). The deal buys out Maybin's final pre-arbitration season, all three seasons of arbitration-eligibility, and one free agent year with an option for second.

9:54am: The Padres and Cameron Maybin are "very close" to a contract extension, reports Dan Hayes of The North County Times. Maybin is a Brian Goldberg client. Terms are unknown, but the deal is likely to be announced later today. 

Maybin, 24, enjoyed a breakout season in San Diego last summer after being acquired from the Marlins for Ryan Webb and Edward Mujica. He hit .264/.323/.393 with nine homers and 40 steals overall, but like most players he was much more productive away from Petco Park: .294/.349/.457 with seven homers. Maybin is also considered a strong defensive center fielder, ranking third at the position with a +9.5 UZR in 2011.

The two sides have been talking about a long-term extension most of the offseason. Ben Nicholson-Smith suggested that the five-year contract worth $21-22MM could work for both parties back in January. Maybin will be arbitration-eligible for the first time after this season and can not become a free agent until after 2015.

As our Extension Tracker shows, the Padres have not signed a player to an extension longer than three years since Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young in April 2007. Jake Peavy signed a three-year, $52MM extension in December 2007 and Jason Bartlett signed a two-year, $11MM deal last January.

This post was originally published on March 3rd.

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  1. Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

    Been waiting to hear this all winter.

  2. tomymogo 3 years ago

    risky after only one good season

    • Guest 3 years ago

      expensive after two good seasons

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        2? He has had 1 and otherwise? Been rotten. I hope the sunny weather on the West coast is better for him than the sunny weather on the east coast as far as his playing career, or the padres just flushed money down the tubes if they are signing the player I watched from ’08-10.

        Good luck.. he showed a brilliant glove and flashes from time to time.. No doubt, but that quick turn a round.. Just dunno…


        Read your post wrong..Apologies.. Was thinking it initially said Maybin had 2 good seasons.. now i see Maybin was getting paid well after 2 yeas.

        • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

          Easy too struggle when after every 150 AB’s an organization sends him down and benches him

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            If had watched him play those 300+ AB? Would have understood more in 2010.. he was lost at the plate. They were better off with the defensively weaker Cody Ross both seasons, but far better hitter.

          • NickinIthaca 3 years ago

            He’s also just now 24. He’s been bounced between the bigs and the minors since being called up as a 20 year old (if I remember correctly). They’re paying him based on what they project him to do not on his past performance. Hopefully he continues to grow and it works for both sides.

          • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

            That’s not how you devolop players, plenty of players have a weak start to the bigs and don’t really know what they are doing, you learn with experience which the Marlins didn’t let him do. Similar to the Rizzo situation with the padres.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Rizzo missed development time, which a power hitter like himself needs more time to develop in the minors on many occasions and I agree, plus was just a season and a half back from a battle with his life with Hodgkins disease as well.

            Hoyer knew this also and is surprising he let him go, IMO cheap to the Cubs.

            SD may rue the day they made that deal, as he was THE one disliked the most going to SD, even over Kelley in the Gonzalez deal.. he was still a viable choice as a DH, even moving to another position as he was young enough still.

  3. I believe that Maybin is eventually in line for a Mike Cameron-type career.  Maybe a few more steals and a few less HRs.  But the tools are there, as is the value.

  4. MetsMagic 3 years ago

    Two of Maybin’s closest comparisons through age 24 (according to BR) are Lou Brock and Bernie Williams. Those two players aren’t exactly similar to each other, but I can totally see Cameron having a career like Bernie’s. Wouldn’t that be something…

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      No doubt and as many reservations as I have about his longevity with the bat lasting? i see him more inline as a Omar Moreno type.. Blazing speed, only Maybin chases a few more pitches (or did with the Fish) than Moreno did and IMO.. Is a tad better with the glove..

      Both are comparable and as negative as have sounded towards him here.. Do hope the guy succeeds, same with Willis who was acquired in the Cabrera deal, they are both good stories.

      What little pop Maybin had is going to go away at petco.. It’s just too big and really hope he shortens up his wing, if he hasn’t already done so and uses the gaps more like Moreno did so he can take advantage of his legs.

      IMO? Maybin can steal 70+ bases a season **IF** he can learn to control the K zone.

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