Phil Dumatrait Retires

Phil Dumatrait has voluntarily retired and been released by a Twins, reports Tyler Mason of (on Twitter). The team has confirmed the move.

Dumatrait, 30, had a 1.15 ERA in 15 2/3 innings for Minnesota's Triple-A affiliate this season. He owns a 6.20 ERA in 151 career big league innings spread across 17 starts and 70 relief appearances for the Reds, Pirates, and Twins.

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  1. ColonelBoston 3 years ago

    Retired w/o ever really playing — impressive!

    • LayerCake 3 years ago

      Better than what you or I have done with our illustrious baseball careers

      • ColonelBoston 3 years ago

        Eh, not impressed by a “15 mins of fame” guy that’ll be a used car salesman next week…

        • Inactivebill 3 years ago

          I’m sure that’s OK with Phil, because he’s not likely impressed with you.

  2. Devern Hansack 3 years ago

    Tomorrow: Padres and Yankees both interested in Dumatrait.

  3. Joe Goodin 3 years ago

    Those were actually his AAA stats from 2011 according to Baseball-Reference

  4. Tacho Bill 3 years ago

    I was at a Pirates game when they were taking BP and Phil threw a ball for me in the stands. Thanks, Phil. 

  5. Gumby65 3 years ago

    Wait…wasn’t he my tax consultant?

  6. FieldofDreams 3 years ago

    He was a good bucco for a while there…all the best to him!

  7. At one time he was a hot prospect with the Reds, but of course that was back when the Reds had NO farm system.

  8. jiminnc 3 years ago

    Red Sox #1 draft pick in the first round in 2000.  Why isn’t that in the story?

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