Rangers Continue Working To Extend Hamilton

The Rangers continue working to sign Josh Hamilton to a long-term contract, GM Jon Daniels told Jim Bowden of ESPN.com and MLB Network Radio (Twitter link). Daniels didn’t reveal details, but confirmed that talks regarding the Moye Sports Associates client continue. 

Hamilton, 30, is off to a tremendous start. He has a league-leading 10 home runs with an impressive .376/.435/.703 batting line after 115 plate appearances. He’ll earn $13.75MM in 2012 before hitting free agency this offseason. 

The Rangers recently met with Hamilton’s agent, so there’s some optimism they’ll sign him long-term. Despite an alcohol-related relapse earlier in the offseason and nagging injuries, he remains one of the game’s elite players.

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  1. Havok9120 3 years ago

    Please resign him, please resign him, please resign him….

    What? No, I’m not a Rangers fan. I just don’t want the the Rangers in the bidding for Swisher at the end of the season. Or, less likely, for Randy Levine and/or Hank Steinbrenner to break out of their cages deep beneath YSIII and sign him to a 6 or 8 year deal.

    • Madman2TX 3 years ago

      Uh…no problem there. The Yankees are welcome to Swisher. He’s no Josh Hamilton.

      • Havok9120 3 years ago

         No, no he isn’t. He also isn’t prone to injury or setting himself up for a monster payday. That’s really the only reason I prefer him.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         Swisher is a decent power hitter who can be signed (probably) on a budget. Agreed with you 100% Hamilton is a far better offensive player, but also think Hamilton is looking for, as well as will get from someone a 20mAAV over 4-5 year deal and NY isn’t going to hand that kind of deal out to Swisher and also probably try to retain him at a tad over half that AAV and 3 seasons.

    • The Rangers would be more inclined to pursue BJ Upton over Swisher.

      • I wouldn’t touch BJ with a 10 foot pole. Bad attitude, bad numbers. One of the most overrated players in baseball

        • Didn’t say I wanted him. I was just saying that I believe the Rangers would talk to him over Swisher.

          • chuckgreenberg 3 years ago

            I’ll take our in house options (Gentry or maybe Martin) and the opportunity to lock up Colby and
            /or Murphy with the saved $$. Not interested in a 32 year old Swisher. Let the old school teams overspend.

          • The original comment was the what if game of Hamilton leaving though. Surely you don’t consider Gentry a suitable replacement for Hamilton. lol

        • GriffeyandSizemore 3 years ago

          Who would you touch with a 10 foot pole?

          • 10 ft pole is a little much. 8 is more reasonable.

          • chuckgreenberg 3 years ago

            Reupping Colby Lewis and buying out Ogando’s arbitration years with a few club options.

          • Rangers aren’t bringing Colby back. Robbie Ross is a starter, Martin Perez may be ready next year, and Neil Ramirez should be as well. I love Colbyashi, but he’ll go where he can get the most security, and I have no problem with that. He’s earned it for sure. The Rangers just have guys ready to come up, and will probably opt for them instead of giving a 33 year old Colby Lewis 2-3 years. I’ll reiterate though…I love Colby’s experience he brings to this staff.

          • chico65 3 years ago

            I am currently unable to come up with a response to this comment that would not result in my banning

  2. Double_Up 3 years ago

    Yankees will not sign anyone of note as long as they keep guys until they are past the due date.  If ownership thinks this team is built to win, they should actually watch them.

    Hamilton has 2-3 strong years left, but more?

  3. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    Staying put is probably the best thing for Josh. I really hope this goes through, and I full expect Josh to be pretty flexible in order to fit in to Texas’ plans

  4. jwsox 3 years ago

    5yr 100mil is probably what it will be. when healthy josh could easily get a deal that tops kemps/ princes and might push up to albert considering he is an offensive beast and one of the better fielders at a truly premium position unlike prince and albert. BUT!! he cant stay healthy which is why I put it at 5 yrs 100 mill. anything over 5 years is a mistake and anything over 100 mill is an over pay. they should move him to right or even left field, he will get a good amount of time at DH thus hurting his over all value but again when healthy he is one of the best players in the game if not the best right there with kemp

    • chuckgreenberg 3 years ago

      Love this deal, but I imagine it’s going to be closer to 5 /115-120M.

      • thats what im thinking. especially if he wins MVP for the second time in 3 years. but more on the lines of 6 or 7 years for 120 to 140 million. he is going to want to retire where he goes next. so expect a fielder or even jason werth kinda like deal to happen. in the money range that is. its the only way the rangers will get him to stay.

  5. We better re-sign Hamilton soon. He just wrote Rangers history with 4 home runs in one game. The man is Roy Hobbs personified.

  6. 5-5 with 4 dingers and a double.  Sign em up…

  7. dieharddodgerfan 3 years ago

    If I am the Dodgers, I offer Hamilton 5 yrs/$125 million IF he gets to free agency.

    Got a sneaking suspicion that Hamilton ain’t making it to free agency, though.

  8. Madman2TX 3 years ago

    Hamilton injury prone is still 100x better than Swisher at his best as evidenced by last night’s game. Like comparing gold to pyrite.

  9. chuckgreenberg 3 years ago

    A .240 avg and .320 obp over the past three years is pretty pedistrian.Especially for someone who’s going to ask for 4 year + contact. I stand by my statement. Overrated, doesn’t play the game it should be played, and guarantee would not fit in well in a close nit Rangers clubhouse. Not worried because I know JD is way too intelligent to go after BJ.

  10. johnsilver 3 years ago

     I wouldn’t say Upton (BJ) is a bad player, but agree here with a couple of posters that some GM’s in the game (and fans) really over rate him an awful lot.

    BJ has slid offensively nearly every season since his tremendous ’07 season and does have an occasional attitude problem (as have posted before) and is prone to defensive lapses in the field on occasion when he feels like it, but most of the time is a tremendous defensive CF with a cannon for an arm.

    Now.. I also have a suspicion (unfounded and just my opinion) that BJ is one of those players who once he gets that big pay day will go downhill even further than he has and slack off on more occasions if he leaves his mentor figure of Joe Madden who has guided and kept him in line all along.

    There is a world of talent inside of BJ Upton, no doubt, but IMO he lacks what it takes to ever bring it out.

  11. LanceKlein 3 years ago

    He’s probably in the Top 5 arm strength wise, great speed, and has hit the ball well so far this season. Maybe he’s developing into the player he was supposed to be..

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