Padres Designate Jeff Suppan For Assignment

The Padres have designated right-hander Jeff Suppan for assignment, according to a team press release.  The move will allow the club to recall catcher Yasmani Grandal from Triple-A Tucson.

Suppan, 37, has a 5.28 ERA with 2.1 K/9 and 3.8 BB/9 in 30.2 innings of work this season.  The veteran inked a minor league deal with San Diego in February in a deal that paid just $950K for his promotion to the varsity roster.  Suppan spent 2011 with the Royals' Triple-A affiliate where he posted a 4.78 ERA with 5.1 K/9 and 2.8 BB/9.

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  1. CandyMaldonadoLand 3 years ago

    When will the old men learn that baseball is a kids game?

  2. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    So… Soup’s off?

    Why? Because someone had to say it…

  3. Padres4lif3 3 years ago

    Soup’s first two starts were great but it went downhill from there..Curious to see what Grandal can do! Were starting to see the pieces that came from the Latos deal. Now how about Moores stops being so greedy and sell the Padres to a Competitive owner with deep pockets.

    • Jeff Weissbuch 3 years ago

      Maybe the group headed by Phil Mickelson

      • Padres4lif3 3 years ago

        Mickleson group(O’Malley) or Gwynn group(Tull) would be great.

  4. johnsilver 3 years ago

    A long career of mediocrity paid off well for Suppan. No idea how he lasted this long, but it worked for some others.. Millwood and Marquis come to mind right off. Some teams always seem willing to give out large contracts for large amounts to people who pitch large amounts of innings (generally poor ones) at the back end of a rotation it seems.

    • Jeff Weissbuch 3 years ago

      He “stole” alot of money from the Brewers

  5. It’s call market price.

    Funny thing, one of the headlines to the side says that Padres just signed Jason Marquis, presumably to replace Suppan in the rotation, one would think.  

    Don’t matter how young the player is if he don’t know how to pitch.  

  6. BradyAndersonsSideburns 3 years ago

    2.1 K/9  … eeeeek!!

  7. LinusPauling 3 years ago

    making room for Jamie Moyer

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       Moyer would be an upgrade. he has what Tommy Hutton calls his “Dead Fish” ability to beat the Marlins at almost any time he faces them.. Without looking.. He had like 12 winds in a row over them at one time, even when they were not all that bad even. Almost as bad as when Wake used to master the Rays…

  8. Lastings 3 years ago

    I thought for sure this guy was going to be a Cy Young candidate this season…

  9. TheColoredHand 3 years ago

    I guess Supps NOT on,,his game!-Hey, someone already used no Supp for you, lol!

  10. Jeff Weissbuch 3 years ago

    Is Jeff offically done?

  11. jondogg2010 3 years ago

    900k for 30 innings of pitching. Must be nice 

  12. TommyL 3 years ago

    Supp-ose nobody tells Ned Colletti. Please don’t tell Neddy.

  13. Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

    Jeff must be stewing right now.

  14.  All the kids are hurt.

  15. HerbertAnchovy 3 years ago

    So… The kids aren’t alright?

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