Rosenthal On Dempster, O’s, Jays, Astros, Indians

Ken Rosenthal of has the latest from the rumor mill in a pair of videos, the Rosenthal Report and Full Count. Here's what's going on …

  • The Cubs are shopping starter Ryan Dempster to multiple teams, including the Dodgers. Chicago is willing to include significant amounts of cash in any trade in hopes of landing better prospects. Dempster has 10-and-5 rights, however, and thus can veto any deal, although he's willing to move to a contender.
  • The Orioles are pursuing starting pitching and scouted both Dempster and Matt Garza this week, although the Diamondbacks' Joe Saunders may be a better trade fit for Baltimore.
  • The Blue Jays are asking around for pitching help, although they may end up sellers before the non-waiver trade deadline.
  • The Astros are willing to listen on "virtually all of their players." Younger players like Jed Lowrie and third baseman Chris Johnson are all in play, although it would take a huge offer to pry away second baseman Jose Altuve.
  • The Indians are unlikely to make a move for a DH type like Vladimir Guerrero or Manny Ramirez. Their bigger need is a player who can play left field — perhaps someone like Carlos Quentin — but they first need to figure out where they stand with Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore, who are both injured.
  • The Marlins will have trouble bolstering their weak offense because of a depleted farm system. With Emilio Bonifacio injured, their most obvious need is center field. The Twins' Denard Span and perhaps the Phillies' Shane Victorino are potential targets.
  • The Angels no longer have room in the starting lineup for the injured Vernon Wells now that Mark Trumbo and Mike Trout have solidified the outfield, and one rival GM thinks Wells could be released when he's ready to return from the disabled list.

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  1. iheartyourfart 3 years ago

    it’s been a long year.  please don’t take carlos quentin away from us.

    • jwsox 3 years ago

      Trust me as a sox fan I know what your feeling. The guy is literally insane and awesome to watch he can carry an offense all by him self. But sooner or later he goes into a long slump and will be on the dl more than once this season he is having a great year right up there with his almost MVP season but he NEEDS to dh.

      • Stuart Brown 3 years ago

        He’s played in 14 games so far this year. He’s doing well, yes, but putting it up there with his MVP-caliber season is stretching it right now.

  2. One O’s fan opinion.   Want Garza!!    Don’t want Saunders or Dempster unless they are free.  

    • thesultanofswingandmiss 3 years ago

      Correction “Don’t want Saunders or Dempster.”

    • elock 3 years ago

      Ryan Dempster is a pretty darn solid pitcher.  I’m not saying he’s as good as Garza (though his numbers this season are better) and I would guess would cost the O’s less to get.

      • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

        he’s been luckier than garza this season, that is the only difference.

        • elock 3 years ago

          Are you saying they’re equal talent-wise but Dempster has been luckier this season, or do you believe Garza is pitching just as well this season, but has been unlucky?  I don’t know how much luck has to do with it.  Dempster’s stats in pretty much every category except K’s are better than Garza’s this season.  

          • Sky14 3 years ago

            Dempster has some numbers that are at a career best such as LOB%, BABIP, bb/9 and his fb/hr is his best as a starter. Most of these point to the likelihood that he will regress. As for Garza he seems to be a bit overrated. He has always been a high 3’s low 4’s ERA pitcher and compares to Dempster except that he is younger and has another year on his contract. 

          • He’s in a contract year. He won’t regress till next season.

          • cachhubguy 3 years ago

            Dempster will probably move to the mean, but that isn’t as bad ad you make it sound. He’s been a solid starter with the Cubs. Garza has been a high 3’s (never a 4).

          • Sky14 3 years ago

            I do not know where I said that it was bad but okay. Garza is currently at a 4.04 and his FIP and xFIP has mostly been in the mid to low fours.

  3. BitLocker 3 years ago

    So the Astros are rebuilding their rebuilding? Jesus.

    • Devern Hansack 3 years ago


    • Andrew Lujan 3 years ago

      jed lowrie is not part of our plans in the future. If we can spin him for a couple of good prospects, why not do it

  4. HolaAmigas 3 years ago

    If I was Jerry Dipoto, I’d bite the money loss and release Wells. This team is playing too well without him.

  5. Oh, please let it be true. Please release Wells.

    • Runtime 3 years ago

      The team is still on the hook for his salary…

      • Devern Hansack 3 years ago

        I think that still beats having Wells on the roster.

        • Runtime 3 years ago

          I think he’s owed 3 years @ 21m/year.

          That’s madness to just flush that.

          • vtadave 3 years ago

            It’s greater madness to roll his corpse out there however.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Boston does the same with mcDonald and they perform about the same. Still.. More upside with Wells (hard to believe as it is) if Anaheim releases him.. Boston should unload mcDonald and give him a try in the game of musical 5th OF..

          • McDonald isn’t payed 20mil a year.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             No kidding.. The term “unload” generally includes Anaheim paying Wells contract when they release him.. Then.. Most would figure that out…

          • $17867741 3 years ago

            Out of curiosity, does Wells’ no-trade-clause still apply in future trades? Previously, Wells decided to waive his NTC, thus allowing him to be sent to Anaheim.

            So the question becomes, is Vernon’s NTC still valid, or has it expired from the previous trade?

            And if the NTC is indeed ‘expired’, then the Angels should just package $50m and hope that someone is willing to execute a trade. It’ll be better than releasing a guy that is still owed $21m/year for another 2.5 years.

            However, I thought of the exact same scenario for Bobby Abreu, and that didn’t happen, so … … …

          • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

            he didn’t sign a new contract, so the ntc is still a part of his deal.

  6. Runtime 3 years ago

    I kind of feel bad for Wells. I met him once and he seemed like a really nice guy… and he wasn’t a bad player at all. He’s getting torn apart in LA.

  7. While, it’s true that Joe Saunders is a better fit prospectwise for the O’s.
    It’s more true that Saunder really wouldn’t help the cause in Baltimore.

    I would still rather get Volquez, Liriano, or if they really want to gamble get Colon from the A’s. I just don’t think Beane would give Colon away for free or salary dump him if you will.

    •  Not sure I follow the logic here. Saunders is an upgrade over every pitcher you mentioned for this season.

    • GasLampGuru 3 years ago

      The O’s might need as many as 2 SP if they want to stay in contention all year.  Matusz and Arrieta are both extremely hit or miss and there is no way on earth that Hammel will pitch this well all year long.  

      Saunders would fill a key role for the O’s because you know he’s going to take the ball every five days, he’s going to give you 6-7 innings every time out, and he will generally give you a chance yo win.  Also, his ground ball oriented approach to pitching would play well in Camden Yards.

      Volquez would be a hot mess in the AL East, and especially in Camden Yards.  He’s a flyball pitcher who always has men on base, not a good combination in some of the smaller stadiums in the AL East.  Teams like the Yankees, Rays, Sox and Jays would undoubtedly be in constant deep counts and he may never pitch more than five innings.

  8. WrigleyTerror37 3 years ago

    Indians want a DH that can play Lf also? May i intrest you in Alfonso Soriano? :)

  9. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    I bet the rival GM who speculated that Wells could be released is Anthopoulos.

    • Runtime 3 years ago

      Any GM that wastes $60m in releasing a player should be fired.

      • vtadave 3 years ago

        Chris – Are you a Rangers fan? Do you really think the Angels would be better off with Wells on the roster than say, Bourjos?

        • Runtime 3 years ago

          Nope. Jays fan haha

          But I still think they should get a little more mileage out of him… at least try to keep him on the bench or something.

          • Melvin McMurf 3 years ago

             how about single A minors for wells

          • Runtime 3 years ago

            Too much service time… can’t be assigned without his consent.

      • rsanchez1 3 years ago

        Well, he signed a 32 year old to a 10 year deal at $25M/yr, so don’t put it past him.

        • rjc 3 years ago

           you mean a 35 year old if we are going on real years and not Dominican years.

          • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

            is there a point to comments like this?

            if this is what passes for humour for you then thats pretty sad

  10. rsanchez1 3 years ago

    If the Marlins qcquire Victorino, they’ll have to make other decisions. Bonifacio is too good to bench behind Victorino, and Victorino is too good to bench behind Bonifacio. They tried playing Logan Morrison at 1B for a while. Acquiring Victorino will let them trade either Morrison or Gaby Sanchez for other help they might need. They’ll probably trade Gaby since they already sent him down to the minors once. Then they could put Morrison at 1B, and they could either leave Victorino in CF when Bonifacio comes off the DL and move Bonifacio to LF, or move Victorino to LF and leave Bonifacio in CF. I would be leaning to leaving Bonifacio in CF since he is more speedy.

    • Stuart Brown 3 years ago

      Bonifacio is a very versatile player. They will find a place for him if they do acquire a centerfielder.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      I don’t think Marlins have the prospects to get Victorino who would easily be the best bat/fielder on the block (yes, I know Quentin has more power but he is an injury threat).

      Maybe Dominguez, but he has done nothing but struggle the last couple years after that great 2008. But, if I’m the Phillies I start by asking for Yelich or Ozuna (I know it probably won’t happen because they are their best prospects, but the Phillies need a CF/OF or a 3B in this deal, or a great set up guy)

      • Dylan 3 years ago

        or Lomo (love that guy) — I know, I know, not gonna happen.

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        I don’t think Victorino’s going to get much back in the way of prospects.

        • Dylan 3 years ago

          Then, why trade him?

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

            He’s got the potential to get something back but nobody’s going to give up their best prospect for him. 

            I think it’s more realistic they trade Pence if they want real prospects to come back.

    • GasLampGuru 3 years ago

      The more likely scenario is moving Bonifacio to 2B and shifting their current 2B to more of a utility role, which he’s more suited to.

  11. Manny or Vlad would probably play left as well as Quentin. They’re just older

    • Double_Up 3 years ago

      Agreed, Vlad can play LF and can platoon there and at DH.  Not a bad choice at all.

      • OrangeCards 3 years ago

        I don’t understand why people are assuming Vlad can play LF. The arm MAY still be there, but the wheels are old and broken.

        •  Watching him play in Triple-A Las Vegas, he was winded pulling into 2nd on a double.  Old and broken indeed.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             Ortiz pulls that stunt quite often, then when he does it? It’s called being lazy and just not running hard, even in close games and he does it at least a couple times every year getting thrown out on the bases from “dogging” it. Like last night in Chicago when he should have scored on that walk after Salty doubled with 2 outs to the gap.

  12. richardb21 3 years ago

    Altuve isn’t going anywhere. He’s only 22 and part of the rebuilding process and if he was traded the fans would be in uproar again just like after the Pence trade. The management group won’t want to upset already upset fans. Rosenthal’s just trying to start something. Lowrie might bring back something decent but Johnson won’t bring back much.

    • Matt_P102 3 years ago

      The Nats need an offensive upgrade at second base. Suppose they offered one of Espinosa/Desmond, one of Goodwin/Meyer, Detwiler and Daniel Rosenbaum. Do you really say no?

  13. Been a LONG time since I’ve heard about the Orioles pursuing a key player in June!

  14. maybe the pirates could get llawrie but as long as it wouldnt cost much.

  15. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

    With three starting pitchers out, the Blue Jays may need to buy someone to throw innings-wheter they are hoping to stay in contention or if they are throwing in the towel on the year. Ideally, anyone thy get should be under control for more than this season.

  16. mgsports 3 years ago

    Marlins also have Hand,Sanbiana,Colghan and so on to give up and neeed a Upgrade in CF because Cousins or Peterson won’t do it.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       Chris Coghlan has a hard core case of Dave Stapleton-itis (google him if you want) in that each regressed each and every year they played in the big leagues.

      Coghlan has nearly no value and I say that as fan of the Marlins. he would be on the back of the bench if the rest of the OF was not so decimated by injuries and lack of support, IF even playing out there etc…

  17. Robb Logan 3 years ago

    As an Angels fan I would rather keep Wells and drop Bourjos on a team for some bp arms. Bourjos will never be a good or even decent hitter. He is a Jeff Mathis with the stick in my eyes with better wheels. Since dropping Wells would require the Halos to eat that fat contract just plop him on the bench. I trust him far more than Bourjos and the return for Bourjos who so many prize for some stupid reason could be far better for the Angels long term.

    • PrinceFish27 3 years ago

      Bourjos was worth 4.3 fWAR last season. Jeff Mathis has -1.1 fWAR for his career.

      • Robb Logan 3 years ago

        WAR means squat to me. Just another statistic from the minds of baseball. Bourjos overall play is what I look at and it is not good at the plate. Wells is not good either but realistically you wont get a thing for Wells while you will for Bourjos who will not crack the lineup if he cannot produce. Also look more into Bourjos in his short MLB career and take away May-July of last season and Bourjos is about equal to what Wells is producing. Sorry, he is a no talent guy who is highly sought after. Trade him now while the price is high and hope you get good working parts for many years to come. 

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