Cardinals, Fuentes Close To Deal

Left-handed reliever Brian Fuentes is likely to join the Cardinals, sources told Jon Heyman of  The veteran had interest from six teams following his release from the A's, including the Cards who considered trading for him after he was designated for assignment.

Earlier tonight, Cardinals GM John Mozeliak confirmed that the club reached out to Fuentes' agents at the Beverly Hills Sports Council, writes Jenifer Langosch of  Heyman notes that the pairing makes sense as Fuentes hoped to join a winning team once he hit the open market. 

Fuentes, 36, struggled in 25 innings for the A's this year, posting a 6.84 ERA with 6.5 K/9 and 3.6 BB/9.  For his career, Fuentes owns a 3.58 ERA with 9.4 K/9 and 3.7 BB/9.

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  1. mlbbaseball 3 years ago

    Lol, freak out… I’m fine with it solely as a compliment to Rzep and solely against lefthanded hitters.

  2. DT Flush234 3 years ago

    Hoping he signs for the minimum that’s a low risk.

    • Jimbo504 3 years ago

       pro-rated league minimum is all he can make, pretty sure…

      • CraKo56 3 years ago

        I think they were specualting somewhere around $500k.  The A’s still owe him a pretty handsome amount though.

  3. how could he possibly help?

  4. Tim Valencia 3 years ago

    Takes away padres trading thatcher.

  5. Can’t be wore than Zep. I say send Zep down and see what Barret Browning has to offer.

    • Justin 3 years ago

      Scramble is good.

    • BranchRickeysGhost 3 years ago

      He is worse than Rzep.  He is JC Romero, The Sequel.

    •  Wasn’t this guy really good in Colorado? remember, the AL is a much better hitting league then the NL. Maybe him coimng back to the NL will help, and maybe he can be that dominate-esque pitcher again.

      • That’s my thinking.

      • Kendall Adkins 3 years ago

        Then why did the NL just score 8 more runs than the AL in a matchup of their best hitters (Because we all know defense doesn’t make you an all-star these days)? 

        • However about a month before the game the AL destroye the
          NL in inter league play.

          • Brian Young 3 years ago

            the al wins every year in inter league.. the nl wins when it really counts like ya know, the world series and such 

    • bighiggy 3 years ago

      i agree, browning has been good, this whole idea of bringing in a veteran just because he’s a vet  is stupid, if a rookie is producing, why rock the boat.browning looked good tonight then they took him out and ludwick got a triple, i dont understand?

  6. Duncan may be able to straighten himout.

  7. Rich Sanderson 3 years ago

    it cant be any worse than the bullpen we have now….I like the idea of keeping browning up here and sending scrabble back to memphis..let him get some re-tooling down there..I’m not missing Tony at this point, but I ever missing Dunc!!!

  8. cardcorky 3 years ago

    That’s REALLY an upgrade there. Does Mo not realize D. Duncan, is in fact, gone?? Surely, more moves will be made for b.p. help. The last 3-4 days before deadline is what I’m waiting for. One possibility 4 a top of rotation starter, I’m sure “wishing”, I know.

  9. CraKo56 3 years ago

    I think it is crazy right now to not heavily pursue Cole Hamels.  He is 28, we need a top of the rotation guy while Wainwright continues to get back in his groove, and I think he would have plenty of interest signing long term.  Hi wife, a Cardinal honk,   is from Buffalo, MO and they are in Springfield most of the offseason, so wifey would approve. Greinke would be nice, just don’t see the Brewers making that deal in the division.  The bottom line is, our rotation is lacking which hurts our bullpen and the Cardinals, who saved a lot of money this offseason if you’ll remember, need to make a big splash at the deadline.  A Paul Maholm type just isn’t enough.  They didn’t make #5 the offer because they wanted to remain competitive for the long run, they need to land a shark here.

  10. Cheeseballs 3 years ago

    Minor league deal, please…

  11. BranchRickeysGhost 3 years ago

    Say hello to the St. Louis Cardinals, where all washed up relievers come to die.

  12. Tmobo 3 years ago

    Stop signing these wash-ups and look to AAA for help. Thats what we have the minors for. After coming off a world series win lets try to see what our minors bring to the table in the bigs. Let them get a little taste and they will be hungry for more. Lets see what we have and go from there. No sense in signing someone when we have the talent in house. Save the money for signing what we have for years to come. Sometimes MO doesn’t think inside the box sometimes he’s too far away

    • Alex Foltz 3 years ago

      you know we’ve already called up quite a few guys from AAA. I think Memphis is getting a bit short itself, so this very well could be a minor league deal for Fuentes

  13. Jeffy25 3 years ago

    The commenting on this site is just horrible sometimes.

    1. This is a low-risk signing, costs the cards basically nothing. They have always wanted Fuentes and he is a solid back loogy. Big deal. It’s a good deal with little upside. It could help a lot.

    2. The cards do not have the money to go after a hamels or grienke level pitcher, and hamels wife being from Missouri doesn’t mean a thing.

    You don’t give up top pitching prospects for a two month rental when you are a perennial playoff team. That is insanely stupid unless you are confident you can re-sign the guy. Neither is going to be in st Louis next year. They will be sought after and someone will overpay for their services. Let them.

    3. The offensive difference between the AL and the NL even with the DH is minimal. About 4 points in Obp, and about 20 points in slugging percentage, and the pitcher hits. So quick acting like there is this huge difference by changing leagues. The difference is facing guys that you don’t know and that don’t know you. That is it.

    4. Fuentes is a former all star who isn’t that old yet. He should be serviceable for the remainder of this year. If he doesn’t pan out he will get released and cost us very very little. At worst, maybe he blows us a game. That is a risk worth taking on someone who was still good just last year and was released after only 25 innings this year. You know who else has had a bad 25 inning stretch this year? Every single pitcher in baseball, including Lynn, garcia, and wainwright. Don’t make snap judgments on such a tiny sample size.

    It’s surprising he was ever even released.

    • Alex Foltz 3 years ago

      I agree on all your points except the last one. As an A’s fan, I’m glad Fuentes is gone. At the same time, since the A’s are paying him the majority of his earnings this season, it’s a great signing for the Cards for the reasons you mentioned.

  14. California_RedBirds 3 years ago

    I’m not too excited about Fuentes potentially signing with St. Louis but if he is signed to ONLY pitch to left handed hitters, ok whatever. Hopefully this is only one piece to the bullpen and more are on the way because right now Marte, Rzep, & Salas aren’t getting it done. 

  15. James Knox 3 years ago

    Those who say the money is there, I wouldn’t let you near handling  my finances. The money isn’t there. Hamels and Grienke are bnot payroll friendly fixes. It appears Allen Craig is the Cards future at first, and Freese, of course, at third. Those two you have to sure up long term. Lohse is also a free agent after this year. The way he has pitched this year, you have to reward him, he wants to stay here. A long term deal for Lance Lynn has to be thought about too. An all-star this year, he will be a highly sought after commodity. Trade Matt Adams or another nice prospect and maybe get a Francisco Liriano, who is on the block as well. Perhaps a Wandy Rodriguez, the Astros won’t mind the deal, because after this year, they aren’t in the NL anymore, let alone the division. I wouldn’t expect a big splash this year with a huge starting pitcher (i.e. Hamels or Grienke). Remember Mo made a so-so deal last year, and we won the series!

  16. thegoldenone 3 years ago

    Please tell me he is be signed to be the BP pitcher because that is all he is good at anymore.

    Those that say he is low risk, umm ok if you figure that giving away games is low risk.

  17. rainyperez 3 years ago

    “Feeling a little run deprived? Not giving up enough home runs? Well you’re in luck order your very own Brian Fuentes! You can be sure he will raise your bullpen’s ERA to astronomical heights! Get one now before supplies run out.” 

  18. Jdobb 3 years ago

    As a Cardinal fan I am happy to give him a chance and hes starting in the Minors. If the guy cant do it anymore he will gone and this is his last chance. Im excited to have him.  

  19. Justin 3 years ago

    They have the royals

  20. cardsfan1988 3 years ago

    Well we have Westbrook, Lohse, and Berkman all coming off the book after this season and that is roughly 30million…then after next season we will have Carpenter and Beltran coming off the books…so there is plenty of money available

  21. adieuordie 3 years ago

     Yeah they really won’t have a lot of money available.
    I think there’s a chance though that Westbrook declines the option, nullifying the buyout. He’ll turn 35 years old at the end of the season and depending on how he finishes this year, he may jump for a chance at a multi-year deal on the open market, even if the AAV is a bit under $8.5M.
    I would expect McClellan to be non-tendered due to the concerns surrounding his elbow and shoulder. I just don’t see them paying him the $3M or so he would be due in arbitration. Then they would probably re-sign him for around $1M.
    I also expect Mo to attempt to lock up Freese throughout his arb years at least, and maybe even before the season ends.
    Also, something I haven’t seen mention of is Jon Jay’s chances of super two status. He’ll finish the year with two years and 134 days service time, the exact minimum for super two status. Not sure if he’ll make the cut or not but they may have to plan for that too.

  22. California_RedBirds 3 years ago

    No chance Holliday leaves St. Louis especially this offseason. He’s still a stud hitter and it would be foolish to deal him. Craig can stay at 1st for the time being and platoon with Beltran if he really needs OF playing time. Adams could be a hot commodity at the deadline, so Craig could very well be 1b of future. Just a thought

  23. Trout Almonte 3 years ago

    Thank you for being oblivious to the joke.

  24. Alex Foltz 3 years ago

    So, Pujols needed Holliday to pair with him, but Craig won’t? What kind of sense does that make? Holliday isn’t going anywhere.

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