Cubs Rumors: Garza, Barney, Wood, Stewart

Pitching amid trade rumors yet again, 28-year-old Cubs righty Matt Garza blanked the Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field this afternoon, lowering his ERA to 4.02 while being scouted by the Yankees, Blue Jays, Rangers, Tigers, Dodgers, and Pirates, according to ESPN Chicago's Doug Padilla.  With just over two weeks remaining until the trade deadline, Garza may have only a handful of starts remaining as a Cub.  The latest on the club:

  • "The rumor mill can wait," Garza told reporters, because his wife is due in less than a month.  Garza knows he can't control the trade rumors, but noted that he is open to an extension. 
  • According to Padilla, the Tigers have asked about Garza, second baseman Darwin Barney, and starter Ryan Dempster.  Padilla says the Tigers' interest in Barney began over a month ago.  Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports first reported on that situation on July 6th, adding that "talks didn't progress." 
  • "It's nice to know people are interested but I want to be here," Barney told reporters including Padilla after powering the Cubs' victory today with his fourth home run.
  • Fan favorite Kerry Wood visited the Cubs' clubhouse today, telling's Rowan Kavner and other reporters he's enjoying his first summer off in 25-plus years.  Wood says his kids are still too young for him to ponder a coaching career.  The former strikeout artist hung up his cleats in May this year.
  • Third baseman Ian Stewart also made an appearance, expressing relief to reporters that a surgeon finally found the cause of his persistent wrist problems.  The solution involved removing a bone from Stewart's wrist, and he currently has no timetable for his return.  The 27-year-old's salary would likely remain in the $2.2MM range if the Cubs decide to tender him this winter and try again in 2013.  Including Stewart, Cubs third basemen have tallied a dismal .223/.297/.374 so far in the post-Aramis era.
  • It "wouldn't be cool" to see rotation-mate and mentor Dempster traded, Jeff Samardzija told Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday.  The Cubs are best-served trading Dempster now to clear a path for a Garza deal later this month, opined ESPN's Buster Olney earlier today.

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  1. JacobyWanKenobi 3 years ago

    Dempster is hot right now, but Garza should be the better investment. Dempster feels like he could implode at any second.

  2. Actually, Dempster doesn’t at all.  That being said, Garza is obviously the better investment.

    If 2-3 teams were in on Dempster, I could see him commanding a package similar to what Sean Marshall brought the Cubs.  If the reports are true and 10 teams are interested, I think the package could be 10-20% better than that.

    • The Marshall package was a good one, but will not even be close to the value we receive for Garza. Garza will command much much more then Marshall did. The reds were giving up on Travis Wood and gave us a AAA OF in Sappelt that at best is a mlb 4th OF. Torreyes was the steal of that trade as he could be the starting 2b for us come 2014. And none of them were top prospects of the Reds. Garza will get us back probably 2 top 10 prospects from a team. 

  3. JRC 3 years ago

    Garza signed by Yankees, news at 11… :-) 

    • ctothed 3 years ago

      They can’t sign him, they can only trade for him…  unless you think they are going to trade for him and sign him to an extension that quickly.

  4. Eric Foster 3 years ago

    About time something goes the Cubs way.
    Dempster is still a rental. Albeit an expensive one, based on his amazing season so far. But there are so many potential buyers with deep farm systems.
    And Garza has underperformed, this year…But success in the AL East, good strikeout numbers and a lack of run support will command a NICE return a team for looking to win now and contend next year. He should bring back a similar bounty than the Cubs gave up for him.
    LaHair isn’t a big picture piece. Barney is a hardworking little grinder, but he’s not a factor for the competing 2015 version of the Cubs.
    Anyone in the bench or pen can go. See if a team will overpay for Russell. 

    If Jed does this right, the suddenly strong farm system in position players could be added to, along with an impact TOR arm and a few high impact arms in A ball.

    I’m really excited for this team to rebuild, and to see some of these kids in the farm system flourish. 

    • TyMxx 3 years ago

      You and me both man. It’s going to be nice seeing some young talent come through our system and be the foundation of our club instead of relying heavily on free agents. 

      • Guest 3 years ago

        It’s refreshing, especially after the Jim Hendry era.  But then I realize that after July 31st, this could be a really awful baseball team.  Although, they’ve been playing well as of late.

        • Eric Foster 3 years ago

          Yeah, any team where Casey Coleman is even in the discussion as a starting pitcher…Bad News Bears.
          I want a really bad season. I want to see Jackson in September. Even with the K’s.
          The #1 pick next year would be another great asset.

          Rizzo gave them a spark, but this team should become a skeleton crew after the trade deadline and waiver claims.

          I’m excited for a trade where the big return isn’t Blake DeWitt.
          I do not miss Hendry.

      • Eric Foster 3 years ago

        Exactly. The beauty of a big market built on a foundation of maintaining young talent. 
        There’s a lot to be excited about!

  5. ctothed 3 years ago

    To Williswinning

    You don’t know that.  A team that wants to win now and doesn’t seize the opportunity to have a guy pitching to the tune of a 1.86 ERA and IS currently the best pitcher in baseball, will have to have reasons as to WHY they didn’t add him.

    • williswinning 3 years ago

       HAHAHA, “IS” the best pitcher in baseball.  LOL, you’re slaying me over here.  As a fan I don’t want to give up prospects that aren’t that much better than the guys I’ve got.  Garza is better than our #5, heck he’d be our #4, but I’m content where we are.

      • ctothed 3 years ago

        As a fan of what team?  As of right now, Dempster is the best pitcher in baseball.  That is a fact argue away all you want.

        • stl_cards16 3 years ago

          “That is a fact because he leads the league in one stat that I can understand argue away all you want.”

          Fixed it for you.

        • williswinning 3 years ago

          6th in WHIP
          Tied for 9th in WAR
          6th in BB/9
          54th for K/9

          Only thing he is in first for is ERA.  But your right, he’s the best.

          Learn the game of baseball.

      • Guest 3 years ago

        Yeah, I think I’d take Dempster and Garza over Fister or Porcello.  

        • williswinning 3 years ago

           Well how’s that working out for the Cubs?  You can have them.  You keep saying you’d take them, well take ’em.

  6. slider32 3 years ago

    The Jays, Rangers, and Pirates have the best prospects for the Cubs. Hoyer will have to hope that at least 2 of those teams will be willing to give away some pitching prospects.

  7. well i wrote a response that said it needed approval first, here goes again. Whats wrong with that offer, this is for Demp not Garza, he is a rental. Smyly and Crosby are 2 good ml ready lefty pitchers. Brantly is their top C prospect and an area we really need. the kid is a great contact hitter who hardly ks and takes walks. Suarez is a real good A ball SS who has a plus bat and is a slick fielder. What do you expect us to get back on the rental?
    I expect the Cubs to get something better than 2 back of the rotation types, one of whom has shown a great ability to be nothing more than a hard thrower.  Crosby isn’t close to ready for MLB action.  His K/BB and WHIP are really quite bad.  Smyly overachieved greatly his first 6-8 starts and he’s a 4/5 at best.  The other guys are just filler, to be honest.

    Cubs will be offered something better than that, at least as far as upside, from some team.   Think about this: Crosby and Smyly being both back of the rotation types.  Cubs payroll next year (if Dempster/Garza are dealt) will be around 35m as it stands right now.  They could easily just go the FA route and gather up 4/5s like Maholm.  You don’t trade your 2nd best piece for them.  

    • well i suppose its one persons opinion that they are back of the rotation types. Detroit has had a problem with rushing their top pitching talents Porcello Bonderman etc. These are just growing pains for those kids, all are 23 or under that i mentioned and i wouldnt consider Brantly or Suarez just filler. And for me thats 40% of a future rotation to go with T Wood and Shark. Along with a Catcher who hits for average and can handle the staff. I dunno, no matter what people are going to hate the deal thats made and criticize it one way or another. Everyone has their own views on prospects and nobody is ever happy with moves their team makes because they value the guys they give up so highly. 

      • If your staff is Samardzjia, Wood, Smyly, Crosby plus whomever…you don’t have a single #1 or #2.  That doesn’t bode well for playoff odds.

        Also, no scout who publishes (Law/Goldstein/etc) consider Smyly/Crosby anything more than a #5 type…let alone a #4.  I am not alone in these opinions. 

  8. YODA777 3 years ago

    If I am the Tigers I do not want Barney,  he is not much better then Santiago.  I would much prefer they get Infante from the Marlins if he is available.  I am also not going to give the moon to the Cubs for Dempster. 

    • Ptk123 3 years ago

      Sounds like a nice way to make a already suspect infield defense even worse.

    • CubsFan5 3 years ago

      Except Barney can play defense and that’s what the Tigers need in the middle infield. 

  9. BillB325 3 years ago

    Why do people keep saying Garza’s price is three top prospects? Maybe it was in the offseason, but from what I’ve heard its two guys and probably a filler. To the stl_cards16 I apologize for any smack talking, not all cubs fans do. Back to baseball. If the Cubs got a deal that included Jacob Turner for Dempster and Barney I’d cry from joy. Unfortunately I know that won’t happen. As for Garza my most desired team would be the Braves.

    • CubsFan5 3 years ago

      Because he is signed through 13. Under the new CBA the team that gets him will get a pick out of him if they don’t resign him. Guys like Dempster, Hamels, Greinke, will not bring back a pick. 

  10. williswinning 3 years ago

     LOL, then you can keep him.  No one is over paying for rentals.  Keep dreaming.

  11. ctothed 3 years ago

    Draft pick if the Cubs keep him you mean right?  Because any team that signs him will know that per new CBA rule they get no comp. if he walks after the season.

  12. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    “Teams need to pay up if they want to win this year.”

    The idea that a pitcher like Dempster is going to carry a team to the playoffs in the ~10 starts he gets with a new team is crazy.  I’m not saying he’s not a solid pitcher, but even if he pitches REALLY well down the stretch, he MIGHT be the difference in 2 wins for a team.

    Also, I can’t picture the Cubs holding onto him and offering him a qualifying offer of almost $13MM for one year.  With him being 35 he might think that is the best he can do if he has to hit the market costing someone a draft pick.

  13. Holding aces?  Who?  Demp has had a great year this season but as a whole he’s been an average pitcher.  And Garza is a #3 guy at best.

  14. williswinning 3 years ago

    LOL, yeah everyone’s going to give you their best 5 prospects for rentals. I’ll bump this when you get 1 top 100 guy and a couple of mid level guys for Garza and less for Dempster.  BTW, my team has two top 40 guys and the futures game MVP.

  15. Eric Foster 3 years ago

    How many times do I need to repeat?
    Beltran for Wheeler.
    The market is changing.

  16. bmoneyy20 3 years ago

    not by aug 1

  17. JacobyWanKenobi 3 years ago

    This is true. I don’t even know who would be the safest bet of all trade candidates. Then again, you usually don’t win by playing it safe. What I meant with dempster is that I’m not completely sold on him yet.

  18. williswinning 3 years ago

     Three, LOL.  I wouldn’t give you our #3 guy alone.  Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  19. slider32 3 years ago

    The Yanks have no need for Garza or Dempster at this time.

  20. Ben_Cherington 3 years ago

    This is lunacy!

  21. Sky14 3 years ago

    Three top prospects for Garza? He’s a solid pitcher but if that what Theo’s asking then I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a Cubs uniform next year.

  22. williswinning 3 years ago

     If you can’t figure it out from Futures game MVP then I don’t know what to tell you.

  23. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    “Dempster will not get that type of large contract anymore”

    Exactly.  The Cubs will have to offer that to get draft pick compensation for him leaving.  That’s the reason they will take the best offer they get and trade him.  The whole “they don’t have to trade him” is a bad idea.

    “Dempster might be the pitcher who beats the Cardinals for that last playoff spot.”

    He could be.  He’s still not going to be the reason why a team is making the playoffs.  I’m not saying Dempster isn’t a good pitcher.  He can help a team pick up an extra game or two if they have a poor 5th starter.  That said, I’d never consider giving up a top 50 prospect for Dempster.

  24. williswinning 3 years ago

     The Tigers

  25. gcheezpuff 3 years ago

    His team is the Tigers, which is funny because they are currently the team with the biggest connection to Garza. He is crazy to think 1 top 100 prospect nets Garza…. Maybe Demp, but every report has garza listed as the most valuable pitcher on the market, especially considering Greinke and Hamels might get extensions and not be moved. He is not the best pitcher on the market, but because of past success in AL east and control, he will net the biggest return. Garza will net at minimum (2) top 10 organization prospects with probably 1 or 2 lower rated pieces as well. If he goes to Detroit, either Turner or castellanos will end up with the Cubs, if they package him with Barney Cubs will get both.

  26. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Who was the last team to win the World Series that picked up a big time SP at the trade deadline?

  27. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Cub fan talking smack!  Only on the World wide web!

  28. TyMxx 3 years ago

    Seriously. Hopefully, they get hot now though so they feel compelled to trade Turner and/or Castellanos. 

  29. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Better go back a little more.  Philly won it in ’08.  Before Lee or Halladay were brought in.

    That is a really good point, though.  See how much great pitching increases your chances?

  30. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Cub fan talking smack!  Only on the World wide web!

  31. burtonbball88 3 years ago

    And that’s why you’re not a GM. If a team has a dominent rotation, they can go deep into the playoffs. I’d say most of the teams in playoff contention could use Garza right now. And if Dempster keeps pitching like he does now a team could win 3 games in the playoffs. That is a huge deal. And if it’s means a chance to win 3 more games in the playoffs, then teams will pay up. Especially when a ton of teams want the players, and they have player blocking the prospects at the positions like Miguel Cabrera is blocking Castellanos.

  32. Guest 3 years ago

    No need to be sarcastic, you all ready admitted you’re a Tigers’ fan elsewhere in this thread.  Your team needs some pitching to win the AL Central.  

    You need to understand the Cubs hold all the cards here.  With 10 teams bidding for Dempster, I’d imagine 9 of those teams would want Garza after Dempster is off the market.

    Oh, and not everyone follows the Future’s game, internet tough guy.

  33. burtonbball88 3 years ago

    Doesn’t change the fact that teams will still trade talent for a pitcher at the deadline.

  34. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    “he could win 3 games int he playoffs”

    I can’t believe it’s that easy.  I wonder why more teams haven’t figured this out.  I hope the Cardinals guy the farm for Dempster.

    If you read the conversation it’s strictly about Dempster.  Obviously Garza holds a lot more value than Dempster does.

  35. airohpue13 3 years ago

     Actually Cabrera is not blocking Castellanos. Castellanos has been starting games in right field in erie since the all-star break. You would be crazy to think the tigers would deal castellanos in a deal for Garza or Dempster, dream on.

  36. burtonbball88 3 years ago

    If he keeps pitching like this he could. COULD is the key word. It mean that he may, but it could also mean that he may not. It does not change the fact that teams will deal for him. As much as you hate it, the Cubs will get value for Dempster. You can troll around all you want on nothing related to Cardinals stuff and say whatever, but you cannot deny the fact that the Cubs will get value.

  37. TyMxx 3 years ago

    Yeah they need to. His value is not going to get any higher. I curious to know what Jed and Theo think would be fare compensation.

  38. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    I NEVER said the Cubs wouldn’t get value for Dempster. I’m not just saying this about Dempster.  Go back and read my comments.  I’m basically say a “Dempster like pitcher” is not worth giving up top prospects for.  Never said a team won’t do it just teams shouldn’t.

     I’m not trolling, I’ve been on every thread on MLBTR since 2007.   My comments were nother personal about the Cubs and have NOTHING to do with me being a Cardinals fan.  So slow down before you start beating on your chest just because you see a Cardinal fan and actually read what was written.

  39. williswinning 3 years ago

    And Garza will be gone, but not for the price you’re asking for.  They were just discussing Dempster on out local sports talk radio.  ZERO callers would give up ONE of our top guys.  I’m not an internet tough guy.

  40. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Never once said a team won’t overpay for Dempster and Garza.  Just pointing out that when a team goes “all in” and overpays for the top starter available, they usually don’t get rewarded.

    Also doesn’t change the fact that he was wrong.

  41. williswinning 3 years ago

     Yes, I agree that would be the package, 100%.  But he won’t get 3 top prospects.  He’ll get a top 100 guy, and a couple mid level, top 10 organizational yes, but only top 300.

  42. I wouldn’t personally give up 1 top 100 guy for Garza.  He’s a solid pitcher but so overrated for me.  Pass.

  43. natural_light 3 years ago

     Well then bye bye Barney and Garza. Hello Turner and Castellanos.

  44. williswinning 3 years ago

     Won’t happen.  Turner, Oliver/Crosby, and and maybe Brantly.  You won’t get more than one of Turner, Castellanos, Rondon and Garcia.  You can get two if you throw in Barney.

  45. I believe Cubs only get a draft pick for Dempster if they make a qualifying offer.  I read elsewhere that’d be like 12m per season.  Dempster easily signs that if the Cubs offered…he loves Chicago.

  46. burtonbball88 3 years ago

    But he could be worth it. He certainly isn’t going to hurt their chances. If he wins three games in the playoffs, he will be worth it, especially to a team that could lock him up, and have a player blocking the prospect. It doesn’t just have to be a WS team either. Teams have gone far into the playoffs because of a deadline deal. That is also a form of success.

    “Cub fan talking smack!  Only on the World wide web!”
    Stop acting innocent. CubsTalk is obviously not a genius of Cub fan, so why go after him and try to devalue something exciting for Cub fans.

  47. That’s fine, but a couple of obvious points.  A) Your fans don’t make roster decisions, last I checked.  B ) The Tigers will enjoy watching October baseball from home if they don’t acquire at least one SP.  If you haven’t noticed, there is not exactly a plethora of good pitching available outside of the Cubs and then the big maybes of Greinke and Hamels.

  48. ImperialStout 3 years ago

    And while I mostly agree with you, I must say that citing sports talk radio isn’t going to help your cause.

  49. So none of willis’s radio buddies would give up a top guy.  Quick question-how many of them are MLB GMs?  That’s not relevant whatsoever to any facts regarding the trade deadline, willis.  Dempster leads the NL in ERA.  Not an opinion-a fact.  Dempster has a 33 inning shutout streak-a fact.  Those are what matters-not whether or not the guys in your fantasy league like Dempster. 

  50. burtonbball88 3 years ago

    But professionals paid to put winning teams on the field still do it. You’re probably right, they must all be wrong.

  51. salary arbitration has to be offered and declined in order to receive compensatory picks. Dempster wouldnt decline arbitration from the cubs if he was offered it. 

  52. You’re probably right.  I’ve thought/said for a long time that the Tigers are one of the worst fits because outside of their top 2 prospects, you have a lot of nothing special.  I think you’re crazy if you put Rondon and Garcia in the same zip code as the other two.  You do realize that Rondon is a reliever, right?  

  53. its gonna be dempster barney and some other piece for smyly crosby brantly and eugenio suarez, just my prediction

  54. williswinning 3 years ago

     I still like our chances without either.  I think all 5 of our pitchers are better than Dempster.  Garza would be good, but as I said, “Turner, Oliver/Crosby, and and maybe Brantly,”  nothing more.  Throw in Barney you can have Rondon or Garcia as well.

  55. This is exactly it.  If 12 teams are legitimately interested, the Cubs are going to go above “normal” market value for a rental SP, even one who is good.  

    I really smell a Dempster/LaHair to LAD for something like Lee, Reed, and Gould.  

    And Cub Nation would rejoice.

  56. If that’s all it is, I’ll puke.  If jedstein can’t beat that package, they need to take a vacation.

  57. williswinning 3 years ago

     Rondon can throw 102 and was rated #8 in actual results in the first half.  Castellanos was #6.  Garcia is as strong as Cabrera, and built just like him.   We won’t trade him, we don’t care what scouts outside the organization say.  A guy who hits the ball 430 feet the opposite way can be a great player.

  58. Garcia never had more than 11 home runs at any level.  6’4″/240 at age 21?  He’s not going to have a position by the time he’s 25.  Classic hometown overrating there.

    Rondon may have a good arm, but very young guys who are already pigeon-holed as RP’s have drastically reduced value in trades.  

  59. ImperialStout 3 years ago

    There are stats for being on a roll and are better than ERA in judging their ability to pitch well. Use his babip and his fip to determine this.

  60. williswinning 3 years ago

     Yes becuase you know more than our GM about who’s untradeable and who is not.  Good call.  Garcia is untouchable per Dave Dombrowski. 

  61. And that’s fine.  Dave D. can do whatever he’d like.  Doesn’tmean he isn’t overrating his own player.

  62. And everyone knows GMs NEVER speak untruths or posture this time of year…

  63. gcheezpuff 3 years ago

    Dombrowski may tag players untouchable and he may very well not trade for Garza or Demp, but with the lack of pitching on the market and the amount of teams set to buy, someone is going to overpay and the Cubs are going to bring in a haul. The tigers have some nice prospects, but they won’t get a front of the rotation starter without paying the price. I wouldn’t gut the farm for Garza either, but my team isn’t in contention… GMs do crazy things at the deadline and some of them get rings others get fired. Personal, I am hoping Texas or the Blue Jays enter the bidding for Garza as they match up better with the Cubs. I like Mike Olt better then Castallanos and would love him manning the Hot Corner at Wrigley. Castallanos may not stick at 3rd, but Olt brings the bat along with defense.

  64. williswinning 3 years ago

     Justy showing how much we are “panicking.”  We aren’t.  We underperformed becuase Jackson wasn’t here.  he is now.  Our #3 hitter and #2 starter was hurt.  We are not desperate by any means.

  65. Dempster’s FIP is 3.14.  Very, very good.

    His BaBip is quite low, but that, on its own, means little.

  66. Eric Foster 3 years ago

    That farm system can handle losing some talent.

  67. Nicolino and Syndergaard are the guys to get from the Jays, for me anyways

  68. Eric Foster 3 years ago

    I’d be pretty stoked by that.

  69. not me, lee is not all that impressive for their top prospect and doesnt miss bats. Gould would be good straight up for Lahair, that I would be very happy with. But personally i want to stay away from the dodgers at all costs. If we do deal with them we need to get Tim Federowicz back in a deal as well. But i still run from the dodgers.

  70. well i wrote a response that said it needed approval first, here goes again. Whats wrong with that offer, this is for Demp not Garza, he is a rental. Smyly and Crosby are 2 good ml ready lefty pitchers. Brantly is their top C prospect and an area we really need. the kid is a great contact hitter who hardly ks and takes walks. Suarez is a real good A ball SS who has a plus bat and is a slick fielder. What do you expect us to get back on the rental?

  71. I really hate how the messages shrink.  I’ll respond at the bottom of the thread.

  72. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    He’s the one that went out of his way to talk about standings and a score.  I thought that was funny.

    I’m not trying to devalue the excitement of the trade deadline and the Cubs picking up exciting prospects.  In truth, I follow the Cubs quite a bit and I’m not a Cubs “hater”. This is the most exciting part of the year for me.

  73. Why in the world would you prefer Smyly, et al over Lee?  Talk about unimpressive.

  74. because Lee has been hit bad at each level hes been at, shown no proof that he is dominant at all. the others have had success in the minors, much lower eras whips, higher k9 rates just look at the numbers. Regardless of them having a hard time this year in the bigs. Which like i said, detroit has rushed many of their SP prospects. Its expected to struggle a little once u get to the bigs, they will be fine.

  75. Sky14 3 years ago

    One move is hardly for the standard for all moves to follow. A possible outcome from the new CBA is less movement of the high-end rental players. Teams might not be willing to give up prospects more valuable than picks. Could be why Philly and the Brewers are trying to lock up their pitchers because the market isn’t offering what they normally would expect for that level of talent.

  76. natural_light 3 years ago

     Don’t waste your breath on the troll.

  77. Lee is also 20 years old at AA. Youngest pitcher at the level now.  His WHIP and K/BB have been good-to-great at each level.  Yeah, he’s struggled with giving up hits, but not to a crazy level…especially considering the parks they play in with LAD’s lower affiliates.

  78. lol that means nothing

  79. They don’t have the available ammo for either.  They aren’t dealing Tavares or Miller when his stock is down a bit.  They’ve got nothing too good after that.

  80. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    The Cardinals keep playing like this and they will be selling right with the Cubs in a couple weeks.

  81. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    yeah, they only had 7 players in the top 100 of Sickels mid-season prospect rankings…..

    The Cardinals system is probably top 5 in all of baseball.  They have the ammo but I doubt they are willing to send any of it to the Cubs.

  82. williswinning 3 years ago

    With Starlin Castro and Barney he has a 33 inning scoreless streak. You guys are on drugs thinking you’ll get more than the Jays got for Halladay.

  83. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    You think he would of outplayed Beltran to this point?  I’m not saying Beltran is better but putting Pujols in the lineup and taking out Beltran does not have the Cardinals in any better shape than they are today.  Troll on brotha

  84. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    yeah they’re horrible but you’re going to get a teams top 3 prospects for that youngster Ryan Dempster 😉

  85. They absolutely can trade him while on the DL.  

  86. that is just not true, commissioner just needs to sign off on it, and there would be no reason he wouldnt

  87. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    “If the Cardinals keep playing like this”

    What’s so hard to understand?

  88. Sickels is a joke.  Cards had 3 on Law’s Top 50 midseason.  Two I mentioned plus Martinez.  I’m not as high on Martinez, but I still stand by my statement.  

  89. How would Castro affect a 33 scoreless inning streak in a positive way?  Go to a Cubs board and his defense is ripped all the time.  Castro isn’t pitching or playing good D behind him.  Dempster is dealing, like it or not.  Is he pitching better than ever?  Better than anyone would have believed?  Of course.  But no one would have thought Sutcliffe would have gone 15 or 16-1 in 1984 either.  It’s baseball-it happens.  If you are a Tigers fan you should want that kind of good fortune on your team too.

  90. scott brecht 3 years ago

    Really?  All 5 are better than Dempster?  4 of your starters have more then twice Dempster’s ERA!  Good luck trying to ride Fister into the playoffs.  

  91. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    Tyrell Jenkins, Matt Adams, Kolten Wong , and Trevor Rosenthal are all probably  top 100 on most lists  Cox will be borderline top 100.   You can act like it’s not there, but for the first time in forever the Cardinals system is looking good.  Thank you Lunhow. 

  92. No chance that Adams and Wong are on 100 lists.  Just zero.  Cox stock has slipped even more.  It’s a good system.  It isn’t top 5 and a lot of their guys are slipping.

  93. WhatYearIsIt 3 years ago

    All the players the Cardinals picked up at the deadline probably only made a 2 win difference…2 very important wins. Think the Red Sox and Braves would have liked a couple more wins last year?

  94. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    haha what?

    Edit: The only one that’s slipping is Miller. The rest of the top prospects are performing as expected and making nice strides. A few of them at levels they shouldn’t even be at yet.

    Wong was BA and Sickels top 100 pre-season and now top 50 in both and having a huge year.  Adams was solid in his time in St. Louis and he was pre-season top 100.  Like I said, you can ignore it if you’d like or take Keith’s list like it’s the Law.

  95. DUH!  Come dude that last statement was pointless.  Of course you say King Felix and Weaver over Dempster.

  96. Eric Foster 3 years ago

    You’re right, it didn’t set the standard. However, it did illustrate the willingness to sacrifice the future to win now, and deal from a surplus.
    The Cubs will get a pretty decent return.

  97. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    The massive gap between his ERA and FIP, coupled with the low BABIP and his LD/GB/FB rates all being around his career norm tell me he’s been extremey lucky. His HR/FB % tells me that it’s quite possibly unsustainable.

    If his numbers balloon, however, I don’t think his FIP will move much. His numbers, including tERA and SIERA, really remind me of his 2008 season. Only thing that sticks out is the ERA.

  98. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    Doubt you’d get Syndergaard in a package for Garza, but Nicolino is a possibility.

  99. Agreed. I don’t see AA giving up any of the Lansing 3 for Garza.  If anything one of them could be part of a package for Upton.  

  100. cyberboo 3 years ago

    I’m trying to see the logic behind Garza has a proven track record against teams in the AL East.  Show me where!  When he pitches in a pitchers park, he has a winning record and a 3.42 ERA.  When pitching in a hitters ballpark, he falls apart and his ERA explodes to 5.43 with a losing record.

    Pitching against Texas, New York, Detroit, Boston, Anaheim, he has 13 wins and 27 losses as a member of the Tampa Bay rays.  Pitching against Baltimore and Toronto, who didn’t have an offense to speak of, Garza was 9 – 4, but his ERA was still 4.03.  Against the teams in the AL I mentioned, his ERA was 4.82. 

    In the NL, Garza has success in parks like Petco, Wrigley, that are geared to pitchers and his ERA is 3.25, with a 1.20 Whip.  Everywhere else that are hitters parks, his ERA is 4.42 with a 1.45 Whip.  He is a servicable number 3 at best on a weak rotation and a number 4 on a good rotation, which he was in Tampa Bay.  On the Cubs that didn’t have a pitcher any better than he was, he was slotted as a number 2.  Just because he is on a weak staff doesn’t mean he is an ace or a 2 pitcher. 

    That is why Garza will not be worth a top 100 prospect if he is traded at the deadline and fans that believe teams will sell the farm in the AL are delusional.  His record speaks for itself and the AL is built for the long ball, with mostly hitters parks, not pitchers parks, which is geared more to the NL’s philosophy of playing small ball.  The AL has 14 teams that have 1 – 9 guys that can take Garza deep any inning of the game, where the NL throws away 8 outs a game with the 8th spot being walked to pitch to pitchers.  That is a huge difference from the AL and explains why NL pitchers often struggle in the AL, but AL guys thrive in the NL. 

  101. natural_light 3 years ago

     So as so eloquently stated earlier the tigers will enjoy watching the playoffs from the comfort of their homes in October, because they may be too cheap to trade for a quality pitcher by the end of July.

  102. natural_light 3 years ago

     Guy you are out there if in your mind Garza is a #3 he would only be a #2 to a few pitchers in the majors one of them being Verlander.

  103. williswinning 3 years ago

     That’s fine with me.  But Dempster would be our #6 best starter.  I’m not trading for a bench player with a career year.

  104. ImperialStout 3 years ago

    Yikes.  He would be our #2 

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