MLB Suspends Beras, Approves Contract

MLB will uphold the $4.5MM contract between the Rangers and Dominican outfielder Jairo Beras, Yahoo's Tim Brown reports. However, MLB will suspend Beras for one year after determining that the prospect lied about his age. MLB has announced that Beras will serve a one-year suspension and that his deal with the Rangers stands.

The Rangers agreed to sign Beras in February, when many rival teams thought he was too young to sign. The Rangers operated on the belief that Beras was 17, while competing executives believed he was just 16. MLB launched an investigation in March to determine the validity of the deal.

Beras can attend the Rangers’ academy during the suspension, but he’s not allowed to play in any league until next July. Scouts considered Beras a top Latin American prospect before the Rangers agreed to sign him.

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