Potentially Available Second Basemen

MLB second basemen have combined to hit .255/.317/.381 for the first half of the season — hardly an impressive offensive performance. In fact, Robinson Cano, Aaron Hill and Ben Zobrist are the only three qualified second basemen with an OPS over .800 this year. Here’s a preview of the midseason trade market at the position:

  • Marco Scutaro, Rockies – Scutaro will likely be traded, Troy Renck of the Denver Post wrote last month. The 36-year-old infielder has a .285/.336/.385 batting line and considerable experience at shortstop. He earns $6MM this year and will hit free agency this coming offseason.
  • Orlando Hudson, White Sox – It's been a rough year for Hudson, who lost his roster spot on the Padres then his starting job on the White Sox. If a team were to call about the 34-year-old, the White Sox would presumably listen.
  • Darwin Barney, Cubs – Rival teams have asked about Barney, but there's no reason for the Cubs to rush a deal. Barney won't even be arbitration eligible until after the 2013 season and he has an acceptable .264/.309/.371 batting line.
  • Mike Fontenot, Phillies – Fontenot's playing time has been reduced since Chase Utley returned from the disabled list. He's now a bench player with a .329/.372/.384 batting line and the ability to play multiple infield positions.
  • Chris Getz, Royals – Getz, now on the disabled list with a leg strain, had been playing well before his injury and could draw trade interest this summer.
  • Kelly Johnson, Blue Jays – As long as the Blue Jays don't fall too far out of contention, Johnson figures to stay in Toronto.
  • Jose Altuve, Astros – Despite some speculation that Altuve’s available, it seems far more likely that they’ll hold on. Just because Houston’s headed for another 100-loss season doesn’t mean Jeff Luhnow will trade a controllable middle infielder who’s playing at an All-Star level.

MLBTR started previewing the trade market this week with a look at potentially available catchers and first basemen.

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  1. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Where is Punto’s name? Is there no give away bin??

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      i think the term for that is “designated for assignment” :-)

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         LOL. At least they didn’t go out and sign THIS middle IF to a ridiculous 30m+ offer like a couple others they have over the last 8 years or so..

        3m over 2 seasons for someone who was an inferior Cora type when they let Cora walk.. I still can’t believe Cherrington signed him.

    • Jack Miller 3 years ago

      probably at SS

  2. Andrew Thomas 3 years ago

    Altuve is definitely available. Definitely disagree that Luhnow wont trade him. The guy is trying to completely liquidate the team and piss off his few remaining loyal fans. Give the guy more credit than that, if he’s going to achieve his goals he has to trade EVERYONE.

    • Rabbitov 3 years ago

      Well then I sure hope the Orioles get him.

      • ugen64 3 years ago

        let’s be honest, in the unlikely situation that they decide to trade him, there’s gonna be some team out there that can offer way more than the O’s (with Machado and Bundy being untouchable).

    • Casor_Greener 3 years ago

      I haven’t seen anyone suggest Altuve is available other than in this piece. I think he’s a fluke, but I highly doubt they trade him.

      • Rangersalchamps 3 years ago

        A fluke? The guy has hit at every level in the minors and now the majors. He’s only 22 and he has time to get better. Defense is impressive for such a little guy also. I see him being an all-star for many years. Of course this is my opinion and I respect yours. I watch almost every stro game I can.. Dudes really good

    • Practically speaking, he is untouchable.  Luhnow will not trade him unless he’s getting a ridiculous return (the kind no team will offer).

  3. I’m sure the dodgers will make adam kennedy available haha.

  4. LazerTown 3 years ago

    OPS of .680 is acceptable?  26 YO, hard to view that as an uprade for any contenders.

    • Grant Michalski 3 years ago

      The potential-Gold-Glove-defense can be a nice upgrade for a contender.  See his two highlight-reel plays in the 8th against the Braves on Monday?

  5. RSBuletz 3 years ago

    Maicer Izturis can be had I’m sure.

  6. I bet Daniel Murphy could be had as well.

  7. Dustin Ackley? Ha just kidding. He isn’t doing so hot though…

  8. nick1538 3 years ago

    Alexi Casilla or Jamey Carroll?  

  9. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    Trading Altuve seems counter-productive.  He’s young and cheap! They got rid of Carlos Lee…that is the direction. Keep Altuve/Lowrie and build up.  Unless they want to sell high on Lowrie.

  10. rockfordone 3 years ago

    Hudson for any guy on list or those added later – prefer Getz or Carroll

  11. Red_Line_9 3 years ago

    The Blue Jays are going to likely be in contention…making Kelly Johnson an asset.

    • lawries_helmet 3 years ago

       how is a .707 OPS, with .321 babip and a 28% SO rate and asset?. 

      • Red_Line_9 3 years ago

        If they are in contention, what are they going to replace him with?  He’s shown a solid offensive track record.  The Jays aren’t in sell mode I don’t believe.  Things could change, but I don’t see them dealing him unless they are way out.

        I’m guessing Johnson would be sought by a contender..and if the Jays are contenders themselves…makes little sense to deal him.

        • lawries_helmet 3 years ago

            how is a .707 OPS, with .321 babip and a 28% SO rate solid…
          i agree they have no other options.  but i wouldn’t call 2 months of KJ an asset. Maybe just semantics. 

          • Red_Line_9 3 years ago

            I get what you’re saying…it’s more semantics I suppose…but he’s a potential asset for sure.  If he hits in that lineup out of the 2B position…then he’s an absolute asset that many competitive teams don’t have.  The issue that Jays are going to have though isn’t Johnson…it’s getting the starting staff back on the mound….and maybe acquiring another starter.  It was interesting to see Dyson called up….Alan Ashby was pondering on the broadcast whether it was a “showcase” for a potential deal…Dyson looked nervous…go figure.

  12. Seals 3 years ago

    Please someone take Tyler Greene from the Cardinals.

  13. I would be very disappointed if the Astros traded Altuve.  He’s young–plus, who would replace him?

  14. Theron Ireland 3 years ago

    I think the tigers could get Scutaro for Casey Crosby(LHP) and Hernan Perez(2B)(if needed)

    • Matthew Atherton 3 years ago

      The Tigers better be getting someone better than Scutaro if they are trading Crosby and Perez.

  15. Kelly Johnson’s gone. Hech is waiting in AAA for a call up. Since there is no A-type/B-type compensation for KJ, Alex Anthopoulos will probably package him in a deal to get something from him rather than losing him to FA

  16. stroh 3 years ago

    The only reason the Astros may contemplate trading Altuve is that they have a younger second baseman, Jimmy Paredes in AAA, who is hitting .319 and has stolen 28 bases in half a season, and has according to the scouts a much higher upside than Altuve power-wise, speed-wise and defensive range.   Paredes also hit .286 last year in 168 ABs with the Astros in the majors as a rookie callup in Aug/Sep (played 3B instead of 2B while with the Astros).    Also they have Delino Deshields, Jr in class A who is hitting .276 and has stolen 58 bases in half a season, and is a first round pick from last year.   In other words, they are organizationally stacked at 2B.  If they trade Altuve it would be most likely after next spring training, and they would probably want an All-star caliber player back in return.

    •  58 steals in half a season?  Holy crap!  As a Tigers fan, I’d be happy with a 2B that got ON BASE 58 times in half a season.

  17. candomarty 3 years ago

    I was surprised that Tyler Greene of the Cardinals wasn’t mentioned in the original list. It’s obvious he’s going nowhere with the team that drafted him (first round) and he probably could be had for a song.

  18. Hoosierdaddy92 3 years ago

    Astros are one of the only teams in the MLB that have prospect depth at 2b with Jimmy Paredes and Delino Deshields Jr. They also just drafted Carlos Correa who is a top SS prospect and could theoretically be on the fast track to the majors. Thus, both Lowrie and Altuve COULD be tradeable, but like everyone else on here has suggested, it would take a mad offer to acquire either.

    That being said, I hope the Tigers do get on board and make that “mad offer”. I’d be ok with the Tigers sending Turner, Porcello, Crosby, Castellanos, and Avisail Garcia for Altuve, Lowrie, and Wandy Rodriguez. Their window is clearly now, and there would be no better long-term solution to fixing the middle infield woes the Tigers have. Lowrie and Altuve would both shore up the middle infield defense and give a boost to the offense as well. Additionally, they are both cost-controlled players for not just this year, but the next few seasons. The Tigers could then trade Jhonny Peralta to a contending team that needs help offensively in the IF at 3b/SS (i.e. the Dodgers) for some bullpen help of some kind.

    • Matthew Atherton 3 years ago

      Turner, Porcello, Crosby, Castellanos, and Avisail Garcia?!?!?!  Are you insane?  That is best-of-the-best young talent in Detroit.  I wouldn’t give up Castellanos, Turner and Garcia for Altuve, Lowrie, and Rodriguez… not to mention including Porcello and Crosby.  That is just a ridiculous idea in general.  Peralta is gone next year and we will handle that when it comes.  I agree that Altuve would look great in the Old English D but not at the cost you are suggesting.

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